7 Lovely Things That Will Inspire Your Heart & Soul

By Dominica


Last Updated: August 8, 2022

It's quite normal to feel uninspired at times throughout life.

The key to getting out of that uninspired state is to know what you can do when you find yourself in it. If you just sit by idly, you may continue to be uninspired for a very long time. So, make the effort and learn what works for you when it comes to receiving inspiration.

Here are seven things that may inspire your heart and help you feel happier and more peaceful:



7 Activities to Inspire Your Heart & Soul 

1. Find Something To Learn About

Chances are there’s something that you'd like to learn about, but you haven't put in the time and effort.

Learning new things can be exciting and give you that inspiration that you need to get up in a good mood, full of great expectations. Learn a new language, begin a new hobby, or take a class. There are thousands of things you can explore!

If you’re not sure, do a simple Google search on “Interesting things to learn about”. Surely thousands of results will pop up for you to sift through.


2. Get Out In Nature

The beauty in nature is certainly inspiring. When you're feeling uninspired, get out into the wilderness, the mountains, the ocean, or just somewhere outside and let your heart receive inspiration from Mother Nature.

Incorporate regular time in nature, perhaps going on hikes, bike riding, camping, kayaking, fishing, whatever you like. You’d be surprised how time spent in nature has a positive influence on many areas of your life!


3. Create Some Art

When you get those creativity juices moving, you'll feel inspiration begin to form from deep within you.

Whether that means painting a picture, sculpting a wood project, inventing something, making jewelry, or whatever flips your art heart – get busy creating.


4. Begin A Meditation Practice

Spending time with yourself and quiet meditation can help you become more centered.

The more centered or aligned you become with yourself and your source of power, the more inspired you will feel. Take 10 minutes each day and meditate and see how you're doing after a week.

Chances are you'll feel better, you'll feel more at peace, and you'll feel more inspired. If you’re not sure how to meditate, read this next! 


5. Hang Around With Those Who Inspire You

If you’ve been withdrawn and isolated lately, that could be one reason you are feeling uninspired.

As humans, we're wired to connect with other humans. So, when you cut that connection, you can end up feeling lonely and without passion or inspiration. Find those who inspire you and make it a point to get with them every once in a while for fellowship.


6. Read Inspirational Books

If you're feeling uninspired, spend some time each day reading books that will inspire you. Read books written by those who have triumphed over challenging circumstances.

Read autobiographies of those who you look up to. If you are religious, spend some time each day reading your sacred text. If you're not into reading, try listening to audios or watching YouTube videos to inspire you.


7. Watch an Inspirational Movie

There are hundreds of inspirational movies that will surely give you the inspiration you’re seeking. Do a Google search and start making a list of what movies you’ll watch this week. 

There may even be one playing at the movie theatre. Grab a friend and make an evening of it! Incorporate regular inspirational videos in your life, as they will act as food for your soul.



If You Inspire Your Heart, the Rest Will Follow

You do not have to live life uninspired and without passion.

There are plenty of resources that can help you. The occasional lack of inspiration is normal and may pass without you doing anything. However, if you feel you've been uninspired more than usual, take these tips into consideration and try them out.

If you’ve tried just about everything and you’re still uninspired, consider reaching out to a Life Coach or therapist.

You could be contending with a form a depression, or simply need to connect with a professional who is skilled at helping people reach their ultimate potential. We all go through ebbs and flows in life when it comes to passion or inspiration, and that’s alright. However, you don’t have to stay stuck there.

  • What do you think might help you get out of an inspiration funk?
  • What's worked in the past?
  • What might you try in the future?

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2 comments on “7 Lovely Things That Will Inspire Your Heart & Soul”

  1. Very good advise to assist people in gaining their inspiration,and living a happier & contented life.I have read Louise Hay’s book “The Essentials and found it to be very inspiring with such wonderful affirmations to follow and be a part of your everyday life. Thanks for sharing these great tips for improving your motivation and living a happier more contented life.

    1. So great to hear, thanks Mae! Sometimes we just need reminders to keep us going, or get us over the inevitable hurdles. 🙂

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