Aging Gracefully: A Guide

By Jarin


Last Updated: May 13, 2021

As kids, we always thought of growing older. The race against time seemed like an achievement, first to be 18, and then to be an adult. But soon, you’ll find the sands of time running low. All the glitz and glamour of adulthood perishes and you start strolling down memory lane for the good old times.

When we talk about aging gracefully, we mean walking on a narrow line between what the contemporary youth society demands and what our hearts want. You might perhaps hear that a person’s value declines with age, but as long as you still got game, who’s to stop you from uplifting your spirits?

Instead of sitting at an old folks home, or dozing off on the family porch and reminiscing of your youthful days, boost up the last quarter of your life with a new kick. Gear up folks, cause we are about to dictate how to live the future.

Awe Walks

One of the perks of getting old is having an ample amount of time in your hands to do whatever you want. However, given the physical limitations, you may not be able to participate in a football match per se, but there are other interesting activities for you to do!

Don’t just sleep your hours away or talk to other people of your age, nor watch movies till you doze off. Utilize this spare time to reconnect with nature by taking “awe walks”.

Awe walks are when you are taking a walk in a park or the natural outdoors and appreciating all that our nature has to offer. Appreciating natural beauties such as flowers, the chirping of birds, and the soothing breeze are the simplest steps to aging gracefully. Just take 15 minutes daily to take inspiration from your environment.

Brush Up On Cultures

Just like how you see multiethnic people sitting on a patch of green grass on a university flyer, you need to find your own multicultural circle for aging gracefully. Go to the park, or the bingo hall, or an old-age home, and find people of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

There’s no rule barring the elderly from making friends. Relive your 20s by networking with people and establishing social connections and attending cultural events.

Why not attend a sports event at a stadium and feel the electricity in the atmosphere? Why not head-bang with a bunch of crazy youths at a music festival? Aging gracefully doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what you once used to, nor does it mean it’s too late for you to taste something new.

Start A Podcast

Do you have a ton of stories from your younger days? Was your younger self outgoing and adventurous? Do you have experiences that others only dreamt of?

Experience is something that money can’t buy. It’s a gift everyone is presented with, but not many know how to capitalize on. Choose a platform and share your experience with the world.

People love listening to stories, whether it’s an encounter with a wild animal or a visit to a circus. Your childhood was pretty different from the childhood of the generation that followed. Ask someone who is technologically skilled to set up a podcast system for you and then share your life’s secrets away. From your dating life to the silly pranks you pulled, every activity can be a story to be told.

Be Creative

Every time we see a dull senior citizen, we wonder if aging gracefully is a myth. Truth be told, aging gracefully can only happen if we don’t give in to old-age.

With time, our senses lose sharpness- our eyes don’t see much, nor do our ears capture sound as efficiently. Therefore, stimulating our senses regularly is important.

Be mindful of whatever you come across, a sound, a sight, a touch, anything. Take these senses into consideration and produce a piece of art. It may either be a drawing of a tree you see daily in the backyard, or it may be a letter to an imaginary friend.

Paint your emotions with either words or colours and see what comes out. Perfection doesn’t define the quality of art, so don't be afraid of your work. Get started and just be productive.

Or, you can simply turn up the volume and dance to your own tunes by throwing your hands in the air and swaying from side to side. Be crazy, be spontaneous, and be young again.

Time Warp

Speaking of being crazy, we have an idea we want you to try. Just because you plan on aging gracefully, doesn’t mean you can never look back. Time machines may not exist but you can surely create your own time warp.

Remember the group of friends we talked about earlier? So, pick a few friends from your social community, preferably people of the same age as you, and go on a vacation. Yes, you hardly ever work and every day is a vacation, but this will be slightly different.

Go on a trip to a resort or bungalow where you remove all the mirrors so that you don’t see how age is etched across your faces. The rule is to pretend to be 20/30 years younger than your actual age. This means you carry your own bags and do all the activities you did back in the day. Everyone treats you as they would treat people of the age group you are pretending to be.

The forms of entertainment should comply with the theme as well. Any magazines, music, TV shows, books, and the furniture as well, should commemorate the timeline you wish to revisit. Instead of talking about present-day concerns, make sure the topics of discussions are from the said era or year, and use present tense while referring to these issues.

Final Words

Aging gracefully is no simple activity. You don’t have to opt for plastic surgery to look young for aging gracefully, but you do need to have your youthful spirit which isn’t difficult to maintain. Go out there and live your life as you would if you were younger. You have spare time in your hands and so, take in whatever the world has to offer. Make friends, learn about the world, and enjoy life to the fullest for aging gracefully.


Photo by Philippe Leone on Unsplash


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