12 Ridiculously Simple Life Changes You Can Make Today

By Krista


Last Updated: April 23, 2022

Feeling stagnant? Stuck? Bored?

Here’s the thing: Nothing is going to change unless you do something about it. And yes, change can be difficult, but some of the best things in life come from challenging and tough times. 

Plus, sometimes, we all need a flip in perspective—even if it’s simply just to show us how lucky we are and how much we need to appreciate what we already have. And a change or a flip in perspective doesn’t always have to be drastic.

Sometimes, really simple things can alter your view point, allowing for greater opportunity and more happiness.

So, what simple life changes can you make right now? Here are 12 of them!


12 Simple Changes You Can Make Right Now

1. Take Action

Literally, take that very first step. Maybe you want to get healthier, sign up for the gym or even simpler, get out for a walk. Perhaps you want to switch up careers, start researching how to get into the field of your choice. 

A lot of people talk and complain about their life. Yet, very few actually take steps toward changing it or making their way towards what they want. Don’t be part of that majority. Get up, and do something.


2. Embrace the Idea That No One Cares

We spend huge chunks of our life caring what other people think. Then, we get sad when others don’t care enough. Here’s a little secret that can flip your world upside-down: No one cares. 

And we don’t mean that in a no-one-loves-you-bullying-kind-of-way. More so, this is another way to look at the whole idea that what you do only matters to you and your life. Other opinions, they don’t matter. Why? Because they aren’t you. 

Plus, if no one cares, then you are free to fail. You are free to try, and try again. When you start thinking this way, you start getting so much more out of life. 


3. Start Your Day With An Intention

Okay, this is ultra-easy. You probably set an alarm every morning. After your alarm goes off, set a reminder to set an intention for your day. You want to have a good day everyday? Great, your intention is to have a good day. 

Alternatively, you can also be more specific. If you have a big presentation at work, maybe your intention is to calmly and enthusiastically present your notes. 

The next part of this is to repeat your intention between 5-10 times, similar to how you would with affirmations. This can literally ingrain your intention in your mind, allowing you to carry it with you throughout your day.

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4. Choose Being Proactive Over Being Reactive

No, you don’t have to go nuts here and prepare a post apocalyptic bag or anything extreme. It’s about preparing for the possibility of things that could happen. Do you have a spare tire in your car? If not, get one!

Do you often opt for eating out because you’re too lazy to prepare meals? Sign up for a meal prep service (or prepare your meals ahead of time!). 

There are tons of ways to be proactive in life. And when you are, your future self will thank your past self, and it leads to this cycle of confidence and self-assurance that you just can’t get any other way.

Life doesn’t have to be so hard all the time. Prepare yourself for the realistic possibilities, and you’ll be smooth sailing (at least, most of the time!).


5. Fulfill Your Needs First

If you’re a people-pleaser (guilty!), this one is for you. You aren’t allowed to do anything for anyone else until your needs are met first. It’s like in an airplane, you never put on someone else’s oxygen mask before you put on your own. 


6. Scroll Less

Social media addiction is all-too-real. And even if you don’t have an “addiction,” scrolling can be a serious time-killer where you don’t get a whole lot of good out of it (imagine if you spent those 2-4 hours a day doing something productive? Where could you be?). 

So, here’s your big change: Simply, scroll less. Better yet, download an app, such as RescueTime, that can help you monitor and track where you spend your time online. The data doesn’t lie.

From there, you can determine an appropriate and healthy amount of time for scrolling, spending your precious time on more fulfilling activities or tasks.


7. Notice Patterns in Your Life, Then Change Them

It’s unfortunate but most of us have a few toxic traits. Maybe you always go for the guy who barely pays you any attention or maybe you’re noticing friends tend to ditch you for the same reason over and over again, here’s what’s happening: It’s not them, it’s you. 

Notice these patterns, and then commit to changing them. How can you do things differently? What can you improve and change?


8. Say “No”

If you feel depleted, exhausted, and stretched out all the time, learning to say “no” is one of the best things you can do in your life. Arguably, it can transform you and your life, giving you more time for the things you need and less time to others.

This 100% falls in line with putting your needs first before helping others (see #5 above!).


9. Meditate

Seriously. Our attention is pulled in so many directions throughout our days. But clearing your mind and focusing your attention for a set amount of time can really flip things upside-down. 

Plus, the benefits of meditation are endless, including decreasing stress and anxiety, increasing self-awareness, decreasing negative emotions, increasing patience, enhancing creativity, improving mental clarity, and more.

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10. Use What You Have

Let’s face it: We’re a pretty wasteful species. From plastics to food getting thrown out, we aren’t exactly ultra-conservationists (even though some of us try really hard to be!). 

So, one little thing you can do to change your life (and make a small dent in changing the world) is by using what you already have. Don’t bother buying a new dress for that night out when you already have one in your closet.

Don’t Uber Eats that next dinner when you have fresh produce in your fridge ready to chop up. 

When you live life this way, you, inevitably, face less guilt, and it just feels good.


11. Move More

This doesn’t have to be anything extreme. But there’s tons of evidence backing up how exercise is good for your mental and physical health. 

Try a few jumping jacks, a quick walk, a few push ups, a squat or two, or a quick bike around the block. Again, keep it ultra simple. The goal is simple: Move more!


12. Talk Less, Listen More

The Dalai Lama has said, “When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. When you listen, you may learn something new.” 

Many of us listen to respond, instead of listening to understand. The key here is to actively listen and focus on taking in the information being transmitted to you. Take time to pause before responding if a response is required.


What Life Changes Will You Make Today?

Transform your life with one small step or change. The little things add up to big movements and can drastically alter the course of your life. Do what you feel is right for you, and start working toward a life you love.

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  1. Very good tips. Only thing is that when you are down these are never appreciated. One may need a minimum level of motivation like the energy in a car battery for a start. Unfortunately, when motivation is lacking nothing works. The individual has his own psychology to remain satisfied in that demotivated state. Do I sound too pessimistic?

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