7 Simple Types of Self-Care & How They Bring About Success

By Reniel


Last Updated: October 19, 2021

There are several facets to life.

Society, work, family, and of course, ourselves. And all these aspects of our lives demand attention and care.

But so many of us dedicate more time to society and work, than we do to our family and self. Some people don't even acknowledge that they need care!

Many people get this wrong because they're looking at how society is structured, thinking to themselves that they're the least significant part of the whole puzzle.

They think carrying out your duties like going to work and even working overtime, taking care of the kids, pets, house chores, and virtually pleasing everyone else is more important than self-care. 

This is not healthy. It is not right. It isn’t even helpful.


Taking Care of Ourselves Allows Us to Better Take Care of Everyone Else 

When we take care of ourselves, we put ourselves in a better position to attend to all other demands of everyday life.

When we are cheerful and energetic, we can take care of the kids, and pets in a loving way. We can take greater care when doing the house chores, and pay better attention at work. The result of all these would be happier homes and higher productivity at work.

In essence, by nourishing yourself first, you set up your life to flourish in beautiful ways.

The first step to adopting this better model of approach is to first see yourself as an asset, rather than a tool. In fact, you have to see yourself as the greatest asset you have – not time, or money. When you take good care of yourself, time and money would be taken care of.

Like they say, if you want to cut down a huge tree, you have to first take your time to sharpen your blades. In that sense, self-care refers to all activities that you do (for and to yourself) that enable you to function properly, and ultimately bring about success in all other aspects of life.

A lot of tips and guides have already been written about self-care. But, what is important is you remain consistent with whatever set of practices you’ve picked which best suits you. 

What you would discover when you take your self-care seriously is that your energy levels spike, your health improves, your happiness is fuller, and even your work ethic and productivity will dramatically improve as well.

You would essentially feel more alive.

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How 7 Different Self-Care Practices Improve Your Everyday Life

Just to help you better understand what it means to nourish in order to flourish, below are some of the beautiful ways taking care of yourself can dramatically better your everyday life

1. Getting Enough Sleep

Sleeping for 7-8 hours daily improves your creativity.

Sleep-deprived people who struggle to generate original ideas, and who tend to stick with old rusty strategies. It also improves your focus and concentration.

2. Exercising Regularly

Exercising regularly – and pushing your physical limits – builds confidence, and higher self-esteem, which as you can guess, leads to greater performance at work.

3. Finding Ways to Relax

Taking time to relax and decompress prevents burnouts or blowouts – both of which are huge prices to pay for not paying attention to your physical and emotional health

4. Getting Outside for Some Vitamin D

Going out for walks, and savoring the sunlight helps boost your immune system (so that you don’t fall ill), and also improves your mood and energy level because it gives your body the chance to take in the fresh air and also absorb Vitamin D. 

5. Keeping Your Body Properly Hydrated

Staying hydrated and eating right can do wonders for your body and help you be more productive, especially during crunch time.

6. Turning off the Screens Once in Awhile

Staying away from the news, or disconnecting from social media can help you reign in your emotions, and better understand how you feel so as to act appropriately.

7. Getting Away From Negative People & Situations

Sometimes the act of unplugging and staying away from all the drama and chaos may just be all the healing you need. This way you don’t bring that chaos into your relationship and work.


You Don't Need to Spend Money, Get a Subscription or Invest Anything But Your Commitment to Yourself! 

The interesting thing about self-care is that it can be entirely free, healthy, and feel good.

You don’t have to sign-up for any program or buy any product to start practicing self-care. Though you can always join programs or invest some money to improve your experience, especially when you’ve discovered just how worthwhile and important it is.

You don’t have to be a robot – working every waking hour. Feeling grumpy, lethargic, cranky, frazzled, and miserable doesn't have to be part of your every day.

You are worthy of care and love. Treat yourself. Remember that a flower needs nursing; so do you! You've got to nourish to flourish.     

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