Here is where we talk about how you communicate with your family, your partner, within your friendships and with your coworkers. We also look at our relationships with ourselves, and what relationship goals look like.

What are the 5 most important things in a relationship? 

  • Communication
  • Trust & respect
  • Listening to each other (Actually hearing what the other person is saying)
  • Loving them for who they are (Not trying to change them into what YOU want)
  • Mutual intimacy

While these are definitely things you need to have a successful romantic relationship, these are basic things every healthy relationship should strive for.

  • What are your boundaries?
  • Do you know how to make them?
  • Are you respectful of the boundaries asked of you?

Top Relationship Articles 

We also talk about relationships that could damage your mental, emotional and physical health and how to disengage yourself from them in order to heal. This includes if you are experiencing a:

  • Toxic friendship
  • Toxic relationship
  • Codependent relationship
  • Narcissistic parent, partner or friend

Most importantly, we talk about your relationship with yourself. Are you taking care of your own feelings, emotions and mental health needs?

Welcome to the community! We are here to provide you resources and information to help you be the best YOU you can be.

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