Top 5 Benefits of Reiki & How it Can Help You With Stress

By Reniel


Last Updated: March 25, 2022

The way our stress system works was not necessarily designed to thrive in modern life, where long-lasting sources of aggravation can keep us constantly on edge. This leads to chronic stress where our bodies can't fully relax, wearing us down over time. 

When other remedies are not enough, we can also turn to other effective healing modalities. Have you heard of reiki? Read below to learn what reiki is and the numerous health benefits it can offer you. 


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a type of therapy that comes through energy healing. Work, troubles in a relationship, or personal struggles are all reasons for us to get stressed. In turn, this can disrupt our healthy flow of energy

According to professional reiki practitioners, each of us has a life force energy that flows through our body. If we want to thrive physically and mentally, we have to take care of that flow. 

This practice usually happens in quiet and private settings where the client can relax. The practitioner hovers their hand over specific body parts, allowing an energy transfer to occur. It can also be done remotely via distance healing without leaving the confines of your home. (With your express permission.)

Research is so far inconclusive on whether or not reiki always leads to the claimed benefits. But studies from 2007 show that more than a million US adults have turned to reiki therapy, suggesting they have found great benefit from the practice. 


5 Benefits of Reiki 

1. Relaxation

Above anything else, reiki is an activity that allows you to relax. Professional reiki practitioners will create an atmosphere for relaxation where you don't have any noise to aggravate you. The session can last for a few minutes up to an hour or more, depending on your preferred length, focus areas and budget.

Many people have stories about how the atmosphere helps in stress reduction, but the practice itself made them feel light as a feather afterward. The gentle technique of reiki practitioners ensures energy can once again flow smoothly throughout your body. 

2. Bliss 

Ram Dass, the American spiritual teacher, was famous for claiming that people fail to live in the present. 

According to Ram Dass, your "mind can keep you deeply attached to your ego," which can be harmful because attachment to the melodrama of your ego is what keeps you from being here now.

To constantly think and worry is always to feel a sense of separation from the present. You can't enjoy yourself if you are anxious about the future or ruminating about the past. In this regard, reiki is uniquely effective in grounding you in the present, allowing you to experience the bliss it can offer. 

3. Focus 

Being grounded in the present means you're more focused on what is currently happening. Not worrying about the past and future also gives you a more positive mindset that changes your behavior. 

Believing in a better future and being fully present to experience what is happening is undoubtedly beneficial, no matter what kind of effort you have to put in your life.

4. Improves sleep 

Studies show that modern people are chronically deprived of sleep, which harms their well-being. Sleep is vital for your ability to focus on the external world, learn, memorize and make rational decisions.

Not sleeping enough or having a low sleep quality leads to emotional outbursts and mood swings. It affects your blood pressure and cardiovascular system and can even lead to an increased appetite, lower fitness performance and other problems which can sabotage your goals of staying healthy and fit. 

Reiki is uniquely capable of restoring your ability to sleep well because it repairs the broken energy connections in your body. The relaxation this activity provides serves to relax your body and mind. This can allow you to fall asleep faster and increase the quality of your sleep due to the lowered levels of stress. 

5. Spiritual and emotional growth

Modern Western society can be dismissive of anything not attached to the physical world. But for many people, connecting with their emotions and spirit is essential for their mental and even physical well-being. 

Reiki can relax you and improve your mood. It's also a practice where you are encouraged to inwardly reflect, exploring how you feel and what your mind and body are experiencing.



Whether you want to deal with stress in a nonconventional way or seek spiritual enlightenment, there’s no denying that reiki is a powerful tool that you can add to your health and wellness arsenal. Try it to experience the positive benefits that reiki healing can offer for your life. 

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