4 Excellent Reasons You Should Start Coloring Like a Kid Right Now

By Reniel


Last Updated: November 8, 2021

Missing your childhood?

Do you miss bringing life to those empty sketches in your coloring books? Don’t worry, you won’t miss them for long. 

There’s no denying that life is a beautiful mess and that adult coloring books have become a global sensation. Although many people think that it’s childish and a complete waste of time, some psychologists think otherwise.

Research shows that adult coloring books have various benefits for the nourishment of your brain, it seems to tap into the part of our brains connected to our feelings of spirituality.

From picking up the colored pencils or crayons to expressing your true colors on the empty sketches, adult coloring books have a key role to play in identifying your true self.


An Appetite For The Soul

In today’s world, everything has gone digital.

Professionals sit in front of a screen all day long and exhaust themselves in the name of creativity. Putting the keyboard to rest and picking up crayons for one day is the best thing many of us can do in order to re-build a bridge between our heart and our soul.

Much like writing by hand, coloring activates different parts of our brain. Another advantage is that you can go from working on the classic black and white screen to creating mindful color patterns on your new coloring book.


3 Mental Benefits of Coloring

1. Freedom From Thought

How often do you find yourself free from distractions and away from the dealings of this world, when you have the luxury of time which allows your thoughts to go from one part of your brain to another? 

Coloring makes you feel easy and relaxed and lets your mind process thoughts in an organized way.

Your mind is like a maze. There are a million endings to every single thought. You might be astonished to see how your mind connects the dots while you try to color within the borders.

2. Stress Reliever

Coloring is such a satisfying and creative process that it has a league of its own. It’s just as if you were meditating. It relieves stress on a massive scale and brings immense joy. 

Creativity is like fuel for the mind. Whenever a person invests their time and thought in making something very unique through different color combinations, at its completion it gives that person a sense of satisfaction which is completely unparalleled in this world. 

The great thing about coloring is that it takes your focus away from everyday problems and carries the weight of your stress for you. You can have some moments to think about yourself and others around you in a peaceful and unorthodox manner.

For a brief amount of time, you forget all your problems and start to go down the stream of thoughts that your mind has stored inside and that’s one of the perks of coloring in this day and age.       

3. Helps You To Connect With The Community

When you start doing something, you get connected to the community of all those people who are doing the same things as you.

The same applies to art and coloring. Providing feedback to other people, sharing ideas, helping each other out or simply converting your imagination to reality next to another person gives you a feeling that can’t be replicated.


It’s Fun to Color

People say that coloring is for children. I believe that sometimes we should go back to being children and actually have some fun with our imagination. Why do we always need to be professional and put our imagination to waste?

Isn’t it better to go back to the good old days when we didn’t pretend to be someone else and were actually good at expressing our true selves?

It’s fun to play with colors. Unlike other things, one can play with colors all day long and still not get bored.

It’s a great way to cheat time as well. You can immerse yourself in your imagination and lose track of time altogether. 

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels


5 comments on “4 Excellent Reasons You Should Start Coloring Like a Kid Right Now”

  1. I liked coloring books when I was so much younger. I have coloring books now and some colored pencils; I plan to soem coloring before i get too busy with tyhe Holidays and trave prep.

    1. So many of us loved coloring, but gave it up when we got older. Hoping you find some time to enjoy them again Helen!

  2. Thanks for the information. I have feelings of regret and pain of letting go of people who have been in my live. Your information was correct in that I do look at pictures of my old friends and family. This article has me today. I don't need to carry around all the weight of past relationships and my feelings towards them.

  3. I really appreciate what I have read today about adults coloring. I have been coloring for a number of years especially at night while sitting at the diningroom table and the T.V. on. I think it is because I like to keep my hands busy and it is so relaxing.

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