This is Your Year to Successfully Date! 6 Tips to Get Started

By Dominica


Last Updated: January 10, 2022

With the New Year here, there’s a sense of freshness upon us. This is a great time to create new goals, dream wonderful dreams, and if you’re single, get out there dating in a way that works for you. No doubt with the pandemic, the logistics of dating has changed some due to fewer community gatherings.

Still, there are plenty of things you can do to find dating potentials. This year, make the intent to meet that special someone. Setting goals are actually very important and plenty of successful people will tell you that goal setting is one reason they are successful.  You may even want to write down what you desire and look at it regularly to serve as a reminder.

You want someone who is thoughtful? Romantic? Trustworthy? Has a good job? Knows how to feel and express emotions in healthy ways? Be fully present? Adore you?

Write it all down and look at that list often!

Dating isn’t easy for everyone. I understand. For those who are introverts or struggle with anxiety, dating can bring up anxious feelings.

Take heart. You’re not alone!

The following are hot tips for getting out there in the dating game and landing some excellent potentials!



1. Make The Effort

Dating requires effort.  If you’re going to date this year, it will require you to begin mingling with people in your community or via online dating sites.  Sure, there is a chance you might meet “Mr. or Mrs. Right” at the grocery store, but chances are on the lower end.  Commit to taking the necessary steps to putting prospects before you and your chances increase dramatically.

In a world where there may be social restrictions, you may have to lean more on online dating sites, but that’s alright.  Many people find true love using them!


2. Learn Great Communication Skills

Whether you are scoping prospects at your local hangouts or sending email to online prospects, effective communication skills go a long way.  If you struggle in this area, do your research on how to communicate more successfully. Then, practice on everyone you meet.

There’s nothing worse than meeting the person of your dreams and not knowing how to communicate or getting all tongue tied within a matter of minutes.  If you struggle here, take heart because you can get better.  If you are seeking a date online, take time to create an interesting profile and express your personality when emailing back and forth.  Be fun and allow for some flirtation.  Allow your playful nature to come out.

You can also use flattery in a tasteful way.  Words can work magic when it comes to dating.  You can always role play with your best friend if that helps. 


3. Join Social Media Groups

In a day and time where social distancing abounds, it can be challenging to meet new people to date.  If this applies to you, check out social media groups, such as Facebook Groups, so you can meet new people.  There are dating groups, as well as groups for just about every topic out there. Find groups that interest you and get to know the community. If you find someone that is appealing, and they’re single, feel free to send them a message.  Maybe you’ll find that you have some things in common and feel like a date would be the next sensible step.


4. Become A Romantic

Many people love romance.  Of course, some people don’t like to admit they like to be romanced, but chances are they do.  Learning some romance skills can certainly help you as you move forward with dating.

What does it mean to be romantic?  Basically, it means that you take time and consideration into how you can make your potential date feel like the most special person in the whole wide world.

Romance can be kind words, thoughtful gestures, tokens of love, and more.  If you claim to be romantic when seeking a date, you’d better be equipped to come through if you land the date.


5. Make A Great First Impression

Let’s say you land a date. Now what?  This will be a super important step to landing more dates with that person.  First date impressions mean everything. Most people opt to go out to dinner or enjoy coffee/tea on their first date. This is a great idea, as it provides a safe, social atmosphere. 

If you go this route, be sure that the restaurant is clean, popular, and offers delicious food.  To add romance to the date, ask for a quiet section and bring a small token of appreciation for your date, such as flowers.  

On your first date, smile, and delight in your date. Keep your mobile phone out of sight. If it dings with text messages, wait till later to check them. A sure sign that you’re not interested or not able to fully be present is to be continuously fidgeting with your phone during a date.  This is also a red flag if the person you’re dating is doing this. 

In other words, be fully present. Ask them plenty of questions and allow for adequate time for answering.  Be genuinely concerned about what they are talking about and give input as necessary.  Be aware that nerves can cause you to talk, talk, talk, so be aware and reel yourself in if you find that you are rambling. Take a deep breath every so often and relax.  First dates can be stressful, but you can do it.  Be yourself, be respectable, and have good table manners. 


6. Be Patient

It can take a while to find that special someone. Do your best to be patient.  Not every date is going to go as planned and to be honest, some people just aren’t going to be as authentic as you desire them to be. If that happens, let them go and don’t take it personal. Your task is to weed through the flower bed, removing the weeds along the way. 

Try to remain optimistic. Think of the millions of couples who are now enjoying life together. They went through the dating process too and made it out alive and well.

So will you!

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