Muscles A Bit Flabby? Here’s Some Easy Tips To Shape Up

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Last Updated: January 25, 2022

Muscles aren't everything, but if you're not satisfied with the flabbiness of your muscles or your strength, be assured that there are some easy things you can do to build more muscle.

Whether it's your arms, legs, or your core strength, you don't have to stay a victim to flabbiness any longer.

While it does take some time and effort, it's time well spent.


Learn About How Nutrition Impacts Your Body

When it comes to building muscle mass, take some time to learn how to eat to foster solid muscles so that you don’t do all that work and lose muscle tissue. 

Many people go into losing weight with the mentality that they will cut calories and start weight training to get the body they desire. However, this is not necessarily the way to go. Low calorie dieting doesn’t really work when it comes to bulking up.

When you begin working out by weight training, the protein in your muscles begins to break down and then builds back up faster than if you weren’t training. Because of this, you need more protein. Protein is an essential nutrient that helps repair and build tissues in the body each day.

If you do not get enough protein, your amino acids will be lacking and they are necessary for muscle growth.

A great way to get more protein is to eat protein rich foods, such as fish, lean beef, eggs, etc. However, you can also get more protein if you work out your muscle groups in different ways rather than just doing one or two exercises all the time.

In other words, don’t just do jumping jacks and pushups. Add other exercises to boost protein being made in your body.

As you move forward with your goals in mind, be sure that you take the time to learn how many calories, proteins, and carbs your body needs per day as you work out. As you stick to the recommendations and work out regularly, you should be well on your way to building muscle mass and bulking up.

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Combining Good Protein And Weight Resistance Training

When you want to build muscle mass, skip the temptation to cut your calories or protein down low and think that weightlifting alone will provide results.

The truth is that both protein and strength training combined is the best way to build those muscles to where you want them to be. Today, let’s take a look at just how much protein you should be consuming, as well as when.


How Much Protein?

Assuming you are getting adequate calories per day, the recommendations for protein intake is .36 grams per pound of your entire body weight. 

If you’re interested in building muscles, it is recommended that you increase that amount to .7 or .8 grams per pound. Some say you can even go as high as 1.5 grams.

For example, if you are a woman and you weigh 135 pounds, you will need about 95 to 108 grams of protein daily, as this increase will help you when it comes to building muscle mass.


Good Protein Sources

As you move forward knowing about how much protein you require while strength training, it’s a good idea to learn where you can get good sources of protein in your diet. Here are some good choices:

  • Beef
  • Poultry
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Almonds
  • Peanut butter (in moderation because it has a lot of calories as well)
  • Beans (kidney, lentil, refried)
  • Tofu


Carb Considerations

When you want to bulk up, you must consider your carb intake as well.

It used to be that health experts said that high carb intake was necessary before a workout, but that’s not so much the case anymore. For those who have low activity jobs, it’s a given that you build up a pretty good energy reserve by sitting all day, so skip the extra carb intake before working out.

Even those that have some activity during the day should have plenty of energy reserve to get through their workouts.


Will I Get Bulky?

If you’re concerned about getting too bulky, rest assured that many people don’t get massive muscle mass like the body builders just by your average strength training program.

Although if bulk is what you want, body builders sculpt and shape by doing multiple reps with higher weights. If you want to strength train to become toned, training 3 to 5 days a week ought to be just enough in order for you do get results, assuming you’re eating a healthy diet.


Enjoy The Journey

Here's the thing about building muscle and feeling strong.

You don't have to work at it every single day to get results. Even if you commit to three or four times a week for 30 to 40 minutes of weight training, yoga, or some other type of whole body exercise can help you build that muscle mass.

Play around with various exercise routines to see what you enjoy and what works for you.

If you find that something isn't working, try something different. If you still are having trouble, feel free to reach out and get a fitness coach or attend a fitness facility that offers coaching.

The bottom line is that you can begin to build your muscles with a strong intent and follow through with a program that works for you.

Skip the temptation to cut calories considerably. If you’re working out, your body will need some calories to convert into energy. Do your best to make sure you’re eating a balanced, healthy diet.

Also, don’t forget to enjoy the strength training journey. Continue to learn how you can most effectively get the results you want by committing to your exercise regimen. If you get off course or start slacking, get back in there and start afresh. 

Never give up. Understand that getting and maintaining the kind of body you want takes time, effort, patience, and commitment. 

If you continue to struggle, consider getting a trainer or exercise coach to keep you accountable and assist you with your workout and eating routine. The results will certainly be worth it.

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