Can the Law of Attraction Help You Take Charge of Your Finances?

By Dominica


Last Updated: December 1, 2022

You are more in charge of your finances than you may realize.

Sure, sometimes finances are out of our control, but our abundance does not solely rely on the economy, the family’s financial status, spouse’s finances, and so on.  According to the law of attraction, you are responsible, and you are in charge of all the things surrounding your financial abundance.

I didn’t like hearing this back in the days when I could barely rub two nickels together. I believed I was doing all I could to be abundant, but was stuck.

What I’ve learned through the years is that subconsciously, I had some beliefs about money and abundance that weren’t serving me.

I didn’t really believe I could ever have a lot of money – and that I didn’t deserve to be financially blessed.



How Do You Feel About Money?

The way you think and feel about money and abundance is the key to whether you will really receive all that is rightly yours. 

If you think that you are a money magnet, then money will surely be attracted to you. 

Understand that the law of attraction is always at work in the universe. What this means is that whatever you are giving your attention to, you are attracting more of the same. 

When it comes to finances, if your thoughts are positive, you are attracting more finances into your life. If your thoughts are negative, you are attracting more lack in your life.

This does not mean that if you only focus on positive thoughts, that you will get everything you ever wanted. The Law of Attraction is not a magic pill.

What it does mean is that your thoughts hold power for how you see the world, what you focus on, the kind of people around you. You still need to take action to get what you want. 

Thoughts matter a lot. You can literally create your reality with your thoughts. With your thoughts, you actually manifest things. It takes time and persistence, but it’s possible.

For example, if you continually think negative thoughts about your work, then you may manifest or focus on jobs that you don’t like.

Likewise, if you continually think positive thoughts about work, you’re more likely to manifest or focus on jobs that you actually do like.

The same thing goes for money. Begin to think positive thoughts about money. Speak positively about your financial situation. Think of yourself as an actual magnet that attracts only awesome things in your life – awesome people, awesome abundance, awesome favor, etc.  Think big because there really is no limit!



You Are a Creator

You are the creator of your life and your experiences are your own. When you feel love toward someone, you feel the love of who you are. That person is not the source of that love; you are. Take responsibility for your experiences and your job as creator of your life.

Be careful of allowing a victim mentality to consume you. You are not a victim, and you are not powerless over your thoughts and life.

If you think you’re dealing with a victim mentality, check out the following article: The Victor and Victim Mindset & How to Flip the Script to Take Back Control 

If you continually think negative thoughts, you must make the effort to retrain your brain to think positively. 

You can start doing this by making a list of positive affirmations that you recite out loud every day. Post it on the wall so you can see the affirmations constantly. Your thoughts can change as you make the effort.


  • “I am so happy and grateful that I am a money magnet and abundance is attracted to me."
  • "I choose to think positively about money and abundance."
  • "There is no limit on what I can have."
  • "I align vibrationally to the frequency of money."
  • "I acknowledge that I am part of this awesome Universe and am co-creating an abundant life full of money, health, and all sorts of prosperity."
  • "I bless everything I have, and I express extreme gratitude for all that is coming to me."
  • "I am happy, fulfilled, peaceful, and loved.”

Listen to what Sanaya Roman says in her book, Creating Money,

You are the source of your riches; not your job, your investment, your spouse, or your parents. By linking with the unlimited abundance of your soul or higher self, by opening your connection to the higher forces (sometimes called God/Goddess, the Presence the All-That-Is, or the Universe), by expressing and radiating your higher qualities of inner peace, joy, love, well-being, and aliveness, you become the source of your abundance.”

Do you believe that with time, effort, and an abundance of positive thoughts, you can be the source of your abundance?

Your thoughts are like a magic wand - powerful and unlimited. Just as a magic wand makes things appear, your thoughts can manifest whatever your thoughts are giving attention to. 

Be wise with your thoughts and use them to manifest abundance in all ways. It may take some time, but that’s alright. Keep believing that you can, and you will!

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  1. Such a wonderful reminder that our thoughts really do create our reality. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏.

    1. Exactly Kerry! The way you see the world really matters - thank you for telling us you enjoyed the article 🙂

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