Top 10 Best Positive News Sites You Should Follow

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Last Updated: January 19, 2023

Scrolling through the news might lead you to feel a bit down in the dumps.

Today, the world is ending due to global warming. Tomorrow, the world is ending because of another mass murder. In fact (while all of the above is inevitably tragic), you might feel that the news is giving you more doomsday vibes than actual “need-to-know” information. 

For many of us, this can totally lead us to spiral. A few thoughts might come to mind… “Why bother?” “What is the point then?” “I feel useless.” Not exactly the positive morning start you envisioned.

And yes, it’s important to know what’s happening in the world. Plus, shutting it all out is nearly impossible. Even if you delete all your news apps, you’re still going to have some negative events blasted at you through other apps and social media. So, what can you do?

Well, let’s counterbalance those negative news blasts with some positive news! It’s time to strike a balance and remind ourselves that there is a lot of good going on around us.

So, without further delay or explanation, here are the top 10 best positive news sites you should follow right now!

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Top 10 Best Positive News Sites You Should Follow

1. The Good News Network

Scrolling through The Good News Network site offers tons of positivity. While you can obtain positive news worldwide, you can also sort by your region or preferred category of news. 

And get this: You can even submit your own good news story!

When you subscribe to their email list (scroll down to the bottom on their main page!), you also receive good news in your inbox each morning. The news stories are available in English and Spanish.


2. Optimist Daily

Good vibes only please. The good news source, Optimist Daily, covers various topics, including personal care and even out-of-this-world science-based events. As an independent, reader-funded project, this team aims to spread optimism worldwide. 

They offer a positive solutions mindset each day, podcasts, daily positive news emails, and more! Again, there are no ads here, and it’s all just about spreading positivity and optimism across the globe.


3. Today: The Good News Section

While NBC’s The Today Show definitely strives to gain viewers and readers, and they need to be ultra-compelling to do so, there is a good side. In their Good News Section, Today boasts inspirational, uplifting, and fun news, photos, and videos. 

So, if you’re sick of the regular negative news, a few minutes on this page might just restore your faith in humanity, as well as help you balance out the good versus the bad.


4. Some Good News

Can we just take a moment: Who doesn’t love John Krasinski? The Office re-runs anyone?

Some Good News is a great source of good, fresh, and positive news via YouTube. If you’re more of a video type of guy or gal, this might be one channel you want to subscribe to.

During COVID, John Krasinski started this channel to spread some positivity. While he might not update it regularly anymore, there are loads of videos that have come and gone to watch. 

So, check it out for a little mood booster!

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5. Squirrel News

Squirrel News offers the most basic of basic formats for consuming good news. In fact, you could scroll for days consuming all the goodness this not-for-profit platform has to offer. Plus, the articles are super easy reads. Nothing fancy here! Just some good vibes all around.


6. Sunny Skyz

Launched in January 2012, Sunny Skyz isn’t just about the good news.

It also offers loads of love, kindness, and laughter through videos, blogs, and jokes. While donations are accepted to keep this one afloat, it’s not necessary. At the same time, this is one platform that does have a few ads (but it’s very minimal, meaning you’ll barely notice them).


7. Daily Good

Get inspired with Daily Good’s stories, articles, and newsletters.

This is a particularly good one if you love a great story and prefer it to small snippets or articles. This is probably one of the older positive news sites, as it stepped on the stage in 1999 and continues to power forward with positivity.


8. Not All News Is Bad

From new ways to treat blindness to endearing stories about students transforming negative press events into positivity, Not All News is Bad news!

Surprisingly, this is a one-man show with a very clear mission. The mission? The man behind it all, Leo A. Notenboom, says,

“My goal is to simply remind people that behind all the negative noise, there’s still a lot of good stuff happening.”

This is another site where you can subscribe and receive a good news story waiting for you in your inbox each and every day.


9. Positive.News

Positive.News - this fairly new online magazine is “dedicated to quality, independent reporting about what’s going right.” In other words, these journalists are taking their foot of the gas when it comes to negativity and parading forward, carrying the flag of positivity. 

You can filter these news articles per the category that interests you. This is also another subscription-based one where you can, again, receive daily good news stories in your email. There’s also an option to pay for a monthly magazine subscription if you really want to go the full mile.


10. CNN’s The Good Stuff Newsletter

The Good Stuff Newsletter is another news network adding a positive touch to their work.

Every Saturday, CNN delivers happy and positive news headlines from around the world straight to your inbox. From discoveries to personal stories and more, this is one newsletter you won’t want to miss!

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Get on That Positive News Sites Vibe!

If we’re always focusing on the negative, we are probably going to start to feel pretty negative.

The fix? Balance! Outweigh the cons in the world with a few pros. You’ll start to see things in a more balanced light, and you might just feel a bit more inspired as you go about your day.

We hope this list shines a light in your life and continues to do so well into the future!

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