Weekly Uplifting Stories - February 6th, 2023

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Last Updated: February 5, 2023

It's the start of a new week - and we could all use some happy news to go into it.

This week's Uplifting Stories bring you a man received a lovely letter from an elderly Ebay customer, a Seattle-based business that helps immigrant and refugee women to gain financial independence, a sweet surprise for a wonderful birthday girl and a doggy daycare bus in Alaska that has gone viral. 

We hope you enjoy - and have a great start to your week! 



1. VHS Player Brings Happiness to an 86-Year-Old Man

A beautiful surprise.

Matt Shoukry received a heartfelt thank you letter from an 86-year-old customer, who bought his VHS player on eBay. The anonymous customer shared that he was unable to watch his family tapes after his previous VHS died.

Thanks to buying Matt's on Ebay, the elderly man was able to relive memories from his wedding day and watch his children grow up again. 

Matt was extremely touched by this unexpected gesture and decided to share it on Reddit. The wholesome letter has brought joy to countless people all over the world.

See the whole heartwarming story here.



2. Seattle-based Initiative Helping Refugee Women Gain Financial Independence

Seattle-based Refugee Artisan Initiative provides opportunities for immigrant and refugee women to gain financial independence and help curb landfill waste from textiles. The women work for a livable wage and sew for small-batch manufacturing, transforming discarded or leftover materials into usable items such as bags, and toys.

“Refugee women have the highest unemployment rate, about 60 percent, and over 85 percent of the textile waste ends up in landfills," Ming-Ming Tung-Edelman, who founded RAI in 2017 to address both of these issues. 

Since 2017, the group has diverted 5,000 pounds of textiles from landfills, and has produced 120,000 items. 

Finish the story here.



3. Birthday Girl is Sweetly Surprised by Friends

A Reddit user posted this heartwarming video that captured the birthday girl getting surprised by two of her friends.

Kiley has a rare genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome, which results in developmental delays. It can be hard for her to make friends, according to Kiley's sister. But in this sweet video, we see cheerful Kiley completely shocked by a surprise 15th birthday visit from two special friends she made at camp.

The girls drove 3 hours to make Kiley's day that much more meaningful.  

You can complete the story here.



4. Doggy Daycare Bus Goes Viral 

If watching this video of dogs waiting for their school bus and calmly taking their seats with their pals doesn't warm your hearts, I don't know what will!

You may have seen the viral video of this Doggy ‘daycare’ bus in Alaska, operated by a family dog-walking team called Mo Mountains Mutts.

Mo Thompson, "Skagway’s dog walker, pet sitter, and family dog trainer," and her husband Lee run this doggy adventure bus out of Skagway, Alaska.

You can read the whole story here



5. The Power of Music Helps to Heal Seniors

Using the power of music, Ryan Carney has found a way to help seniors heal in nursing homes.

Ryan lost his father to brain cancer, which meant his dad lost the ability to talk - until "Stand By Me" came on at a family function - and his dad began to sing. 

Wanting to tap into music's ability to connect with people, "as a universal language", Ryan is now a regular visitor to senior's homes, where he plays his cello in hopes of connecting with folks who have cognitive decline. 

Check out the entire story here. 



Final Thoughts

Thanks everyone for reading and have a great week ahead!

If you find any heartwarming stories that you'd love to share, please comment with a link in the box below, or message us on our Instagram with a link. We'll mention you in a future article. Take care! 

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