Motivated to Make a Job Change? 10 Hot Careers in Demand in 2022

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Last Updated: January 7, 2022

If you haven’t heard, the anti work movement has been gaining steam throughout 2021.

As we enter a new year, experts are predicting that more waves of the Great Resignation are well on their way. 

So, why is this happening?

Basically, the new generations, particularly Gen Z and Millennials, are finding themselves weighed down by post-secondary school debt, lacking the ability to find good paying jobs, trapped in low paying jobs, and observing the gap between what they make versus what they can afford (such as housing) become that much wider.

The cost of living continues to rise. For many, this is like fighting an uphill battle that you just can’t win, so why work? 

Forbes indicates that about 40% of the jobs quit in 2021 were in the restaurant, hotel, bars, travel, warehouses, healthcare, and manufacturing industries — all of which were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Either way, the western world is beginning to look at work differently. Working for work’s sake almost isn’t enough anymore. We’re learning we need fulfillment, fair wage and treatment in the workplace, and most importantly, balance

And hey, maybe you’re there right now. You’re in the midst of the job search. Maybe you’re even struggling to know where to work or what would be right for you. The good news is that there are plenty of career opportunities.

You just need to know where to find them.


10 Trending Jobs in 2022

So, what industries are in need in the upcoming year? Where should you focus your job hunt? Here are the top 10 trending jobs and industries.

1. Healthcare

You’ll probably notice a bit of a trend on this list.

Most of these jobs are related to recent news, like the COVID pandemic or environmental sustainability, and this, inevitably, is often where the job markets lean. Plus, paying attention to what’s going on in the world can help you predict where you should focus your energy and strengths.

It’s no secret: The healthcare industry is overwhelmed and burnt out. This pandemic has pushed our nurses and doctors to the brink. Data even indicates a nursing shortage in the United States in the past year. 

Howard Catton, CEO of the International Council of Nurses, states,

“I think that we are at a tipping point ... if those numbers continue the trend that we are seeing, it could be an exodus of people.”

With the pandemic, nurses close to retirement have also chosen to retire early. If you love helping people and want to make a difference, looking into your local nursing program might not be a bad career move.

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2. Information Technology

Information technology has taken off in the last decade.

The collection and storing of data has never become so pertinent until now. With more and more data, the job market continues to grow in this field and doesn’t show signs of slowing down any time soon.


3. Financial Management

As previously mentioned, the cost of living continues to rise.

With Bitcoin and other financial options, the help for managing finances and money is growing. It’s not, necessarily, mandatory to learn about in school. Thus, many people turn to the experts.

If you’re good with numbers, one of your target careers might involve something in finances or accounting. And you’ll definitely be able to find a job here. 


4. Supply Chain Management

In your job search, you might come across supply chain management as part of the trending jobs list.

This isn’t just a fluke. With the pandemic, supply chains became that much more vital and complex. According to Forbes, jobs in this field include Distribution Manager, Purchasing Agent, and Logistics Analyst.


5. Statistician

Back to data! Data is becoming king in the world of marketing and advertising.

And guess what? All this data needs people to analyze it and predict future outcomes according to it. Statisticians predict future profit, revenue, and obstacles. Finding a role as a statistician can help you propel forward a company and idea you truly believe in. 


6. Software Developer

This has proven true many times in the last few decades.

Software developers are constantly in demand. Plus, you can work from home or even scout out freelance jobs as a software developer, allowing you to work flexible hours (and maybe even in flexible time zones).


7. Market Research Analyst

This is similar to statisticians.

Again, you’ll be analyzing data and charts to predict future growth and outcomes. And again, this can be an especially fulfilling role when working for a company or product you truly believe in.


8. Wind Turbine Technician

Experts suggest that this field will see a 68% increase in hiring, with over 4700 new jobs from now to 2030.

This probably doesn’t come as any surprise. Renewable energy is becoming more and more of an emphasis as the world turns its sights on sustainability.


9. Solar Photovoltaic Installer

This field could grow by half the amount it currently is at in the next year or few years.

As mentioned above, renewable energy is becoming more popular. Environmental issues are becoming more obvious, meaning many of us are striving to make changes, such as turning to solar power methods. Any job in a renewable energy field is bound to grow!


10. Agents/Managers for Public Figures

It’s predicted that this industry will substantially grow in the next decade as public figures learn the necessity of managers and agents to help create the image they want.

If you love working with people and love marketing, your job search might just end here!

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What Jobs Will Be in High Demand in the Next 5 Years?

Many of the hot topic jobs above will be in demand over the next 5 years. Some might continue to grow for the next decade. 

However, trending jobs do change based on the current environment and response to current world events. Things can change quickly. Yet, over the next 5 years, the above jobs are likely safe bets.


Which Career Has the Most Job Opportunities?

Right now, the career with the most job opportunities is likely nursing.

There was a shortage prior to the pandemic, which has only been amplified by the last few years. Plus, nursing offers ample opportunities in various countries across the world. 


How to Change Careers

Are you eager to switch careers? Are you finding you aren’t as fulfilled as you used to be? Here are a few steps you can take to make that plunge:

Dust off the ol’ resume

Make additions. Clean it up. Research what makes a good resume and refresh yours accordingly.

Take online courses to improve or learn new skills

If you’ve got nothing to add recently, try taking a course to show that you are eager and happy to learn.

Think of interviews as practice 

Even if you don’t get the job, it’s another practice round that will hopefully set you up for success in the near future.

Apply each day and to as many as you can 

When you increase the number of job applications, you increase the odds that you will get interviews, which then increases your chances of obtaining that job.

Keep your eye on job boards and recruiting agencies for jobs you may be interested in. You can get a good idea of what qualifications potential employers are looking for ahead of time.

Executrade, Indeed, Linkedin and Careerbuilder are all great places to look for positions. 


What Career Should I Switch To?

This entirely depends on you!

However, taking the current job market into account can help you get a leg-up when deciding which direction to go. And you really want to take steps to make that decision worthwhile. Do some self-discovery. Find out where your passions lie. And then, go after them!

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