Here’s Why It’s Important To Become Unapologetic About Your Growth

By Reniel


Last Updated: June 3, 2021

Everything we do produces results that could sometimes be beyond our expectations. It’s like how working out to reduce weight increases your speed and agility, or how steady munching on junk food (because you do not have time to cook) makes you fat, and sloppy.

Here is the thing, actions cause reactions, and those actions and reactions snowball – leading to (sometimes) unanticipated huge results. And if your actions are good, they cause good snowball effects, but if they are bad, they cause negative snowball effects. The result is that a little change eventually leads to an outcome. And whatever part of the pendulum you swing, you end up sticking out.     

Now I’ll assume your life goal isn’t to munch on bags of Burritos all day, so I’ll focus on the positive aspect of this snowballing effect – i.e. on you growing to be a better person.     

Look, growth by nature involves sticking out. This means, the first thing that occurs immediately when you start growing is that you begin to make those who are not growing to feel smaller – your growth causes them to feel threatened and intimidated. You swing so much to the extreme that you make them look bad judging from your standpoint.         

It’s like when you were a kid and just got this high score in a video game only for the new kid in the neighborhood to 3X that score.

Now, this is not what you wanted. You just wanted to live your best life. You only wanted to quit the bad habits, get fit, make more money, and find love. And yes, you’ve begun taking steps and getting results, but unfortunately for the people around you who are still stuck in bad habits, are out of shape, are broke, and just got dumped by the last abusive partner they had, you are a reflection of all they are not. And this intimidates, infuriates, and triggers them.               

It causes them to make derogatory statements about you and your growth – they call it showoff, luck, or whatever term they can cook up. They try to bring you down and downplay your success which you’ve worked so hard for.          

And sometimes you feel suffocated and alone. It almost feels like growth is a curse. But you need to snap out of this way of thinking. You need to realize that it is not your fault that they don’t have all the nice things you have, and you should not be bothered about their opinion either.          

This is because, the moment you start listening to those negative feedback, you start withering – your growth starts to reverse. And, even if you swing to the negative side, they would still be the same people calling you poor, miserable, and maybe a criminal.    

Whatever side of the pendulum of life you swing to, those who refuse to grow would always find fault – they would always want to point fingers, accuse, and attack. This is why you need to be unapologetic about your growth.            

And this is a good thing because by becoming unapologetic about your growth you…

  • Become more daring
  • Become harder for negative people to bring down
  • Start living by your rules
  • Begin to spot the negative and toxic people in your life
  • Notice and attract positive people into your life
  • Become happier
  • Become more focused on the important things
  • Improve your chances of succeeding beyond your wildest imaginations, and
  • Become all you’ve ever dreamed of    

By being unapologetic about your growth, you would realize that none of their judgments and attacks were really about you. It was rather about them all along. It was them projecting their negativity, pain, and inadequacies onto you. And this realization would be liberating.                 

Being unapologetic about your growth isn’t just something to consider, it is the only way to bring into your life all the good things you’ve dreamt about. That alone is sufficient reason to keep pushing, conquering, and growing.       

Your growth, coupled with their stagnation would

  • Force you out of your comfort zone, into places where the people around you are doing much more than you are doing, rather than eyeballing you.
  • Allow you to cultivate genuine self-love     
  • Give you a sense of purpose
  • Improve your mental health   
  • Encourage you to keep learning      
  • Work on your weaknesses
  • Compel you to develop your strengths and know yourself better      
  • Boosts your confidence
  • Make you more independent    
  • Improve your self-esteem and self-awareness
  • And exponentially increase your growth and have more faith in your abilities    

True, you would lose a few friends, face resistance, garner enemies, and get disillusioned so many times you would think you’ve developed trust issues, but it is all okay. It is all part of the process.              

In the end, you would realize that by being unapologetic about your growth, you multiply your growth. And that is a good thing, and worth striving for.    

It is hard to see a great and successful person without haters. In fact, it is impossible to please everyone, so don’t even try. Remain unapologetic about your growth and don’t let the haters bring you down. Remember that not everyone will appreciate that you’ve evolved since they have a certain version of you stuck in their head. That’s their problem, not yours. Having said that, don’t hesitate to reach for the stars and evolve as you please!


Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash  


5 comments on “Here’s Why It’s Important To Become Unapologetic About Your Growth”

  1. Thankyou ,yes it is so comforting to be validated by your personal advices.It
    reinforces and encourages the upward climb,sometimes feels like a balancing act🙏

  2. Omg. All this time I thought I was being disrespectful if I dismissed people from my life and didn't go with the status quo. What a great analogy.

  3. The mind set of these people at the root is "hatred of the good for being good". They want to control you and you make it easy by allowing them to do it. Do not think you can appease them, they hate life and like to bring people down to their gutter.

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