Want a Better Life? 6 Ways to Cultivate a More Positive Environment

By Dominica


Last Updated: August 30, 2022

The law of attraction asserts that whatever you put your focus on, you attract more of the same.

This is quite powerful when you think about it.

Do you know that your thoughts are so powerful that they are shaping your life? 

When you understand this, you will better understand why your life is where it is right now. If you are pleased with it, you have probably been using a positive mindset consistently. However, if you are not pleased with it, you have probably been using a negative mindset consistently.



Your Environment is Important

Your thoughts and words are important when it comes to creating a life of happiness and success, but so is your environment.  The type of environment you find yourself in affects you positively or negatively.

For example, if you have the news blaring every night about how awful the world is with horrific news of murder, theft, and crime in general, all that negativity affects you. The actual sound of the negative news may bring negative energy vibes into your home.

The same goes for negative people in your life. If you are around negative family members, friends, or co-workers, that negativity can affect you. Energy is transferable, so if you submit yourself to the presence of negative people often, their negative energy can really make you feel depleted.  It’s almost like they suck your good energy out of you.

This also goes for negative songs, movies, articles that you read, online internet sites, and more.  Really take a moment to think about what negative influences you have been allowing into your life. Write them down and make a firm commitment to eliminate them from your life as best as you can. You might not be able to get away from some negative people like co-workers, but you can distance yourself from them the best you can during work.

As far as music, choose music that is uplifting and soothing.  Choose movies that have a good message to them, and do your best to stay away from anything that involves violence and tragedies.



6 Ways to Create a More Positive Environment Around You 

Here are some great ways you can surround yourself with a positive environment so that you are in an atmosphere of positive energy:

1. While driving to work or running errands, play a positive audio book or uplifting music.

You can even have a variety of inspirational speakers on Spotify to choose from. This way you are absorbing good vibes while you are on the road.

2. While at home relaxing, read books that are positive and watch television shows and movies that will uplift you.

You can also play positive music or engage in fun activities with your family.

3. Be sure that the time you spend on the internet is spent on positive websites. 

If you engage in social media networks like Facebook or Instagram, engage in a positive manner. You can encourage others, post positive messages, and just stay in touch with friends and family.

4. While you sleep at night you can play soft meditation music, guided meditations, or any other music that has a positive vibe to it.

Even while you sleep, you can receive good vibes and messages, as your subconscious will be in tune to what is going on. Do not sleep with the television on, as you might not be aware of negative messages playing while you sleep.

5. Get out into nature as much as possible, as nature is a very positive environment with its beauty and pleasant aroma. 

Commit to taking a regular walk in nature or finding a favorite spot to sit in and simply sit in silence. Listen to the birds sing and the leaves blow in the wind. It is here that you can really become refreshed mentally and spiritually.

6. Take some time while at home to sit quietly and be mindful or meditate.

If you understand the law of attraction, you will know that your thoughts create your reality, so spend some time each day thinking positively.

You can even do some visualizing of the things you desire in life. A great time to do this daily is right when you wake up or right before going to sleep. Quiet your thoughts and visualize the kind of life you want.

See yourself with that new job or that new car. Feel the excitement of meeting your soul mate or soaking up the sun in Cancun. 



Create a Positive Home Environment

You are always attracting something to you according to the law of attraction, so be mindful of what you are thinking about. Throughout the day, pause and see what kind of mindset you’re entertaining.

In addition, pay attention to what type of environment you are in – especially your home. Try to make it as positive as possible. It may take some practice and effort, but the results are well worth both.

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13 comments on “Want a Better Life? 6 Ways to Cultivate a More Positive Environment”

    1. Be gentle with yourself Charlotte, grieving takes time. We're so happy to have helped you at all. Take care. 🙂

  1. There is an app and website called "calm" it does have a slight subscription though for some of it .My daughter uses it at night to help her sleep and swears by it. I hope this helps.
    Take care all
    and treat others how you would like to be treated 🤗

    1. Thanks Sandy! We are working on creating our own meditation videos for the site, so keep your eyes peeled!

  2. It isn’t about turning your mind ‘off’ but to change the focus. Meditate on the words of the Prayer of St Francis of Assisi, the 23rd Psalm, a favorite uplifting poem or words of an uplifting song. Feed your subconscious mind with joyful, uplifting words and you will transform your life.

    1. That's a good point Marty. Don't try to stop the thoughts, but try to focus on yourself. What's happening in your body? What are you trying to do? Meditation is about pausing, slowing down and just sitting in peace.

  3. Thanks for your positive thoughts you are sending me. I have moved to Hfx from Ottawa and some of your messages really speak to me. I appreciate you sending them. Hope you’re having a great day.

  4. Life can never be better without the realization of what you have, instead of what you think you need or do not have.

  5. Thanks for this! I really needed a reminder on how to keep things positive around our home & in my life! The world has been SOOO CRAZY!!! I have noticed myself getting off track.

    Thank you for reminding me 🙂

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