16 Fun Date Ideas For Sparking New Romance In Your Relationship

By Dominica


Last Updated: January 26, 2021

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in your relationship or marriage, incorporating fun date nights into your lives ought to be a priority.  As you may know, over time, relationships can lose steam if you don’t put forth the effort to keep them fresh and fun.

What better way than to bring dates back into the picture?

Romance and spending quality time together goes a long way, so go ahead and make the first move and declare to your spouse/partner that you’ve decided that date nights will be a part of your lives. You can agree on the frequency, such as once a week or biweekly (or as often as you’d like) and delight in a date night with the love of your life.

It’s really that simple. Make a commitment and stick to it.

To help you along, here are a plethora of ideas for fun and interesting dates.  Print this list out and plan your first month of dates today.  Keep the list handy so you can always have an idea on hand.

Have fun with your relationship and your life!

1.     Go out for live music.  Chances are every weekend there is live music somewhere in your town or a town close by.  Check out the music venues and find some live music that would suit you. If tickets are required, grab them early. Cozy little bars or pubs are a great way to unwind with your partner.

2.     Dinner and a movie.  I know it’s common, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great date idea. Dress up or down and head out to a restaurant and then go to the theatre.  Be sure you take time to delight in each other during dinner and for those who love to cuddle, be sure you cuddle up close during the movie.

3.     Picnic.  Pack up a brunch or lunch and head out to the local park or elsewhere for a picnic.  Bring a blanket to sit on, some good music on your phone, and have some quality conversation.

4.     Grab some java.  If you enjoy coffee, hit a locally owned coffee shop for a delicious latte and treat. If you enjoy poetry, bring a poetry book and read poems to each other. Or, simply enjoy each other and fine conversation.

5.     Go get a couples massage.  Book a date for a couples massage and enjoy the relaxing hands of a masseuse.

6.     Go on an adventure.  Occasionally, plan a date that gets your heart rate going, such as an adventure. Go whitewater rafting, zip lining, skiing, surfing, rock climbing, or sky diving.  It’s fun to get out there and try something that is adventurous.  Before booking an excursion, be sure that your partner would actually be up for the adventure. Not everyone feels the same about such activities.

7.     Go on a day trip.  Let’s say you have gorgeous mountains two hours from you.  Take a Saturday or Sunday and go for a long drive to view the beautiful scenery. Take your camera and snap some pictures of you and your partner among gorgeous flowers, a river, etc.  Pull over to see things that interest you and simply enjoy nature together.

8.     Play miniature golf.  Surely there is a miniature golf course near you, so go ahead and challenge your partner to a game of mini golf.

9.    Cook your favorite dinner together.  You don’t always have to go out for a date.  Meet up to enjoy a delightful evening at home cooking a favored meal. If you want to score brownie points, you offer to clean the entire kitchen after and let your partner go rest.

10.  Visit an art gallery.  If you and your partner like art, visit an art gallery and admire beautiful works of art.

11.   Enjoy game night.  Tell your partner you’d like to enjoy an evening of games.  Get the cards and board games out and take a couple hours to have fun together.

12.  Bring home Chinese and a movie.  This is a simple date night idea and goes over well. Tell your partner you’ve got dinner covered tonight and bring home their favorite take-home dinner.  Rent a movie that you know your partner would love to watch.  Serve dinner, clean up, and cuddle them up while watching the movie.

13.  Go dancing.  If you and your partner like to dance, go out dancing. Even if you feel like you have two left-feet, do it anyway. Your partner will be thrilled that you sacrifice your ego for them.

14.  Go visit an interesting city.  If you’re within driving distance to an interesting city, book a room at a nice hotel and drive to the city for a day.  Visit the shops, museums, and dine at a fancy restaurant.

15. Take a class together.  Maybe you can enjoy a class together, such as painting, dance, yoga, etc. Life can become mundane, so spice it up with learning new things together.

16.   Take a walk at night.  Let’s say it’s 9pm and there’s a full moon and you’re both just sitting down watching the same old television shows.  Say, “Hey beautiful/handsome, let’s go for a walk and get a look at the gorgeous moon.”  While you’re out walking hand in hand, stop for a moment, turn to them, look them right in the eyes, and say, “I love you more today than I ever have.”  Or say whatever romantic thing is on your mind at the time.  It’ll be an unforgettable moment.

Spark New Romance In Your Relationship

I hope that you take advantage of these date night ideas. I assure you that as you and your partner commit to spending quality time together, your foundation will become stronger. Using regular date nights to delight in one another and mix it up can help stoke the fires of romance and intimacy nicely.

Keeping romance alive in a relationship will take time and effort.  To keep a fire going, you’ve got to keep throwing wood on it to burn, so think of dates as the wood to your romantic life.  Incorporate date nights into your relationship and watch the fires of romance burn brighter and brighter.


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    If you were for real you would know that im heart broken because my wife left me for another man

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    Well most of those ideas above are not possible now for most as the Feardemic has closed everything down.

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