How to Enhance Your Child’s Creativity!

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Last Updated: April 29, 2021

Have you observed how children are always drawing when they are young? They ruin the wall with their creativity and leave signs of their artwork on everything available. The whole world seems to be their canvas as they are blooming with creativity. But do you notice the change as they grow older? The lack of ability to produce a fine art or any form of creativity whatsoever? So, how do you enhance your child’s creativity?

Many children, as they grow older, start developing insecurities over their abilities. Children are like flowers who need to be nurtured. Just like children grow, with the right fertilization, their artistic traits peak as well. But unless their masterpieces, regardless of how insignificant they may be, are not approved or commented upon, they begin to feel unappreciated.

This negligence of their talent from childhood often leads to them believing that they don’t “have it”. Children are delicate beings and they need encouragement more than we do while doing our dead-end jobs. The more you engage with them about whatever they produce, the more you aspire to them for greatness.

These are little angels who only want your opinion on their work. No matter how busy or tired you are, answer them politely and try to say nice things about their pieces. Whether it’s an ill-constructed house from lego blocks, or random paint patterns thrown at the wall, or simple scribbled lines, a good remark will fuel them for more accomplishments in the future.

Speaking of the future, how do you ensure your children develop their creativity from the early stages of life? Well, here are some activities that a lot of great parents do and you can follow these to enhance your child’s creativity.

Answer Their “Whys”

The constant questions that children ask to get a better understanding of how things work can get annoying at times. But these are times when you tell yourself that you are helping a child to grow. Who better to explain the mechanism of the world other than a child’s parent?

To enhance your child’s creativity, you need to deal with them patiently. Just like how you don’t water a plant one day and leave them to dry for the rest of the year, the same goes for your child. You nurture them bit by bit, and help them comprehend the world they are living in.

However, this does not mean they will grasp the concept as soon as you say it, nor will they understand if you explain it as you would to an adult. You need to convey the message in a way that the young mind can wrap itself around the subject. Good things take time. You will reap what you sow later on.

Read Books

It’s a good habit to tell your children to read books. But there are many books to choose from, how do you figure which one to pick? For starters, you begin with children’s books. You can continue with these books till your child understand how society functions and can relate one thing to another.

Non-fictional books hardly have an impact on children during these early years. But once they reach the age of 10, or develops a level of maturity, you can suggest a few non-fictional books. Reader’s Digest is a great way to kick things off at that age. It will surely help your child to develop emotional and social intelligence and thus, enhance your child’s creativity.

On the other hand, fantasy books are a great way to enhance your child’s creativity. Books like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are the pioneers of the fantasy world, which are not only descriptive in their writing styles, but the authors also formulate their own words. This will encourage your child to not be afraid to come up with anything new on their own.

In case your child seems reluctant to read books on their own, try a group discussion approach. Read the book along with your child and this time, you ask the “whys”. Ask why a certain character acted a particular way, or how would your child have reacted in a given situation. Analyze the situations and teach to read between the lines.

Dream Journal

Did you know that Salvador Dali used to paint the images he saw in his dreams? This is how he came up with the ideas for his surreal painting? Can you wonder how you can use this simple trick to enhance your child’s creativity?

The younger a person is, the wilder and more fascinating their dreams usually are. Why not tell your children to recreate the images they dream about on canvas? Or perhaps use a book, a dream journal.

The best way to inspire children to do something is by setting an example. Therefore, why don’t you promise to do the same along with the children and later you show each other your work? Not only will it help to enhance your child’s creativity but also establish a good bond.

Study Art

Do you ever ask why people stare at a painting for so long? What do they look for? The answer is pretty simple. People stare at art to study them and find out its underlying meaning and symbolism. The longer you look at art, the more details you notice.

Instead of only teaching connotations to children, teaching them denotations along with it is really helpful. Here’s a simple illustration- we teach children how to paint an apple, but we don’t teach them what it would signify if we drew a snake along the apple. A snake with an apple may symbolize the “forbidden fruit”.

Likewise, there are many paintings which have allegories within them, by which the painters convey messages to the generations that come after them. Helping your child understand these creative works will in turn enhance your child’s creativity.

A good starter for these would be to analyze the works of M.C Escher and Picasso. While Escher’s works teach about perspectives and allegory, Picasso’s works say that anything can be a worthy piece of art- all you have to do is believe in yourself.


Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels


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