Can Feng Shui Help You Attract a Partner?

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Last Updated: November 4, 2022

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that is known to help harmonize energies in an environment.

Typically, people use feng shui to arrange objects in their home in a certain way that brings the best chance of achieving balance and harmony.

Essentially, feng shui affects the energies in your surroundings, with the goal being to create positive energy. These energies can affect your love life, wealth, career, luck, and health.

So, if you want to experience more goodness in each category, learning a bit about feng shui will serve you well. 

There are certain things you can add to your home or workplace that can affect your experiences and opportunities.



Can Feng Shui Help You Attract Love?

Feng shui can improve any aspect of your life by allowing positive energies to freely flow, while pushing negative energies out of your life.

If feng shui can improve any aspect of your life, does it work for attracting a partner?

It sure can. There are certain feng shui actions you can try that will attract the partner you have been searching for. The following feng shui tips can allow positive love energies to become a major part of your life.



6 Ways to Improve Your Feng Shui to Attract a Relationship

1. Honor the Moon

There are a few things you can do when the moon is full that can help you attract a partner. It is important to do this when the moon is full because of the intense energies in the atmosphere at that time.

Start with buying a small glass bowl and fill it with stones.

It is recommended that you use purple, red, or white stones. After adding the stones to the bowl, add three pink or red candles to the bowl and burn it on a night when the moon is full. You can do this inside or outside. As you light the candles, offer gratitude for your future partner.

By doing this, you’re attracting positive energy to you, and that may include the partner you’ve been waiting for.


2. Pay Attention to the Energy in Your Home

For those who are living alone trying to attract a partner, there are certain things you can do in your home that will attract the right person for you.

Men who live alone may think of their home as a “man cave” or “bachelor pad” with all their cool tech toys, tools, and more. There is nothing wrong with this at all, but it’s all masculine energy.

Add a bit of feminine energy to the home to attract feminine energy. This could be as simple as adding a picture of the moon or adding some candles or plants. This will allow feminine energy to feel welcome in your home.

For women who are living alone, perhaps you can make room for a bit of masculine energy. Instead of focusing on the moon, women may want to focus on the sun and add some form of the sun to their home. Women can also make sure there is plenty of light in the house so your house will have a free feeling.

Making these simple changes can increase your chances of finding a partner because of your level of openness to the energies necessary for love.


3. Feng Shui Your Bedroom

You may also benefit from learning feng shui tips for your bedroom, such as not putting your bed up against a window or in a corner or having a mirror facing the bed.

Other tips for the bedroom include using sensual colors for the walls, using artwork that symbolizes love, using symmetry, keeping technology devices out, and using warm, inviting linens and pillows.


4. Making an Intention

An intention is a purposeful wish.

You may be more inclined to attract a partner using feng shui intention. For example, you could get a a pink or red helium balloon and write on it exactly what you’re looking for in a partner. Make a strong intention and then release this balloon while offering gratitude.

It’s even better if you can release it at night when there is a full moon. Intentions and ceremonies like this are more powerful than people think.


5. Add Bamboo Plants

Bamboo plants are also great to have in your home.

They represent a long, healthy life and good fortune. Bamboo plants should always be placed in the east and south parts of the home and near the main door of the house. Bamboo is easy to care for and does not require direct sunlight like other plants.

This makes them easy to place just about anywhere with little work to maintain. Along with bamboo plants, a variety of other plants are great to have in your home as well because they are full of life which can bring more life and love into your home.


6. An Inviting Entryway

Lastly, you can always create a welcoming and inviting doorway to your home.

Use earthy colored floor mats, plants, a splash of color, and lovely wreaths in your entryway. Taking time to create an inviting entry to your home will invite friendly, good energy.



Do Your Part

When you’re seeking love, remember that feng shui may help, but it will only take you so far.

You’ve also got to do your part in making the effort to meet new people. Get out there and mingle sometimes or try online groups as well to meet new people.

Try to be patient and optimistic as you continue to create good energy in your home. Your positive attitude and positive energy are likely to attract just the kind of person you’re after. 

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  1. Very nice article with great tips! Just remember releasing a helium balloon will add to plastics/ trash on the planet. I would suggest something not as toxic to create the same concept to release the energy, even writing one's intentions and saying out loud to the wind. One more comment is bamboo plants can be harmful to pets.

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