Struggling With Inner Pain? Help Is Available!

By Dominica


Last Updated: October 9, 2022

Encountering painful situations or circumstances happens in life.

Whether it’s inner pain or outer pain, we’re not exempt from feeling it from time to time. That being said, suffering all the time is optional. 

To suffer in pain means that you do not think you have any power over your situation or emotions.

You give your power away to the circumstance, person, or thing. But here’s some great news for you.


  • Can come to understand that you have the choice to take your power back.
  • Don’t have to stay in the feelings of disempowerment.
  • Can learn to empower yourself to get through the pain and most likely learn valuable lessons from it.



Talk About the Pain

Inner pain can dig pretty deep. 

If you’re the type to stuff or repress your pain in your psyche, that pain can get lodged deeply and create some heavy negative emotions like depression, frustration, anger, etc. 

To contend with layers of pain, it may be necessary to talk about the situations or people that have caused you such pain. 

You can talk to a trusted friend, or you can discuss your issues with a licensed psychotherapist.

The more intense the pain, the more you want to seek out someone who has experience listening and offering support for this.

A professional counselor understands the value in talk therapy and can help you process through your various levels of pain. It might take some time, but it’s worth it, because what you’re doing is getting in there and healing whatever’s asking to be healed in your psyche.

Or, learning how to navigate whatever has been tripping you up in your life.



Do You Really Need Therapy?

Depending on your level of pain and emotional issues, you may or may not need talk therapy. 

If you’re struggling with a fair amount of sadness, depression, anxiety, fear, etc., it is wise to seek out a professional therapist who can help you identify negative thought patterns and assist you in formulating new, positive thought patterns. 

Sometimes just spilling your guts all the way down to the core helps to process all the negative emotions and energy that have been storing up year after year.



Does Journaling Help?

Many therapists give homework as a means of therapy, so don’t be surprised if you are asked to journal about painful issues in your life. 

Talk therapy is normally a short-term therapy method, so you may be given techniques and exercises to try at home to help produce changes in your life.

Journaling can certainly be beneficial. As you write your thoughts and feelings down, that negative energy that has been trapped gets released and processed. It’s like it is incorporated into your whole personality in a healthy way so that’s it won’t bother you so much in the future. 

Writing has been used as a therapeutic tool for many years. Those that journal regularly state that they feel more emotionally stable than when they did not journal.



Dealing With Inner Pain: Evaluate Your Life

How are you feeling in life right now?

  • Are you overwhelmed with some issues?
  • Does the pain cut deep?
  • Have you been depressed, anxious, or fearful? 
  • Have you been self-medicating with alcohol or drugs? 

If you are contending with negativity and negative emotions, it’s time to dig deep for some courage and start planning your route to more peace and freedom. Reaching out for help can feel scary. I completely understand and have had to move past that fear myself several times in my life.

But the effort is worth it. Especially if that means you won’t struggle so much emotionally in the future. Just think, skills that you learn in counseling now you can use for the rest of your life – and that will make a big difference!

So, if you’re struggling or have been struggling for a while now, reach out for help.

It’s time to take your power back and contend with such emotions, so that you can free yourself up to experience peace, joy, and freedom. There are many therapists who offer online video counseling these days, so that makes it even easier.

There are also mental health companies that offer very affordable sessions for those who have or don’t have insurance.

You deserve to live the kind of life you desire, one filled with more happiness and peace. Whether it’s therapy, journaling, or both, take a step today toward a new chapter in your life. One where you feel seen, heard, and feel content and joyful – at least most of the time!   

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