Best Morning Rituals To Help You Have A Better Day

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Last Updated: March 9, 2021

If you’re like most people, mornings can sometimes be challenging. Maybe you wake up super tired or feel rushed to get out the door for work. Or maybe you dread the day all together and start your days off with a bad attitude.

Good news is that you can learn to enjoy your mornings by changing up your morning routines.  You can add what helps you and ditch what’s not serving you.  Morning rituals are a great way to get started.

The following are some of the best morning rituals you can try to get you up and started on having a wonderful day.

Say Thank You

Before you even get out of bed in the morning, offer gratitude for the fact that you woke up. You can say thank you out loud or silently, letting the universe or the higher powers feel your gratitude. This allows you to start each day with a grateful heart, which can make a difference.

Let Music Set Your Day

Another great way to start your day is to play some of your favorite music.  You might want to start with some soothing, meditative music.  You might even want to sit quietly and just focus on your breath for a few minutes.  Envision the kind of day you’d like to have.

Then, play some songs that get you moving and in a good mood. Create your favorite playlist so all you have to do is hit “play”!

Get Out For A Morning Walk

If you have a tough time getting started in the morning, maybe getting out for a brisk walk can help get you motivated for the day.  If you have a dog, they’ll likely be more than happy to go with you.  Walk around your block or hit a local nature trail. Experiencing mornings in nature is a fabulous way to start your day.

Start A Spiritual Practice

Many people state that doing a spiritual practice each morning helps prepare them for their day – and helps their days go better.  You can try a yoga routine, meditation, prayer, breathwork, or another spiritual practice that suits you.  Even just five minutes every morning may be enough to brighten your day.

Make a To-Do List

If you’ve struggled in the past with getting things done throughout the day, try making a to-do list in the morning. Put things on there that you want to accomplish at home, work, with the kids, friends, family, etc.  Keep it handy so that you don’t forget what it is you want to get done each day.  A small notebook works really well and fits in your pocketbook or bag.  You can also find a mobile app that will keep track of your to-do list and send you reminders throughout your day.

Use Mirror Affirmations

While you’re getting ready in the morning, speak affirmations while looking in the mirror.  You can learn them by heart and speak them, or you can have a list handy in the bathroom.  This mirror work can help you become more confident, boost your self-esteem, and help you remember that you truly are a remarkable, unique person that has so much to offer the world.

Listen to Motivational Videos

If you haven’t checked out motivational videos on YouTube yet, add that to your to-do list. Putting on a playlist of motivational videos in the morning can certainly get you up and moving, and get excited about your day. You may even want to put on headphones and listen to these as you walk around your block. This way, you get some exercise too!

You'd be surprised how a motivational speaker can really speak to your heart and get you motivated. It's easy to fall into a rut mentally or emotionally, so try listening to motivational videos regularly. They are a great way to boost your confidence, motivation, and gear you up to continue reaching for your goals.

Practice Visualization

Visualization is a wonderful way to start your day.  You can do this before you even get out of bed each morning. How do you want your day to go? See it happening in your mind’s eye. You can also go to your “happy place” by visualizing a location, person, or thing that makes you feel happier.

Love the beach?  Envision you soaking up the sun at the beach. Feel the joy that arises as you take in the gorgeous ocean. What this does is direct your focus and energy more positively as you begin your day.

Embrace And Love Your Animals

If you have a pet, give them some good lovin’ in the morning.  This will let them know they are loved, and it will likely get them to lavish some good lovin’ on you. When you engage in a fun and loving way with your pet, you’re raising your energy vibration. You’re allowing yourself to feel love and fun, which is a great way to start your day.  Pet the animals and play with them even for just a few minutes every morning. In doing so, you are creating positive feelings as you go about the rest of your day.

And, you’re letting your pet know just how much you love them.


Consider keeping a journal and taking a few minutes each morning to write in it. Writing is a therapeutic act, so regular journaling can help you to feel happier on a more consistent basis.  You can write in a journal or keep an online journal.  Write your thoughts, feelings, and you can even pen some poems or stories if you’d like. It’s a great way to start your day. It’s also a great way to get negative feelings out via writing. This can certainly help you feel less burdened.

Start Your Day With A Smile

Not everyone loves getting up in the morning, especially if they are a night owl.  However, even if you find yourself struggling to get up and moving, put a smile on your face.  That smile can actually cause your brain to release certain chemicals that will help you feel happier as you go about your morning.  Even if you don’t feel happy, that smile allows you to “fake it till you make it” so-to-speak.

Try it out and see!

Mornings Are What You Make Them

Hopefully, some of these morning rituals or habits resonate with you. See what works for you and do your best at getting into a morning routine that gets you up, moving, and more positive as you face your days.


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