Food Stress Balls: What They Are, How They Work, And Why They Are Addicting

By Reniel


Last Updated: July 15, 2021

So you are curious about food stress balls, yes? Just relax! Below are all the answers you wanted:


What are food stress balls?

Food stress balls are essentially “functional toys for adults”. They are functional because not only are they fun, they serve a serious purpose.

As the name implies, food stress balls help relieve stress. Stress is a common problem in the workspace, and even at home. Stress usually arises from doing a tasking activity – this could be from typing, organizing, or even when planning to do something.   

Severe stress leads to all sorts of horrible conditions such as headaches, loss of focus, forgetfulness, an upset stomach, fatigue, and even insomnia. If left unchecked, it can even lead to, or contribute to other dire conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and stroke among others.


What are food stress balls usually made of?

Food stress balls imitate a lovely resemblance to real food. The texture of the material is life-like and realistic; possessing a smooth feel and incredibly elastic qualities – which gives it a slow satisfying “recoil” after being compressed or stretched. But if it is the chemical composition you’re looking for, stress balls are generally made of polyurethane, which is a form of polymer. These materials could either be natural or synthetic, and are usually very elastic, soft, and resilient. They do not tear, nor deteriorate easily.

Food stress balls are also equipped with non-toxic food fragrances that are indistinguishable from real food. These fragrances are also 100% safe.


Why are food stress balls addicting?

Once you start using food stress balls, you’d discover that they are a bit addictive – but only for the right reasons.

Food stress balls are

  • Soft
  • Slow-rising
  • Incredibly realistic
  • Smells so nice

So that it is perhaps, because of the fantastic combination of all the aforementioned qualities that food stress balls are so addictive; it is also the reason you are warned to keep an eye on it if children are around.


How do food stress balls work?

Food stress balls are quite easy to use; all you have to do is squeeze.

The process of squeezing helps ease tensed and clenched muscles and also stimulates the nerves – pretty much how acupressure works. In essence, the simple squeezing and releasing actions create a ripple effect that leaves you relieved.

The slow-rise of the food stress balls are also satisfying to watch – bringing some sort of entertainment along the process. Expertly made to smell like some of your favorite snacks, food stress balls come with bread, doughnut, burger, and other yummy food fragrances.

This nice fragrance also goes a long way to trigger neural pathways in the brain. This is crucial in the process of de-stressing you because the olfactory nerve in the nose connects directly to the olfactory center in the brain which interacts with the hippocampus of the brain (which is also the area of the brain known for the formation of new memories).          

In essence, not only would using a scented but safe food-shaped stress ball help ease tensed muscles, but it will also stimulate your mind, bring back memories, aid remembrance of facts being learned in the present, plus the added advantage of being able to reconnect with soothing moments like remembering breakfast, and dinner even at work (thanks to the food-like fragrance once more).      


What are food stress balls used for?

Hence, food stress balls serve to:

  • Distract: Work, especially monotonous work, can be very draining and sickening; This is where food stress balls come in. They help serve as a form of distraction from the routine by giving you a chance to squeeze on some soft and squishy ball – which is all so soothing.
  • Stimulate: With most of the muscles in the hand connecting directly to the brain, coupled with the delicious fragrance from the balls, food stress balls serve as a stimulant for the mind – helping you remember, memorize, and relax.
  • Aid recovery: In case of injuries (maybe after surgery), food stress balls can help the muscles, joints, and nerves in the hand to recover speedily.
  • Workout: Food stress balls can also help strengthen the muscles of the hand by giving you intermittent workouts throughout the day.
  • Entertain: Maybe it’s just me, but the slow-rising food stress balls are just so mesmerizing to watch and witness.
  • Aid meditation: Squeezing appetizing and squishy food stress balls can also be combined with meditation to help further reduce stress.

With the enormous stress that comes with taking care of responsibilities (both at home and in the office), there’s no denying that we need some form of outlet. One of the great things about food stress balls is that they are effective, portable, affordable, and welcomed in the work environment; in fact, they are encouraged in the work environment.

In summary, food stress balls especially from premium brands like Squish LessStress help promote better physical, emotional, and psychological wellness one squeeze at a time. So, why not jump on the food stress ball bandwagon and enjoy the different benefits of these scrumptious-looking stress busters?


Photo by Castorly Stock from Pexels


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