The Importance of Taking a Break in a Healthy Way

By Jarin


Last Updated: March 27, 2021

We all need breaks. But sometimes life brings us to a point where all we can think about is how to make ends meet. That’s when realizing the importance of taking a break becomes prominent. But the majority of us ignore the urge and continue with our lives.

But that’s really unhealthy. Both mentally and physically. We all deserve a break. From life. From work. From relationships. It’s a healthy practice and I learned it the hard way.

In this post, I’m going to go over the importance of taking a break. And how you can understand when to take a break. Let’s get on with it.

How Do You Know When to Take a Break?

The most common mistake that hinders our ability to recognize the importance of taking a break is ignoring the signs.

If you think carefully, you might find out that you have been behaving differently on the macro level. It’s especially true when you have a full-time job, a family to maintain and elderly parents or in-laws to take care of.

Here are the Telltale signs that you need a break.

You Forget Things

We all forget things. It happens to the best of us. Forgetting little things every now and then is completely normal. It becomes not-so-normal is when you start to forget things all the time.

For example, you forgetting to pick up your kid from school is a huge sign. You might forget about deadlines at work. Or you missed a meeting.

It happens because when we are exhausted, the brain has a hard time keeping track of everything. It even hampers our sleep cycles. And incomplete sleep often results in temporary dementia.

If you find yourself forgetting important things, maybe it’s time to take a break.

You Get Irritated Easily

It’s another big sign that you should take things easy. When we live on the edge, everything becomes a point of conflict. When the smaller things get the best of you, you should take things a little slower. It’s not your fault, it’s just how the human brains work.

So, when you see that you are in a bad mood pretty much constantly, the importance of taking a break is knocking on your door. The irritation can cause conflict between your family members and loved ones, even colleagues at work. Which is something you don’t want.

Your Sleep Gets Messed Up

As we’ve stated previously, the more exhausted we are, the harder it becomes for our brains to put us to sleep. If you’ve been facing sleep issues continuously, it’s a telltale sign that you need rest. You need to let your brain chill out for a little.

When you sleep less, your stress levels tend to increase. The stress hormone or ‘cortisol’ is countered with testosterone. And testosterone is produced when you sleep. As you can see, you fall into a dangerous cycle of stress and sleeping disorder when your fatigue goes through the roof.

You Feel Disconnected

It’s one of the sad results of excessive stress. The importance of taking a break becomes undeniable when you start to feel disconnected. You might feel like someone else. You may not be able to make the connection with your loved ones like before.

When we’re constantly stressed about our work and life, the chemical balance in our body gets all messed up. And the disconnection you feel is the direct result of that. So, if you’ve been lately feeling that you are getting distracted from your loved ones, take a break immediately.

You Become Reluctant to Work

Waking up in the morning and not feeling like going to work can only mean two things. Either you hate your job or you are tired. You would know whether you like your work or not. If you’ve been loving your job since day 1 but suddenly don’t feel like it anymore, maybe it’s time to take a break.

Reluctance is a surefire way to tell when to abstain from something. When your day-to-day life is hindered due to fatigue, only rest can bring you back. No matter how hard you try to focus, it’s not going to happen in your current mental state.

Your Sex Life Goes Downhill

If you don’t want to talk about it in the open, it’s completely fine. But if you’ve been not feeling like having sex as you used to, it’s a major sign that your libido is taking a hit. Stress, anxiety, and fatigue are scientifically proven to kill our sexual desires.

If you think the symptoms are right, take a break and relax. There’s no point in life when you cannot enjoy it. And sex plays a big role in keeping us happy.

The Importance of Taking a Break Correctly

After what you’ve read, you might be planning a trip on your mind right now! You might go there with your loved ones. But if you’re thinking about getting some work done while you’re at it, you are going for the wrong approach. When you take a break, do it properly. How? Let’s find out.

Leave the Work

It doesn’t matter if you’re going on a solo trip, with your family, or just staying at home. You shouldn’t work while you’re taking a break. If you still have to work and worry about deadlines and meetings, what’s the point of taking the break?

So, leave work. If you have to do double shifts before your break, do it. It will all be worth it when you’re relaxing on a sunchair with your loved ones. Do what you need to before you jump in.

Communicate Properly

If you’re taking a break from work, let your supervisors know about it. If you’re a businessman, let your employees know that you’ll be unavailable. If you’re taking a break from regular life and the people around you, explain your situation in an empathetic manner.

If you’re surrounded by people who truly care for you, it’s going to be the easiest step. They’ll understand that you are tired and all you’re trying to do is get yourself back to track.

Plan Ahead

When you realize the importance of taking a break, you may feel the sudden urge to leave everything and go on a vacation. But you should always plan ahead about what you’re going to do on the trip.

Of course, relaxing is what you’re about to do. But you still need food, a comfortable stay, and most importantly, a quiet place to wind down. So, make sure that you have everything arranged before you leave.

If you’re planning your relaxing stay at home, make sure that you have stocked up on your daily necessities. If you want to Netflix and chill, stock up on your favorite snacks. It’s your time to enjoy and nothing should stop you from doing it.

Take a Break from Social Media

When you realize the importance of taking a break, you should also realize that you need a break from social media as well! If you didn’t yet, you should now. Engaging in social media activities is a surefire way to ruin your relaxation.

Take your phone with you wherever you go for emergencies, but don’t get hung up on it. Leave the phone and enjoy your surroundings. If you’re on a trip, enjoy the scenic view the location offers. Go ahead and take a walk in the wilderness. Breathe some fresh air.

The Benefits of Taking a Break

If the signs were right and you did what I told you, you should definitely feel like a new person when you return. You’ll feel refreshed and filled with motivation to get into regular life again. You’ll be better at handling situations because you won’t be on edge all the time.

Your loved ones will appreciate you even more because you’ll be connecting with them better. A lot of relationship issues get resolved just after a break.

The importance of taking a break is beyond question for me. And I keep notes of all these feelings because it motivates me and works as a reminder that I should always take a break when things start to go south. You should do the same.

Final Words

If you liked what you read, you should definitely feel the importance of taking a break. If you’ve been thinking about doing it for the longest time but didn’t get the opportunity, just do it now. Everything in the world can wait for a few days.

But continuing with fatigue is the worst thing you can do to yourself.


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  1. A Break
    I can sing that in a song, and I probably can become a new person. My peace and comfort were taken away from me years ago. It's not fear because our lord and savior promise to cover me with things, not of his will. I do need to get some direction in my thoughts. Life has made me trust no one I can see and that's sad. I can't act like has happened to me by others. I can't only try and move on from it. Love can make you happy in so many ways but what has happened to me in these past years makes me not want to love anyone with my heart.

  2. I am a very happy and content woman. Love reading your articles. I am sure they help others. Continue your good work

  3. By the way, moments away before I read this article, I decided to take a nap for 45 minutes out of my normal work schedule. I have always done this-it is now a habit, second nature. Am a very busy person, but having time for my self has kept me going for healthy reasons.

    I thank you for this informative article.

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