Why You Should Be Your Biggest Cheerleader

By Reniel


Last Updated: June 10, 2021

The thought of being one’s cheerleader sounds ludicrous, narcissistic, and even delusional. I mean, if no one has seen you worthy of being cheered on, why delude yourself by singing praises to yourself? Why massage your ego? Why be your cheerleader?               

In this post, we would explore the reasons, benefits, and strategies for effectively cheerleading yourself each day of your life.        


Cheerleading vs Criticism

True, whilst it is delusional to massage an inflated ego or to ignore screaming mistakes and imperfections, it is worth noting that your number one fan has to be you, and there is also a subtle art to criticism.              

Both criticism and encouragement need to be done properly, and neither should be ignored.     

For example, constructive criticism is good – as it helps you realize what to improve upon – whilst destructive criticism is unhealthy and often stalls improvements. But it is by being cheered that you stay motivated to keep doing the things you’re already good at. It is all about finding balance, and this is what most people miss.                               

They get so fixated on the criticism – on solving the problems, on fixing the flaws, and patching the leakages – that they lose sight of their accomplishments, advantages, and goals.                 

Whilst constructive criticism would help you stay on track, it is cheering that keeps you zooming forward.

Criticism has its place, but if you spend your whole day listening to constructive criticisms, you are going to get stuck in a rut – in an endless pursuit of perfection, a pursuit which everyone knows is futile.           

There is no perfect thing or person. So, you shouldn’t even try.     

There are, however, people who have gone on to be successful despite their flaws or imperfections. You can call this being “flawsome” (i.e. flawed, but awesome). You’ve got to embrace the shortcomings and move on nonetheless – you have to cheer yourself despite the imperfections.                    

If you still don’t believe me, then pay a visit to the AppStore, Amazon, or any platform you know of. Look for the best, and highest-rated goods or services, then check out their reviews. I can assure you that you would find more than one negative review or, at least, a complaint.                    

Even well-established brands like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Sony, etc. all have people who are criticizing them – both constructively and destructively. But they don’t mind. They even make use of these criticisms to improve themselves, but most importantly they cheer themselves on.                   

Cheerleading is so crucial to success that each sports team has people who cheer them – fans, coaches, supporters, and even dedicated “Cheerleaders”.              

The idea is simple, if you get knocked down, you need someone to tell you that it is not over yet. You don’t want someone who would tell you that you’re incompetent, whilst you’re on the floor wringing in pain. “You are strong”, “you can do it”, “you are unstoppable!!!” Those are the words you need to hear then...constructive criticism comes later – maybe for the next fight.                        

That is why you need cheering. It is not a delusion, it is a strategy for success.            


Why You Must Be Your Own Cheerleader      

And, as nice as having a cheerleader sounds, you won’t always have one. In fact, you would be exceedingly lucky to have just constructive critiques in your life. For the most part of your journey, you’re going to be criticized, or at best, ignored.             

You would feel obscure, and the sound of silence would tempt you to give up – to let go, to stop fighting. There would be times when your efforts would seem fruitless…when you would stay up all night, work all day, push with all your might and give all you have, but still, you won’t see results. What would you do at such moments when no one is standing by you? Give up?              

No!!! You must cheer yourself.     

You have to be the one to take up the role of the cheerleader. You have to be the one to praise your strengths and highlight your achievements. You have to be the one to see the greatness in you. You have to be the one to congratulate yourself.              

Muhammed Ali was famous for calling himself “The Greatest”. In fact, he confessed to calling himself the “greatest” even before he became that.       

How To Be Your Own Cheerleader

It is simple. All you have to do is learn to speak to yourself with love – to encourage and praise yourself. This is also known as positive affirmations.        

What you want to do is…

  • Take out time to remember all your achievements
  • Outline those achievements (don’t leave out any, no matter how small)
  • Looking at your track record, speak to yourself with love, and encourage yourself. You can choose to record these words and play them from time to time.       
  • Create a routine for repeating positive affirmations to yourself
  • Read, listen, and watch inspiring contents – books, blog posts, audios, podcasts, or videos.
  • Reward yourself for your accomplishments. Celebrate yourself and buy yourself nice things.
  • Develop a catchphrase, or get a totem to always remind you of who you are – especially when you find yourself spiraling into the pit of despair (again).      

The thing is, if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. True, external validations feel great, but you must learn to cultivate the internal belief, and do that so well that when you can’t hear the external, the internal keeps you going.        

Here is the secret, once you learn to be your biggest cheerleader, neither other people’s cheering nor criticism would affect you much. Remember, you’re still a work in progress, and you are the only one who knows the depth and breadth of what you have gone through – making you the one and only qualified person for this job.

So, cheer yourself on and don’t ever get tired of doing it.        

P.S. You’re worth it.


Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay


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  1. Thank you for the boost.... I feel overwhelmed with things that must be done....I get up in the morning...focus on what must be taken care of this day...dive into it....wear myself out half way through....set it aside to take a break and and can't find my recharge button....

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