70 Highly Inspiring Motivational Quotes to Start Your Week Strong

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Last Updated: May 2, 2022

There's no doubt that affirmations and inspirational quotes have power. They help us overcome our own negative thoughts, keeping us in the moment and motivating us to stick to our goals.

Keeping a personal mantra or two in your pocket can increase your ability to concentrate - and who can deny a little assistance in that area?! 

Let's start off with a few short quotes that are easy to remember. You can use these as mantras to keep in mind as you go through your day, write them on a post it note to stick to your mirror or computer screen, or just memorize and repeat when you need some strength. 


12 Short Inspirational Quotes

"Trust life to bring you more good."

"Letting go is a process. Go easy on yourself."

"Move forward from where you are. Let the past go."

"Hope brings a chance for change."

"Failure will still give you more than inaction."

"A better past is impossible but a better future isn't."

"Don't shy away from spending time alone."

"Enjoy the process. Let go of worrying about the future."

"Try to understand what is behind the obvious."

"Slow down and let the happy moments sink in."

"Pause. Breathe. Say goodbye to unwanted thoughts."

"Live like a plant. Always try to move towards the light."

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11 Words of Encouragement

We don't all have people in our life constantly telling us that we are awesome, capable and worthy. When you are feeling a little low, or just need a gentle push in the right direction, pull out one of these quotes of encouragement and nail your day. 

"Do not overthink. Relish in the peace that comes in the moment."

"What's meant to be yours is coming to you. Hold on, it's all falling into place."

"Trust that you’ll be okay no matter what comes your way."

"Embrace what truly feels fulfilling instead of chasing an ideal for external validation."

"Just breathe and let go of worrying about how it will all work out."

"You must break out of your comfort zone to discover what you are truly capable of."

"There is no one road to happiness or success. Keep exploring and trying things out."

"You will gain so much more than you initially expected."

"You have made the best of your circumstances. Celebrate your growth."

"All it takes is one moment of change to turn your life around."

"To be open to possibilities, you have to embrace the uncertainty that comes along."


5 Gratitude Quotes

It can be hard to remember to be grateful when we have moments of distress or adversity. Copy down some of these appreciation quotes for when you need a reminder that you always have something positive to focus on if you choose to. 

"Don't get so preoccupied with thinking about your problems that you forget to be grateful."

"You will never run out of things to be grateful for."

"Do not ignore what you already have because you are hoping for something better."

"Define your purpose in life by trying to make the most of what you have in the present."

"There's plenty of good in your life, even when things don't turn out the way you'd hoped."


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13 Confidence Quotes

Self-worth can be difficult to gain and to hold onto. Whether you're feeling unsure of yourself, or are anticipating a challenge like a job interview, a presentation, or a personal situation where you need a reminder that you've got this, remember one or a few of these. 

"You've been giving your best despite all the big challenges you've been facing lately. Your strength is immeasurable."

"Don't let the judgment of others stop you from creating a life that works for you."

"Let go of who you used to be, so you can move forward."

"When you're kind to yourself, you will be better able to encourage yourself to give your best effort."

"You need to do whatever you can without worrying about other people's judgments."

"Be accountable for your choices so you don't fall back into old patterns that you have worked so hard to outgrow."

"Taking control of what you want is the only way to feel that happiness you're looking for."

"Decide who you are going to be today, rather than living out the emotions of your past."

"Having the courage to be imperfect is the key to being compassionate toward yourself as well as others."

"An unshakable belief in yourself sets the foundation for good habits."

"You have the strength to wait patiently. You will get what you want."

"Focus on loving yourself more than hating those who hurt you."

"Always remember you are stronger than your negative emotions."


11 Mental Health Quotes

Positive affirmations can have an incredible effect on us, especially when it comes to feelings of panic, self-doubt or stress. Think about  how good it feels to focus on a few simple, positive or kind words when you're in a really difficult mental space.

Sometimes that's all we need to boost our confidence and get back to a positive place where we feel good about ourselves. 

"Tweak your social media feed to see more of things that are good for your mental health."

"How do you treat yourself when you make a mistake?"

"When life gets too stressful, following your daily routine itself is a great achievement."

"Create space to reflect on whatever you're feeling using a nonjudgmental stance."

"It's okay to be good enough. Don't put so much pressure on yourself to attain perfection.."

"Hold it together for a little while longer. It will be okay."

"You know better than to let your negative emotions run the show."

"In this chaotic world, even a minute of stillness can be extremely powerful ."

"You can't choose a helpful reaction if you let negative thoughts take over. Let them go."

"All that matters is the story you tell yourself about the experiences you are having."

"The more you try to control something, the less in control you feel. Let go."


5 Relationship Quotes

"No matter how well you think you might know someone, you still need to work on improving communication and learning more about them."

"You can validate a person's emotional experience without necessarily agreeing with them."

"Do not let rejections of the past convince you that you don't deserve any better."

"If you want to do something for other people, do it without expecting anything in return."

"No matter what/who causes your anger, it's YOUR job to manage your own emotions."


11 Inspirational Quotes

"The progress you make towards your goals in the present builds the foundation of success you will achieve in the future."

"You can learn from your past experiences without letting them interfere with your life right now."

"Being intentional about your attitude will help you make better decisions under uncertainty."

"It's not so much about making sense of everything, but rather simply giving meaning to the moment you are experiencing."

"No matter the circumstances, you have to be kind to yourself every day."

"There's still hope. Reclaim your power over your circumstances."

"Remain patient and trust that what you wished for is coming to you."

"What thoughts do you have when you are faced with an obstacle? Are they helpful?"

"Don't get so obsessed with checking off your to-do lists that you forget to savor your life."

"By accepting your past, you give yourself permission to live with more courage and strength."

"Things may not be perfect, but you can always improve the way you deal with them."



Keep These Motivational Quotes Nearby 

Life is tough. And sometimes, we just need a bit of encouragement to keep going. Whether you have a tough day ahead, are self-doubting or just need a general pick-me-up, keep some of these quotes in mind (Or in pocket!) for when you really need them. 

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