10 Reasons You're Not in the Wealth Mindset for Financial Success

By Dominica


Last Updated: September 2, 2022

Financial success is something most people want, with being rich sounding pretty good to all. 

It’s well known that many people are not rich and do not walk in financial success due to various reasons, including not being in a wealth mindset. Today we will look at 10 reasons why you are not 'thinking rich', with a key emphasis on negative thoughts keeping you from such.

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10 Reasons You Are Not in a Wealth Mindset

1. You’re Focusing On Lack

According to the law of attraction, what you focus on, you get more of, so if you are focusing on what you lack, you will get more things that contribute to your lack.

Instead of worrying about what you don’t have, be grateful for what you do have and gear your thoughts toward how abundant you are. Offer gratitude for all the good in your life and believe that the financial success, or riches, will fall into place as you do.


2. Your Self-Worth is Lacking

Do you believe you are worthy of being rich?

  • What are your thoughts concerning money?
  • Do you believe riches are a good thing deep down in your heart?

Get to a spot where you feel worthy of living in abundance. Tell yourself daily that you are worthy of having whatever your desires are in all areas of your life, because really, you are!


3. You Declare That You Are Broke All The Time

Stop saying, “I’m broke” or “I can’t afford it”. Just stop.

Start declaring that you are financially successful and earning more riches every day in so many ways. If you focus on being broke, you are emitting negative vibes to the universe and the universe may deliver more things to you that cause you to feel broke.

Stop the cycle. Draw a line in the sand and say, “I am living in financial abundance!”  This will turn things around for you in due time.


4. You Fear Risk

You’re stuck in your comfort zone doing the same old things day after day. 

You fear taking risks and therefore limit more earning potential. Get out of your comfort zone and open new doors for you. Invest in a mentor, take a class, take some calculated risks, and feel the liberation that comes along with it.


5. You Live Inside the Box

You live inside your orderly box set up with guidelines and rules. 

Bust out of the box! Take the idea you’ve been sitting on and move forward with it. Allow your creativity to shine bright!


6. You Follow Others

You’ve been following and not leading.

Sometimes in life you just have to go ahead and be a pioneer. Forge your own awesome path. This allows you to be yourself and focus on doing what you love at the same time.


7. You Compare

You compare yourself to others and think you cannot be as successful as them.

You're allowing fear to creep in, keeping you from doing what you really want to do. You don’t realize that those successful people started somewhere, and you have to start somewhere as well. Start doing the things you really want to do no matter what the outcome will be.


8. You Play the Victim

You've not taken full responsibility for all aspects of your life. You blame so and so for your financial disaster. You focus the poor economy, bad bosses, and so on for your lack. 

Stop playing the victim. You can't change how you got where you are, but you can take responsibility for your role in getting there, and making the changes needed to never repeat the mistakes of your past. 

Rise up and allow courage to get you to take the leap you’ve been wanting to take. You are a victor!


9. You Lack on Goal Completion

You set goals but you do not follow through with them. You'll lose momentum and give up.

Financial success comes to those who keep positive momentum going toward goals and don’t give up when things don’t always go as planned. Set those goals and purpose to go after them step by step.


10. You Lack Confidence

You don’t fully believe in yourself, especially when the going gets tough, and you sell yourself short. 

Confidence is key in so many areas in life and financial success is one of them. Be confident.

You can:

  • achieve your goals
  • do something different
  • earn what you want to earn and become rich

Believe it!



Start Thinking in the Wealth Mindset! 

Wealthy people are simply people who have done some work and believed in themselves over the years. Yes, there are many who have benefitted from generational wealth and privilege.

But there are many others who have worked from the bottom up to achieve their success.

  • They’ve planned and executed the plan.
  • They have socked money away when it wasn't convenient.
  • They’ve learned from their mistakes.
  • They ask for help when they need it and step out of the comfort zone.

So can you. Go get yourself the financial success you’ve been dreaming of.

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  1. This word was for me I’ve been complacent but today I take on the mindset that I can fulfill my goals and have wealth

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