How Spirituality Can Help Make You a Better Person

By Georgia


Last Updated: July 30, 2021

Spirituality can bring a lot into a person's life. Not necessarily associated with an organized religion, becoming more spiritual means being more connected and in tune with the metaphysical and faith-based aspects of life. While a newfound sense of intense spirituality can become overbearing to others, if treated carefully spirituality can help make someone a better person.


  1. Listen More

Spirituality can make you a better listener. You must choose this path, as plenty of faithful, particularly religious, people can naturally start to speak (and preach) more than they listen. But the more you listen the more you can learn; about the person, about people in general, and even about yourself and your spiritual connection. A deep spiritual connection can encourage stronger compassion and empathy for your fellow man, or souls stuffed in their skins suits, if you prefer. When you encounter antisocial and harmful behavior, it can become easier to recognize anxiety, fear and hurt, especially when it seethes beneath anger, hate and rage.


  1. Judge Less

Spirituality can also help make you less judgmental, if you let it. Understanding that we are all going on our own soul's journey and don't need to live up to others' social and societal expectations can be very freeing. We free others and ourselves from our own judgment and that of others. Let faith inspire acceptance and appreciation of where people are on their journeys and the choices they make in life. We all have flaws to overcome and potential to achieve.


  1. Balance More

Finding a foundation in faith can help ground you and make you less competitive and socially aggressive. By no means does this allude to giving up or backing down from educational, financial, career or social success. It only aims to balance material pursuits with mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. There's more to life than work and more to income than money. Work can be fulfilling in several ways and come with many kinds of benefits. This more conscious, less materialistic life can decrease consumerism and exploitation, and make you more protective and appreciative of the environment as well.


  1. Confront Less

Being less competitive and feeling a greater, deeper connection with other people can help us become more altruistic. When we see others as friends we haven't met yet instead of foes before we know them we can really begin to value others as equals despite their regard for us. When we refuse to focus on our differences and avoid making snap judgments about the whole person based on some unlikable characteristics we can find ourselves with unlimited opportunities to be a positive influence in the lives of others.


  1. More secure

Being more secure in your spiritual progress and assured of your place in the world can help you feel less anxious. Letting go of the angst and existential insecurity that can come from only indulging cardinal desires can do wonders to calm and comfort your day to day experiences. This more peaceful and aligned existence can help you be more helpful and constructive to yourself and others, as you can provide genuine guidance and a measured response to distress.


  1. Less Harm

A deep spiritual connection can help people who suffer with self-harming behaviors. These can range from punching, cutting, burning and other physical self-abuse, to accepting abuse and neglect from others, to substance abuse. There are also mental and emotional forms of self-harm, including negative self talk, self sabotage, self alienation and isolation, living from fear, and settling for less than you deserve or earned. But it's important to note that while spirituality and religious rituals, prayers, commune, etc. are a good supplement to psychological or medical treatments, they are not a substitute. Serious issues like self-harm require professional assistance.


Spirituality can inspire us to be better people in so many ways; better to ourselves, better to others, better to the planet. Spirituality can free us from the subconscious social bonds that confine us and encourage destructive thinking and behavior. It can uplift you and lead you to more seekers who can use your wisdom and guidance, and teachers who can bestow theirs on you. Despite the stereotypes you don't have to judge, shame, condemn or smother others with your faith. It can be a solid foundation to build lasting relationships and make life changes that benefit you and so many around you. Use your connection to a higher power for good and in a way others find as beneficial as you do.


Photo by Nina Uhlíková from Pexels


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