4 Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone & Reach Your Maximum Potential

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Last Updated: February 6, 2023

Life is loaded with endless opportunities. 

Sadly we don’t always get a chance to enjoy these, as they are often outside our comfort zones. 

We are used to doing things a certain way and anything outside our routine can seem uncomfortable. We don’t want to deal with uncertainty, as a result, we would rather continue doing what we normally do as we know exactly what to expect.

Switching things up and doing things differently is not easy, but it is something we need to do.

It is not easy to do.

This article explores the steps and phases that you will go through when getting out of your comfort zone then go on to give tips on how to get of that zone. 



Stages to Expect When You Leave Your Comfort Zone

Comfort zone: 

As the name suggests, this is the comfortable and secure phase where you are in. Everything is predictable and familiar. 

This is the case when you have a specific routine and you sort of know what you will eat for breakfast, what time you will leave your house for work and come back. Your life is pretty simple and there aren’t many surprises or uncertainities. 


Fear Zone:

Once you decide to get out of your comfort zone the first thing you encounter is fear.

The change of routine can induce fear and anxiety, as you aren’t really sure if what you’re trying to do will work or not. 

If you’re used to going to the gym in the evening and decide to switch up your routine and start going in the morning, you might be scared and unsure if you will be able to wake up on time and if you will not be late for work or school.

This is certainly normal. You are changing from what you’re used to and you will certainly be a bit unease. 


Learning zone: 

Here you accept the new changes and start to get over the fear you had.

You learn more about the new habits and open up to the possibility that they could be beneficial. 

The learning zone also involves reading or watching material about the new habits so that you can become more comfortable with them. 


Growth zone:

After learning about the new habits at the learning phase you become open to the idea of trying these new things. You learn to set new goals and embrace new possibilities. You realize the potential that could exist outside your comfort zone and you start to grow. 



4 Ways To Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Start small.

Changes might seem big, but you do not have to make drastic changes in one go.

You can start with little things like diversifying your diet. Try making new meals you otherwise wouldn’t make. 

If you always eat lunch alone at work, try to have small talk with your colleagues and ask if you can join them.

Once you accomplish the small change, you give yourself proof and evidence that you can do more. In turn, this makes it easier for you to try more new things. 


Make instant choices.

Most of us normally take time to make decisions.

We want to make the perfect decision and have to make sure that we have done all the research possible before coming to the final conclusion.

In some cases we run away from making the decisions entirely unless we are certain about the decisions we make. I am guilty of this and I feel sorry for my boyfriend as he ends up having to make all the decisions on his own. 

This need to make perfect decisions means we are always in our comfort zones. Once in a while, make instant decisions. Do the first thing that comes to mind and allow yourself to try out new and unexpected things. 


Expand your skillset.

Whether it is in the professional or social aspect, improving your skills enhances confidence and allows you to comfortably jump through the boundaries you might have set up for yourself.

If you were thinking about switching careers but had doubts in your capabilities and skills, improving your skillset will make it easier for you to transition and explore new career options confidently. 


Challenge your beliefs.

Beliefs and morals are great contributors towards who we are as people.

They shape the choices we make and the region we consider our comfort zone. Most of us are guided by beliefs that we can’t explain the logic behind. Certain things just are, and we gladly accept them as such.

In an attempt to grow out of your comfort zone, it is important to know how to challenge your beliefs.

Understand the why behind certain things that guide you. These uncomfortable alternative perspectives you get will make it easier for you to adjust your beliefs and perceptions. 



Final Thoughts on Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Realizing the potential that exists beyond our comfort zones is not always easy.

Oftentimes we need to have the courage to go beyond what we know and trust the unknown (although it can be scary).

One of the greatest requirements for challenging your comfort zone is realizing and acknowledging your potential. The best way to do this is by looking back at the things you have accomplished already and using those as proof of what you can accomplish in future. 

Reframing your mindset and believing in yourself will allow you to challenge yourself and explore new things. Start small and constantly surprise yourself by making decisions that are seemingly unlike you. 

Lastly, remember that your maximum potential lies beyond your comfort zone. 

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