8 Indoor Date Ideas During Times of Social Distancing

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Last Updated: March 23, 2021

There’s no doubt the global pandemic has brought plenty of things to a halt, but that doesn’t mean your love life has to suffer. In a world where social distancing has become the norm, it might serve your relationship well to implement some indoor dates that keep you connected and the fires of romance alive.

It can also help you get used to spending more time at home together without getting on each other’s nerves. Sure, you may not be able to get out to do all the fun and adventurous things you used to do just yet, but there are plenty of things you can do indoors that can spice your love life up!

The following are 8 Indoor Date Ideas you can try:


1.       Weekly Game Night

There are hundreds of games available to play for just about every type of person.  There are board games, online games, video games, and virtual reality games. You may have some great games gathering dust in your closet.

Make the effort to take one evening per week for a fun game night with your significant other. You can start by making a list of games you have. Then, do some research as to what kinds of games you might like to play.

There is such a great variety of games these days!  Whether you spend an hour or four hours playing games, you’re enjoying each other’s company. This can certainly help you connect or stay connected in a fun, adventurous way. Plus, a little bit of friendly competition can add some spice too!


2.       Fireplace Picnic

This indoor date idea is for those that have a fireplace. If you don't have a fireplace, but you have a fire pit in your backyard, that will work as well.

Prepare a nice dinner, spread a blanket in front of the fireplace, and cozy up next to each other to enjoy the warmth of the fire and your love. It's a simple indoor date idea that only takes a little bit of effort bang goes a long way. Feel free to dim the lights, put on some soft, romantic music and engage in meaningful conversation. Take this time to connect at the heart level.


3.       Pretend You’re At A Fancy Hotel

Have you ever stayed at a luxurious hotel that made you feel all happy inside? The ambiance and fragrances just lit your world up, right?

Recreate the atmosphere in your bedroom and enjoy a lovely evening with your partner luxury style. Gather some scented candles, put on music you consider romantic, and if you’re into champagne or wine, have some readily available.

For that extra luxurious feel, put some fine chocolates on the bedside tables and scatter rose petals on the bed.

You can order in your favorite food, watch a movie, engage in meaningful conversation, or do whatever else comes to mind.


4.       Enjoy The Spa

If you enjoy going to a spa for pampering and relaxation, you can create the same kind of atmosphere at home for a special spa date night. Feel free to draw yourselves up a warm, relaxing bath and use essential oils or bath salts to make it smell amazing. Bubbles is also an option. Put on some soft music and allow your cares to wash away while enjoying each other.

Then, feel free to give each other a massage.  This is the kind of date you will look forward to each week.


5.       Travel-Themed Dinner Date

For this indoor date idea, choose a travel destination you both enjoy. Then, cook a meal that’s native to that area of the world. You can also dress the part if you have clothes that fit the theme you’re using.

Examples include Mexico, Greece, France, or Italy. You can also play music that fits the theme!


6.       Enjoy An Online Concert

These days, there are plenty of musicians that are relying on their fans watching their online performances. Consider enjoying one of your favorite musician’s performances with your partner, while enjoying a nice dinner or drinks. You can also check your local musicians to see if they have any online gigs going on, so you can enjoy supporting the locals.

This is a great idea if you want to invite another couple over too! The more, the merrier!

7.       Book Listening Date Night

For those who happen to love books, consider taking one evening weekly to listen to a book that appeals to both of you.  You can listen to a couple of chapters and then discuss your thoughts. If you're not keen on listening to an audiobook, you can take turns reading the book to each other. Or, you can read on your own time and then come together to discuss your thoughts.

8.    Complete A Project Together

Chances are there are some things around the house that are on your “to do” list. Or there are projects that you've been meaning to do for a while. Consider joining up to do a project together.

This might not sound all that romantic, but many couples state that combining efforts to do a home project helps them feel closer to each other. Maybe there is a room that you've been wanting to paint. Put on your paint clothes and get busy painting together. Or maybe there's something that you want to build. Make a plan and take the time to just do it. There may even be an outdoor project that you'd like to do together.

Indoor Date Nights Can Bring You Closer Together

Hopefully, these indoor date ideas have got you thinking about ways to spruce up your dating life, even while social distancing.  All it takes is a little bit of planning and a willingness to take the time to bring these date ideas to life.

There are plenty of other ideas as well, so be sure to do your research and make a list of indoor date ideas that appeal to you. Your relationship will be all the better for it. You may even inspire your family and friends to start doing the same.


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