You Can Get Out From Under the Heavy Weight of Depression

By Dominica


Last Updated: July 16, 2022

If you happen to struggle with bouts of depression, I understand. I’ve been there. In fact, I spent more than my share of years simmering on depression and I assure you that I tried just about everything to get rid of the heavy feelings. 


Those who have never struggled with real depression just don’t get it. 

Sure, they want to help and they may even try. They reassure you that everything will work out. They tell you to go get some therapy and perhaps try some medication. After all, there is a pill for everything these days. 

They sympathize, empathize, and try to help you rationalize your wacky emotions that go up and down and all around.

I never really understood why I didn’t have those high feelings like other people. Why I seemed to have that dark cloud over me even though I was doing everything I was supposed to do to feel good. 

You know – the self-help books, the church routine, praying, talk therapy, etc. I suppose some of those things helped me, but depression is tricky. It tends to make you think you’ve beat it and then at the most inopportune time, it pops up and lays right on top of you.



Perseverance is a Godsend

After five decades on this earth and a good many of them feeling quite lost and sad, I can say that perseverance has paid off.

I used to think I would never just really feel happy for no reason at all. I used to watch others who seemed so happy and wish so badly I could feel what they felt.  So, I kept trying. I kept reading. I took up meditation. I prayed. I went to counseling. I kept climbing that big old hill in the hopes that one day I would reach the top.

I’m not saying everyone who struggles with clinical depression will overcome it. However, I am saying that there are plenty of things we can do to manage symptoms and keep it at bay.

Over the past decade, doing my own “inner healing work” has helped me climb out of heavy depression. I did my share of trudging the path of darkness. I navigated through my dark night of my soul. I shed many tears. I almost gave up hundreds of times. I screamed and pleaded. And, I committed to keep on keeping on! 

Perseverance pays off. I finally experienced a major shift when I began revisiting my childhood and journaling what occurred then. I never once realized how messed up and dysfunctional my childhood was until I’d hit my 40’s. 

I mean, I knew we had issues, but I was not conscious to the fact that since I was a small child, I started repressing my feelings. I stuffed emotion after emotion for my whole life and it wasn’t until I let that dam break that I began to feel some freedom.



Face Those Old Wounds

It wasn’t easy. In fact, facing a lifetime of old wounds was quite difficult, but I was determined to fight my way to freedom and happiness. I squared my shoulders, made a commitment, and courageously faced everything. 

I also saw a somatic therapist, which is someone who helps you work through trauma that’s become stuck in your body.

As a result, the most amazing thing happened. I begin to feel lighter, happier, and more content. I later learned that as I began practicing meditation, my heart was healing. My old wounds were integrating into my body and that caused the darkness to lift little by little.



Small Bumps As Opposed To Major Ups And Downs

All I can say is that today I am not that depressed woman anymore. 

Sure, I have a sad day here and there, but that is normal. It’s like having to jump over a small hurdle in the road, as opposed to climbing a 14,000 mountain. I just don’t have that dark, weighty cloud of depression hanging over me anymore and for that, I am so grateful.

Life feels so much better. I enjoy most days now and I am dedicated to helping other men and women get through their depression and come out on the other end.  This is my absolute pleasure.

What about you? Do you struggle with depression more than you can handle? Has it been going on for months or years?

Don’t give up. Stay the course. Keep doing the work. 

It’s a journey and we don’t always understand the why’s and how’s, but one day it will make sense. 

If you need help, give yourself permission to reach out to a counselor. There are many therapists that offer affordable help in person and online these days. I can say for me, spending time in therapy has been most valuable.

Even today, I still see a spiritual mentor once a month to continue to process, stretch, and grow. It’s worth the investment.



Living Life Happier

Life is precious.

I understand we all encounter pain, loss, and obstacles, but we don’t have to continually live in a deep state of depression. Getting out from under it is a process and it takes time, so commit to doing whatever it takes.

My hope for you is that you can experience more peace and joy along your life journey and extend it others.

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