Why Students Should Join Clubs

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Last Updated: May 7, 2021

All students aspire for greatness later on in life, in the marketplace. They aim to land a decent job and afford the lifestyle they always wanted. But given how competitive the job market is at the moment, even having the perfect academic record isn’t enough to hack it in the job sector. You need to have an “edge”, a little something “extra” that puts you ahead of other candidates. So, how do you catapult yourself over the other people who are in line to snatch your dream job from you?

While still in college or university, the best way to hone your extracurricular skills is by joining a club. Clubs not only improve your social circle and teaches you formal etiquette but also lets you earn professional experience. This little experience and training are what will highlight your candidacy over other applicants when applying for a job.

So, how exactly does joining a club help you?


Joining a club provides you with a group of amazing and beneficial friends that can pave the path for your corporate life.

Clubs are formed of members from different backgrounds with similar interests. We tend to connect to people who share the ideologies and interests that we do. Since a club is a hub of people with the same taste, finding a good friend with coinciding interests is quite easy.

Club members often spend loads of quality time together and thus, develop a great bond; one that often remains strong even after graduation. These friends can help you during your times of crisis, be it in your personal life, university life, or professional life.

Moreover, while participating in club activities and events, you may come across high personnel from various sectors or offices. If you have a way with words and can charm your way onto their good side, perhaps they’ll remember you when an opening pops up.

During marketing calls for any event of the club, you get to communicate with the topmost companies in the country. Throughout these meetings, you get a glimpse of a proper corporate life. You also create links with the uppermost employees of these corporations and increase your possibilities of getting a job.

Social and Cultural Development

A club consists of students from different cultures and backgrounds and these people often have influence and connections in various places.

By hanging out with the members of a club belonging to different social cultures we can gather social and cultural knowledge. We can enrich our cultural knowledge by being friends with them which will better adept us to a more culturally enriched corporate environment.

Once you are aware of the social and cultural context of an environment and act accordingly, you are already a step ahead of how to get the job done. For instance, if you are working on a marketing team, this background knowledge will vastly increase your potential. How, you might wonder?

Let’s say you have to promote the launch of a camera. If your target audience is an Asian culture, you will probably choose to focus on the family and its collectivism. Perhaps the marketing idea you will recommend is of a family photo being taken by the said camera.

On the other hand, if you are aiming for a Western audience, you are more likely to highlight the individualism of a person by framing his adventures.

Knowing about different cultures and societies teaches you how to behave around those groups of people.


Club members are always ready to help you out with almost every academic and non-academic aspect of the university. You can find students of a plethora of academic backgrounds that can help with academic issues. `

You can always find a senior in your club from your department, so you can seek help from them with courses. You can discuss with your seniors how to impress certain faculties and how to score better in their courses. They can guide you through the processes of your University and also guide you on how and when to take what and which courses.

You can find your club members in almost every course you do, even if you don’t intend to. This makes all the course activities easier for you such as assignments, group projects, and presentations by having familiar faces around.

Furthermore, while you are working in club activities, you get a more hands-on learning experience. Handling documentation, writing reports or communique, proposals and coming up with marketing content, give you an insight into what the corporate world has in store for you. These experiences will surely play a pivotal role in your career.

Corporate Experience

While in a club, you have to get permission for each activity and event from the university authorities, this teaches you the office etiquettes. Working for a club gives you a glimpse into corporate life and hence, you acquire the formal etiquettes and corporate experience.

When there is an event at the club you can also experience the corporate fields such as Marketing, Public Relations, Creative, Finance, Logistics and many more. These are strenuous workloads that put your skills to the test. However, regardless of the difficulties, you come out as a changed person, one who is more dexterous and capable of taking on challenges.

Once you move on to corporate life, you will have already had a taste of what’s coming. Therefore, the newfound obstacles can be dealt with with ease due to prior experience. Chances are, you can even pitch in suggestions during board meetings because of your relevant work practice.


Joining a club doesn’t only mean you have something to show for your time in university, but it also encourages personal development and learning. You build friendships for networking, learn about the different communities of people you come across, and it proliferates your educational knowledge.

Joining a club during university is not a waste of time, but if utilized correctly you can easily shape yourself up for your future profession.

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