Intuitive Dating: How It Can Help You Land a Winner

By Dominica


Last Updated: June 30, 2021

I think we can all agree that dating can sometimes be a daunting experience.  The anxiety that comes along with the process can be quite a bit for some people. Perhaps you change outfits four times before you feel like you’ve got “the right one”. 

Or may you carry the fear of rejection.  Or, you’re not sure of the formalities of what happens after the date. Do you make a second date? Do you call or text? 

It can be mentally exhausting for sure. In fact, many people hang in there for extended periods of time and then get frustrated. Some opt out of the dating scene in the hopes that they’re dream lover will just appear out of thin air.

Now that could happen, but chances are it won’t.  Sure, you might meet that special someone while shopping, but I wouldn’t bet on it. You typically have to make more effort than that. In fact, many people settle in dead-end relationships because they just don’t want to make the effort.


The Red Flag Warnings

As you do go about dating potentials, beware of red flags early on.   If you’re too preoccupied with how you’re looking or doing, you may miss out on their red flags. What oftentimes happens when someone begins dating is that they jump in too quickly before paying attention to any warning signs. They are not in tune with the red flags that signal danger.  They may be lonely or needy and settle for someone who down the road will drive them crazy. Or perhaps they will get scared and let the good ones get away. Either way, it would be nice to have an amazing “dating radar” to pinpoint the best match, wouldn’t it?


Enter Intuitive Dating

This is where intuition can come into play. What I mean by intuition is your connection with your higher power and yourself at your core. It is your spiritual gut instinct and it sure does come in handy when it comes to seeking your life partner.  How many times have you met someone, met them for coffee, messaged them, or made serious conversation – and did not stop even for a few moments to check your intuition? Have you really learned how to tap into your spiritual radar so you can be two steps ahead in the dating world?


What Is Intuitive Dating All About?

For those of you interested in having the best dating experience possible, it will serve you well to learn a bit more about intuitive dating.  What this means is that you get in tune with your innermost self and Spirit and be led by such.  You will essentially be paying attention to signs and synchronicity.

Oftentimes you’ll get a feel for someone the moment you meet them.  You’ll be able to see red flags as soon as they appear. How many of us wish we would have had that intuition back when we met a certain person?

Intuitive dating will help you to decrease the chances of experiencing heartache and frustration.  You won’t have to keep second guessing yourself and you’ll be able to feel like you are more in control of your life.  Intuition is fully accessible to you; you simply have to cultivate it over a period of time.


Cultivating Intuition

There are tips and tricks to cultivating intuition, which will certainly help you out in the dating world, as well as other areas of your life. Here are a couple of tips for getting in touch with your intuitive side:

  1.   Meditate

Take some time each day to sit quietly and meditate. You can begin with just a couple of minutes to silence your thoughts and align yourself with Divinity. You’ll be surprised at how regular meditation will help you become more intuitive. You’ll just feel led by a quiet inner knowing.

  1.   Pause

When you meet and talk to people, take a few seconds to pause before speaking or making a judgment about them. When you pause, consciously connect with Spirit and listen for that still, small voice that is always speaking.  Taking just a moment to pause helps you remember that you are connected to an amazing Life Force that is ready and willing to guide you.

  1.   Listen

When you’re out on a date, really be attentive to how you’re feeling inside. Listen for that whisper.  Be mindful of what’s going on moment by moment. Now don’t be all weird; by all means have a good time and don’t think too much about all this, but be aware of both your inner and outer world. 

As you embark on your dating journey, keep intuitive dating in mind so that you can go into the journey feeling confident and relaxed.  Make it your goal to feel empowered and have fun while dating, confident that you will end up with just the right person. We ought to feel empowered; not anxious and afraid. Intuitive dating is about you really tapping into the wisdom that is already inside you. Dating with a purpose and making sure you’re aligned to your true self.

Be open for love and do your best to move forward intuitively, while having fun.  This is what you deserve!


Photo by Tibor Pápai on Unsplash


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