Relationship Breakup? Our 8 Best Tips for Overcoming the Pain

By Dominica


Last Updated: October 26, 2021

Most people go through a relationship breakup at least once in life.

If you’ve experienced this, you may know firsthand that the pain that’s felt due to the loss can feel excruciating. Whether you were together a short while or long-term, it’s not always easy to overcome the pain associated with the end of a relationship.

Have you suffered a breakup and are having a tough time dealing with the pain? Do you continue to feel sad and struggle to move on? 

Though it may be challenging, there are things you can do to manage and/or overcome the pain associated with a breakup. There may not be an instantaneous resolution, but there are tips and techniques to help you move through the stages of pain and loss.

The following are some things you can try to help get over the pain of a relationship breakup.


8 Things You Can Try to Help You Get Over the Pain of a Breakup

1. Believe You Will Heal 

Right now, you probably feel like the pain will never subside.

It may be so intense that you have a hard time functioning.  The weight of a broken heart can become so heavy, but I assure you that little by little, the pain will decrease. Day by day, you’ll get better at getting on with your life.

Whatever you do, don’t give up hope for your future. Just because one relationship didn’t work out doesn’t mean a different one won’t! You may feel like you’ll be in pain forever, but things will get better. That may sound cliché, but it’s the truth.

Believe you will heal.

2. Share Your Feelings

Try not to stuff your feelings. 

Pent up negative energy can keep you from healing and moving on. Share your feelings with a friend, counselor, or try writing them down in a journal. Journaling is actually a very therapeutic way of getting through pain.

Once you write down your thoughts and feelings, you feel a little bit of a release. Here’s a helpful guided journal to help you heal and move on:

Healing After A Breakup: A 50-Day Devotional & Guided Inner Work Journal

3. Get Involved In Community Activities

It’s easy to isolate after a breakup. 

You may be dealing with deep sadness or depression. The thought of going out and socializing may be the last thing on your mind. However, sitting around the house all the time won’t do you any good.

You may have to force yourself to get out and do some activities solo or with a friend.  If you don’t have any friends, make the effort to make at least one! Try a new hobby or engage in one you’ve put on the shelf for years and years.

Getting out in the community or engaging in social activities can help you take your mind off the breakup.  Life doesn’t have to stop after a relationship has ended.  Take some time to grieve, but don’t stop living.

4. Get Reacquainted With Yourself

When you were in the relationship, you may have lost sight of who you are. It’s easy to merge with a partner and sort of forget what makes you tick.

Take some time to rediscover yourself outside of a partner.

  • Who are you without a partner?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • How can you take this time being single to reinvent yourself for the better?

You may even find out that you enjoy being single.

5. Get Involved In Online Groups

There are many online Facebook groups these days to get involved in. 

There’s everything from meditation to bird watching to photography – and so much more!  There are also Zoom video meetups you can look into. 

Getting involved with others in an area that you’re passionate about or simply want to learn more about can do you good. Do some searching and see what interests you.

6. Work On You

Take this time in between relationships to work on you.

If you’ve got old wounds that need tended to, go on an inner journey to heal and integrate them. If you’re lacking financially, take time to really work on getting your finances in order. 

  • How are your communication skills?
  • Could they use some polishing?
  • Is there something you’ve been wanting to learn?
  • Do you want to be in better shape?
  • Take up a more disciplined approach to spirituality or religion?
  • How can you become a better, more mature, loving, and compassionate person?

Contemplate areas of your life that may need some work. Then, make a solid commitment to doing the inner and outer work!

7. Seek Professional Help If Necessary

If the pain feels overwhelming and you’ve done all you can to try to feel better, consider getting professional help. 

You don’t have to face your pain alone and counselors are well equipped to help you cope with your situation in positive ways.

These days you can even find counselors who will meet with you virtually for a very affordable price. There are also Facebook groups that cater to those struggling with the heartache of a breakup. 

It’s alright to admit that you need some help.  Most of us do at times. Give yourself permission to ask for help and know that you’re worthy to receive it.

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8. Practice Self-Care and Self-Love

You can overcome the pain of a breakup. Sure, there is the grieving process, but that doesn’t last forever. Healing will take some time and effort on your part too. However, you will find that over time, the pain will decrease, and you’ll feel more hopeful. Take care of yourself during this time.

Practice self-care and self-love. What does caring for yourself look like during this time? How can you love yourself big right now?  Make a list and keep it handy for the days you may not know how to approach the day.


You Will Get Through This Breakup

Relationship breakups can be tough, but you’re tough too.

Give it time and be gentle with yourself. Choose to believe that better days are definitely ahead.

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