Extend Your Honeymoon Stage With These 8 Growth Tips

By Dominica


Last Updated: October 8, 2022

The honeymoon stage of a relationship can certainly be wonderful. 

Remember how much love and passion were shared during those early months? You couldn’t stop thinking about them, you were thrilled every time they text, called, and showed up. Intimacy was more than satisfying and occurred quite often. 

Yes, the honeymoon phase is full of passion, intensity, and excitement.

But as most of us know, the intensity can wear off after a while and then things don’t seem as exciting. In fact, it can become disheartening and the inability to keep that spark alive can cause some people to end relationships.

They want that honeymoon phase to continue, but just don’t know how. Today, let’s look at helpful ways you can keep your honeymoon phase going or get it back.



8 Ways to Keep the Honeymoon Stage Alive! 

1. Keep Your Dates Alive And Well.

Most people go on plenty of dates in the beginning of a relationship, but once they settle in, they stop.

Some people get lazy when it comes to dating and this can lead to boredom and distance. Be sure to regularly go on dates, as this should help both of you to delight in each other and continue to cultivate intimacy. 

Get dressed up and try out new adventures together, as well as do simple things like dinner and a movie. Keep the spark alive by keeping date night alive.


2. Keep a Bit of Mystery.

While communication is important, hold off on telling everything about yourself in the beginning of your relationship. 

Hold onto some things, so you’re not like an open book that’s been read cover to cover. Keep a bit of mystery to you and share things over time. This way, you’ll learn things about each other gradually, rather than feel like you know everything about each other within a couple of months.


3. Learn New Things.

Take some time to learn some new things, as then you’ll have more things to talk about with your partner. 

After all, a relationship can become boring after you get to know each other. So if you learn new things or begin new hobbies, it can add to the excitement of the relationship. 


4. Keep Yourself Up.

Remember how many outfits you’d try on before deciding on the perfect one when you first started dating? How you’d spend lots of time getting ready? 

Now that you’ve landed your partner, try not to let yourself get too comfortable or lazy. Sure, you can relax and be yourself, because that’s important. However, occasionally, get dressed up. Try a new outfit or hair style. Wear the cologne or perfume your partner loved to smell when they got close.

If you used to go to the gym to stay fit, stick with it. Staying active will help your mind and body. Keeping yourself and health up certainly helps your relationship keep going strong. 


5. Be Spontaneous.

Some relationships become boring because they become routine and predictable.

The surprise factor dies away, and things just tend to be monotonous after that. To help keep the honeymoon stage going, keep spontaneity alive and allow magic and mystery to be a part of your relationship.

  • Every now and then, surprise them with something amazing.
  • Take a spontaneous road trip.
  • Bring them home their favorite take-out food.
  • Plan an adventure date. 

Allow spontaneity to be infused into your relationship and have fun.


6. Spend Some Time Apart.

Maybe in the beginning of your relationship you spent most of your free time together. But as the relationship progresses, be sure that each of you spend time with your friends and family. By spending some time apart, you tend to appreciate the time together more often.

It’s actually very healthy for partners in a relationship to have individual lives outside of the relationship, meaning you have your friends and they have theirs. That’s called interdependence. You can also spend solo time enjoying your hobbies.

Relationships where both partners have outside friends and interests tend to thrive more than those that spend all their free time together.


7. Share Your Feelings.

Emotional intimacy will help your honeymoon phase last longer.

Feel free to share your feelings with each other in respectful ways and take the time to communicate with each other. Feeling safe to share your feelings - even the tough feelings - can certainly bring your relationship to a new intimacy level and keep the relationship going strong.


8. Educate Yourself On Relationships.

By taking a little bit of time and investing it into learning about relationship success, you’ll have more of a chance at experiencing such.

Just reading this article alone will help you, but don’t stop there! Continue to read informative articles and books and watch some videos as well. There are relationship experts out there who certainly have helpful tips and tricks to help couples experience blissful relationships. 

If you’re really struggling, seek out a couple’s therapist and take a season to get some help. Put in the effort.



You Can Keep the Honeymoon Stage Going if You Work at it

You can bring back those honeymoon feelings or sustain current ones by implementing these tips into your relationship. A little bit of effort goes a long way. If you desire your relationship to become more passionate and exciting, start off with having a conversation with your partner. They may be feeling the same way!

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