How To Sweet Talk: It’s Easier Than You Think

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Last Updated: January 12, 2022

Whether you’re in a relationship, or single and desire a relationship, knowing how to sweet talk can be beneficial.

First, most people enjoy it when someone speaks sweetly to them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a guy or girl, sweet talk can earn you some “favor points”, especially if you’re dating.

The good news is that even if you are not sure what kinds of sweet things you can say, you can learn in no time. It simply takes a little bit of effort and practice on your part.


What is Sweet Talk?

Sweet talk is simply saying nice, thoughtful things to someone.

Generally, sweet talk is associated with intimate relationships, but you can sweet talk to others too. For example, if you say, “I smile every time I think of you”, this could be geared toward your partner, someone you’re dating, a friend, or family member.


6 Tips on How to Sweet Talk to Anyone in Your Life

1. Become conscious of showing up as a sweet person.

It’s easy to forget about complimenting others.

We can get so busy with life that sweet talk goes out the window. Today, make a commitment to be a sweet talker.  Do it consistently and authentically. It’s ok to want to be great at complimenting! 

2. Work on boosting your self-esteem.

If you struggle with low self-esteem or extreme shyness, get to the root of the reason. 

Do you fear being laughed at or ignored? 

There’s nothing wrong with being shy. However, if you’re so shy that you cannot give compliments to others, it might hurt your dating game or relationship. There are plenty of tips and techniques to increase your self-esteem. Do some reading on the topic and implement what you learn.

3. Learn how to compliment. 

People tend to love a compliment.

In fact, a major complaint of women is that their guys do not compliment them enough. If you want to sweet talk a man or woman, take note of their attire, hair, smell, car, purse, jewelry, attitude, hopes, dreams, and so on. The more you notice, the more compliments you can give. 

For example, let’s say Jimmy is dating Dawn. He studies her appearance and compliments her on different attributes when he sees her. He doesn’t overdo it. Rather, he stays in balance and genuinely talks sweetly to her, giving her compliments. This is good advice for you too.

Be sincere.

Here are some great ways to talk sweetly to someone:

  • Wow, I love that necklace.
  • Your hair looks awesome!
  • You look beautiful.
  • I like your smile.
  • You have cool friends.
  • Your feet are cute.
  • You have wonderful taste in clothes.
  • You're such a hard worker.
  • You look so fit!

If someone notices you are paying attention to them, they’re more likely to be interested in you.

4. Brag about them in public.

Bragging can be a good thing when done with tact and sincerity.

If you can talk someone up in front of other people, you will catch their attention. Try to draw attention to what makes them interesting and unique.

If you are with a group of people and the topic of career advancement comes up, let everyone know that they climbed their way up the corporate ladder to District Manager of your company. 

Get to know that person well, so that you are able to brag about their accomplishments, family, interests, etc. People like to be talked about in a positive way; just be careful not to overdo it. Too much bragging will simply annoy them and other people.

5. Just be sweet. 

It’s not hard to be sweet. 

When you are around others, simply be kind to them.

  • Tell them they look great.
  • Open the door for them. 
  • Offer to get them a cup of coffee.
  • Cook them dinner.
  • Take them out to dinner. 
  • Tell them you like the way they dress, sing, or wear their hair. 

Be sweet to others in their presence. Do they have children? Listen to them as they talk to you. Really listen and affirm what they are saying or feeling. Be present with them. Sweet talk is wonderful, but you must back that up with thoughtful actions.

6. Create cute pet names.

If you create a special pet name for someone, it can create pleasant feelings for them. Of course, there are the obvious pet names, such as sweetheart or honey. However, there are many more you can use to endear yourself to someone or deepen your relationship.

Try the following:

  • Beautiful
  • Cutie pie
  • Buttercup
  • Doll
  • Sunshine
  • Gorgeous
  • Hot stuff
  • Handsome
  • Angel
  • Precious
  • Muffin
  • Peanut
  • Baby
  • Stud
  • Lover
  • Honey bunch
  • Darling
  • Loverboy/Lovergirl
  • Hubby/Wifey
  • My love

See what their response is when you use pet names. If they smile and things carry on smoothly, you’ll know they like it. If they have no response or there is an awkward silence that ensues, they may not love being called a sweet name.

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Keep Sweet Talk in Balance

Sweet talking is a great way to show just how much you care about them. Just remember to be yourself and keep it in balance. You don’t want to come across too strong or you may repel people.

Sweet talk may be foreign to you, but you can learn to compliment others easily and condition yourself to do so every so often.

One thing is for sure: Most people like attention, so taking the time to notice details and compliment them scores you points and may cause you to win over the person you’re crushing on.

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