How to Treat Children

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Last Updated: May 4, 2021

Children are younger versions of ourselves and are quite delicate. Unless we handle them with care we might disrupt their proper development progress. Sadly, this is what many parents do due to their improper parenting.

In this article, we talk about the different ways of treating children to ensure their stable development. Let’s begin-

Encouragement and Support

The simplest of actions can give you the highest reward. The moment your child draws scribbly lines or makes an attempt at drawing anything, appreciate their effort. Even if the art doesn’t make sense, tell children the nice features they conjured. Make sense out of nothing. This being said, if you are creative, try to edit their drawings and make it more engaging.

Whenever children see their parents taking part in their projects or this case, elevating their artwork, they are proud of the teamwork. They learn to rely on their parents to work together instead of shunning away their “masterpiece”. This treatment will also enlighten children to thinking in more creative ways as they learn from you.

The act of encouragement or support isn’t limited to paintings and writings. Do you know how your children like having tea parties and braiding hair? Tell them the braids look fantastic and the imaginary tea they pour tastes delicious and ask for a second cup.

Interacting with kids promotes their personal growth and a sense of attachment is also developed to the guardian in concern. This is why a lot of kids have a good bond with their babysitters or grandparents.

Treat children with kindness. Tell them they are doing a wonderful job and that you are proud of them.

Don’t Be Too Strict

Children, especially teenagers, have a lot of raging hormones, and therefore, might act crazy at times. They may wish to travel or spend time at a friend’s place. Being too conservative in this case might hinder their social development.

For children to outgrow themselves, they first need to leave the place they are too comfortable in. Children are very much settled in their parents’ home and therefore, to get to know themselves better, they may wish to venture out. Let them spread their wings and fly.

Sometimes they may wish to grow out their hair or dye it a random colour. You don’t always have to like their choices. Their wishes may seem redundant and immature. But that’s how children are, let them do whatever their heart tells them to do. You allowing them to do so will show them that you trust their decision. This in turn will make them more trusting and agreeable with you in return. They may be more willing to help with household chores.

If children lose something important, don’t yell at them. They are bound to make mistakes and screaming at them only makes them more frightened and unwilling to share anything with you in the future. With screaming being off-limits, hitting or shaking your child should never even be an option or thought. Treat children the way you would treat an adult.

Listen to Them

How often do parents only listen to teachers complain about their children and not pay attention to their children’s side of the story? As a parent, instead of jumping to conclusions, you should hear your child out.

If they act out in any case, they had a good reason to. Scolding them for their behavior doesn’t teach anything. Instead, they may keep repeating their actions because they never learned what went wrong or the consequences of their actions.

Listen to why they did what they did, and help them accordingly. Children hardly understand perspectives, let alone the ramifications of what they do. Show them empathy and explain to them how their behavior or action may affect people. Children who understand develop better than those who don’t. So, put the effort in the right place.

Also, you know how children come to our aid with their ideas and suggestions, even though their advice is mostly helpless? Appreciate their effort. They are coming to you because they want to be supportive, and so, the least you can do is hear their story and tell them you will think about it. Or if you have time, explain why their suggestion won’t work. Perhaps while discussing the flaws in their plan, you’ll come up with your own.

Listening to your children builds their confidence and also lets them know that you value their opinion. In turn, your children will start trusting you better and later on in life, will probably resort to confiding in you rather than going behind your back.

Give Them Space

Just like how adults need their personal space, so do children. The only problem is they can’t convey the thought the way adults can. Don’t spy on your children 24/7. Let them be on their own and you’ll see how they flourish with new ideas and thoughts.

Personal space is important for growth. As a parent, you need to make your children independent in every step. You can’t always watch over them and therefore, you not only have to let them come out of their cocoon but also go back into the shell.

It might be difficult for some parents to let children go from under their wing, but it’s necessary. How do you cope with this? Don’t worry, this article has your interest at heart too.

While your children are off to recuperate energy, you can take the time to gain a mutual interest. Read about the show they like, or learn about the book they are reading. Know what interests them.

If your children have an upcoming sports match, learn about the sport if you lack knowledge. Later on, ask them about their tactics and what they enjoy.

A relationship isn’t built on sheer force but established naturally. You need to nurture the bond like a plant, watering it now and then. Just like how you water a plant and then leave it to dry till the next hydrating session, taking care of your children is pretty much the same.

Spend quality time with them, but then let them be on their own. Give them their personal space, let them lock their doors (keep a key to yourself), and watch them bloom mentally. Meanwhile, you take the time to make a list of topics for discussion later on.

Final Words

Just because children are young, adults don’t often treat them with respect. But children are deserving of the same respect and value that you would shower an adult with. If you start treating children like adults, you promote their growth faster.


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