3 Major Reasons To Share Your Story With The World

By Reniel


Last Updated: September 29, 2021

Stories can be lethal, but they can also be a lifeline.

About 150,000 years ago, humans evolved and gained the ability to transmit their experiences, thoughts, and imaginations from their minds to the minds of everyone around them through speech.

 Stories are a communal currency of humanity.Tahir Shah

It was a miracle, and it jolted the development of human societies forward. This was because, for the first time ever, people could share ideas, and work on projects together – back then it was mostly about hunting animals or building shelters.

Speech/language/communication enabled us to share our internal world with other humans. So much so that we didn’t just yell when in danger, but could give accurate details about the nature of the danger, and probably how to evade, or dissolve it.

Yet thousands of years later, billions of people around the world are keeping quiet – afraid to speak, scared of being judged, shamed, attacked, or maybe, even ignored.

Speaking up, and sharing stories are a miracle of humanity. It shouldn't be: 

  • Something only celebrities engage in.
  • A thing you plan on doing when you achieve your wildest dreams.
  • An idea you should leave till it’s time for your biography.

It should be something you recite now and often.

The reason for sharing your story is numerous, but below are some of the biggest reasons you must start sharing your stories.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Share Your Story 

Yes; it is true. Sharing your story, your history, your personal journey, can make you feel naked – vulnerable, and exposed. In fact, it is that very characteristic associated with sharing your stories that makes it all the more admirable and important to be shared.

Sharing your story will…

1. Help You Connect With Others

Sharing your story is the fastest and most efficient way to establish rapport with strangers.

Your story unveils your personality and experiences, as well as your attitude during the challenges. It reveals the totality of who you are so that people who are like you, who are interested in your kind of person, or who are experiencing the same challenges can draw closer, and connect.

Sharing your story makes you feel vulnerable because it actually strips you of all facades and walls – it essentially makes you naked. This sort of emotionally turns on the right people, whilst repelling those who cannot relate.

2. Give You Perspective And Clarity

By going over your story – as you narrate it to others in great detail – you gain perspective and clarity since you are reviewing all the parts of the experience – step by step.

By spreading your story out, events and experiences find their way to the microscope of your scrutiny as your ears taste them, and then the analysis of listeners.

Sharing your story enables you to better understand what happened, how it happened, and how you should take it (i.e. the lessons you can draw from it). Most times, when you go over a story multiple times, you gain deeper insights, though this is not always the case. 

3. Give Hope & Inspire Other People

Reality is weird, and our existence on this planet is more or a less a Déjà vu (where one thing repeats itself over and over again), except that it repeats in the lives of different people at different times.

That is to say, all the challenges you’ve overcome are probably being experienced by someone else at this moment, and would be experienced by so many others in the future, maybe in some other form or iteration.

It also means that all your past experiences were probably experienced by someone else, and you would have drawn strength from them had you known.

Now think how much more trouble it would save you if you knew how to avoid/overcome/endure the challenges you were facing now. So you see, in the end, sharing stories makes your life, and the life of others easier.

You are not a victim for sharing your story. You are a survivor for setting the world on fire with your truth. And you never know who needs your light, your warmth, and raging courage. - Alex Elle


Your Story is Valuable

Your story is as valuable, and can be as impactful as that of all the famous people whose stories you've heard. I’m talking about the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Elon Musk, Gary Vaynerchuk, Muhammad Ali, Hidilyn Diaz, Mahatma Gandhi, etc. 

There are a lot of topics – such as religion, politics, sex, addictions, spirituality, and so on – that people feel uncomfortable talking about, yet those topics are often the ones closest to our hearts (because they mean the most to us).

Carefully opening up about them as part of your story can enable you to free your mind of the burden, then it would get other people on board as they share their perspectives and even stories. In the end, you end up having most of your doubts and worries cleared.

Needless to say, the way you share a story is important.

There is much more power in sharing our stories than we actually often think. What may seem ordinary to you can be extraordinary to someone else.

The stories which are most impactful are those which are necessary, useful, delivered clearly, honestly, and with the right intent.  

Just as words are invisible, the impact of our stories are not easily perceptible, not until they start affecting people's behaviors. And it's these behaviors that go on to change things dramatically. 

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10 comments on “3 Major Reasons To Share Your Story With The World”

  1. When you ask for someone to share there story you are ready to hear the accusation and the exposure of others that apart of what is their truth even if it's not true to fact. When others don't believe they become curious to what is the truth. You got to put what is questionable together to believe what you hear.

  2. Probably the most profound effect of sharing one's story is the impact that has upon ourselves, first and foremost. Like peeling the rind from an orange, it reveals to others and, most importantly, to ourselves wounds, doubts or even shame that can move toward healing in the light of day. The light of exposure! When I write, first for my own liberation, the heavy chains of hiding my secrets from the world break open and I gain an exhilaration of spirit that is the greatest freedom of all.

  3. Every thing in this story is what generates communication for those you don't even know! I meet people all the time at the park in stores or the Gym that just need someone to open up to. And I feel that it's Gods open door to let them in and it will also move your day just to be in the right place at the right time which I feel is no accident!

  4. It seems no matter what I say as a black women and yes, I had to say this because you know the history. I fear no man and I no I'm not afraid to die for my truth and rights because I know this is something more spiritual than you think. I've been thrown for a loop seeing God step in and save me. I'm praying none stop for God to show you what I know is true. You have said it was or is which craft and magic. All can say now is he's going to make all us believers in in his word. I don't have book to write it's already written. I don't have to tell God what's going on he knows. Testimonies and spiritual witness things is all I have to write down for you.

  5. I keep a journal of stories that are remarkable stories. Sometimes I share them with friends, who may or may not doubt them. They are stories that start as a child, and end in such a way that I look back and see that even I am shocked at its wonder ! As a 5 yr-old child I met a bird, outdoor, that landed on my finger, while no one else was around to see it occur. As I grew, sharing my story, the response was usually "oh, sure." or "hey, neat!", but sounded as though they didn't believe it. However, while on the way to work, at age 62, the same experienced happened, once again no one else saw the bird land on my hand ! But,it excited the crap out of me !!!! And, I keep it very close to my heart when I remember it ! The "Impossible" is always "possible" ! I often wonder how many others have had that similar experience, and then shared it ??

  6. I love sharing my life stories. My Linked in page can bear witness to me.

    I now have a large following because of that. Some even call me up. They seem to be getting inspired, and it usually empowers me as a human being.

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