Think A Meditation Retreat Can’t Help You? Think Again

By Dominica


Last Updated: December 10, 2020

Many people might think that a meditation retreat is sitting on top of a mountain alone, waiting for spiritual enlightenment. Or, they may think it’s a bunch of “woo-woo” people dressed in robes or funky clothes.

While some meditation retreats may occur in the mountains, and you may find people dressed in various styles, there is so much more to meditation retreats these days.

Retreats geared toward meditation occur all over the world. From small retreat centers in nature to large retreat settings in a large city, many people feel led to retreat from the world for a time to get quiet and go within.

Contemplation & Meditation

Many retreats involve contemplation and meditation. The purpose of this type of retreat is for relaxing and reducing physical and mental stress, as well as growing spiritually. The best environment for such a spiritual retreat is one that is surrounded by peaceful, raw nature. However, there are many beautiful, serene retreat centers in cities too.

A meditation retreat is important for spiritual growth. It gives people the chance to calm down the mind. As you can probably relate, the mind can get pretty busy with incessant thoughts. Sometimes the mind can be so busy that it’s hard to concentrate, fall asleep, or enjoy peace.

Engaging In The Meditation Practice

Spiritual retreats can help us grow spiritually and can make up for what is not easily achievable in the daily, busy routine. A spiritual retreat can also help you overcome obstacles in meditation. One of the toughest things about meditating is actually stopping your life and doing it.

Whether it’s five or thirty minutes, making yourself stop, sit down, and meditate is easier said than done.  This is why many seasoned meditators state that it’s a “practice”.  You actually have to practice it to get better at quieting the mind.

When you commit to attending a meditation retreat, you take the time to meditate consistently because that’s they goal of the retreat.  By doing so, you open yourself up to enjoying a quieter mind and more spiritual insight.

Meditation Retreat Benefits

Several benefits can be reaped from attending a meditation retreat. It can certainly foster your spiritual growth. You tend to feel more peaceful and happier after the experience. You may also have the opportunity to engage in other activities at the retreat, such as yoga, qi gong, breathing techniques, and more.  Learning such techniques and practices can help you mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Spiritual Insight

Most retreats will have a spiritual teacher who will offer valuable lessons too.  After all, meditation goes hand in hand with spirituality and learning how to navigate life in a way that affords you more peace, joy, inner insight, and contentment.

Beautiful Scenery

Meditation retreats are usually located in places that are known for their natural beauty, such as near mountains, lakes or rivers. Being in nature can be quite therapeutic in and of itself. This can provide the best environment for soul-searching and for reflecting on the more important aspects of life.

A Greater Spiritual Journey

A meditation retreat can also help people with their inner spiritual journey. It is quite different from a regular holiday where you just enjoy yourself and relax. In a retreat, you will be able to find a sense of peace which you can hold onto even after you return to your normal schedule. You become more aware of yourself as a spiritual being, and less preoccupied with your mind that tends to be preoccupied with thoughts.  And, a spiritual retreat that focuses on meditation can help you learn how to view your problems and life from a new, higher perspective.

Direction For Your Life

After you come back from such a retreat, you may be able to better cope with the stressful world and hectic lifestyle. Deeper introspection is also possible and you will be able to silence the turbulent mind in a more effective way to give a positive direction to your life. You may find many negative emotions, such as jealousy, greed and anger decreasing after such a spiritual retreat. Your tired body and senses can be recharged and rejuvenated.

Gain Wonderful Friends

You can also benefit from the programs, demonstrations or other discussions that are held on the important and spiritual aspects of life. Oftentimes, you will make some wonderful friends who have the same spiritual interests and goals as yourself. It is always nice to engage with others who are on the same path. Who knows, people you meet on your meditation retreat could become lifelong friends.

Plan Your Meditation Retreat

Start doing some research on meditation retreats. Look for one that resonates and make plans on attending. You might even want to ask a loved one or friend to attend with you.  There are retreats all over the world.  Some are in gorgeous remote places that you may enjoy visiting, such as in Bali, India, Costa Rica, and more. Others may be right in your local area.  Seek out those that speak to you and are in your budget range.

You can certainly benefit from attending a meditation retreat – benefits that could carry on a lifetime. You deserve a life where you experience more peace and joy. Meditation and or a meditation retreat is simply one avenue that can get you there.


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  1. Meditation
    Meditate is compressed vernacular local sentense in Ewe, "Mea de yi de eta te" meaning, to remove it to put under beneath head. In fact I love meditating 3 times a day.

  2. Daily motivation
    So inspiring. I am going to find in my area a meditation retreat for me to participate in sometime in 2021.

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