It’s Time to Simplify Your Digital Life

By Dominica


Last Updated: July 7, 2021

We live in a digital age where you can’t go five minutes out in public without seeing someone staring at their digital device.  In fact, you probably can’t pass ten cars without observing someone driving while doing the same, which is alarming. 

We’ve got iPhones, iPads, Apple watches, video game systems, mega televisions, Wi-Fi, 5G, and much more to keep our technology need satiated from now until eternity.  With social networks like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, etc., there is never a dull moment in life because they are always available to pull you out of boredom.

But don’t you ever get tired of it all?  Do you ever just wish you could quiet your mind and relax without technology for just a little while?  Would you like to have a nice dinner date without having to bring your phones? Enjoy the evening without scrolling for hours?

Many people are indeed getting weary of the constant streaming of the digital life and are opting for a simpler lifestyle.

Call them crazy, but they’ve just had enough of the hustle and bustle of information bombarding them every moment. From advertisements to text messages to FaceTime calls when they are looking their absolute worst, some people are opting for a simple, minimalist lifestyle,

Kudos to those who are taking the plunge.


How you can simplify your digital life


Divorce Your Phone

There are various ways to simplify your digital life.  For starters, you can determine not to be married to your phone.  Really, when you’re married to your phone, you run the risk of losing valuable relationships and perhaps even your job.  Plenty have lost work due to their obsession with their phone during work hours.

Do you have to check your phone every five minutes? Do you keep your phone with you at all times? Do you sleep with your phone in your bed? Take it to the bathroom with you? Scroll Facebook or TikTok using your phone 20, 30, 40 plus times per day? 

It can become a habit and quite addicting. If you resonate with this, make a firm decision to lay off your phone for a while.  Put it on the kitchen counter and leave it there all day or evening. Check it two or three times a day instead of 20. Tell your friends you are separating from your phone because you’re missing out on REAL LIFE.


Clean Up Your Email

How much junk mail do you get?  I bet tons.  In fact, I bet some of those headlines get your attention and you end up taking the time to read some emails that are really just time wasters.  Go through and remove yourself from newsletters that you never read or websites that don’t interest you.  Even if you unsubscribe from two or three per day, by the end of several weeks, you should have unsubscribed to most of the junk mail you get.

You can also put the emails you want to keep into folders, such as in Yahoo Mail.  Create categories and file them away so you’re not looking at hundreds of emails every day. Plus, this comes in handy when you’re looking for a particular email, such as something to do with taxes or work.


Resist The Urge

I hear the latest and greatest iPhone is coming out in a short time. Does that get you all excited like a kid at Christmas?  Can you just NOT WAIT until you get your hands on it and spend hours seeing the difference between the new and the old? 

If so, there’s nothing wrong with that. I know people who love to get new phones as soon as they come out. However, if you’re looking to simplify your digital life, resist the urge to get out there and purchase the latest and greatest technology gadgets in a rush.  It may be challenging, but you can do it. 

This goes for all sorts of tech gadgets. You don’t absolutely need to have a plethora of techy gadgets and the newest versions. This is especially true if you’re on a strict budget or in debt up to your ears. Be patient and enjoy what you have. Later on down the road when you drop your phone in the toilet or your laptop blows the mother board, then you can get on out there and purchase something newer.


Lighten Your Tech Load

If you take the time to simplify your tech life, it’s likely you’ll feel better. You may feel less stressed and more in control of your life.  Newer isn’t always better, and there’s nothing wrong with a simple life and simple gadgets.  If you must have high tech items, such as for work, do your research and only purchase what you absolutely need.

Minimizing and simplifying your life can help you relax more.  It’s easy to make the decision. The toughest part will be to actually go through and stick with it.  I have, and I do think it’s worth it.


Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash


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