Manifest An Amazing Life! Top Online Sources To Create A Vision Board

By Dominica


Last Updated: October 28, 2020



When it comes to manifesting what you want in your life, the power of vision and visualizing is tremendous. You may have heard of the phrase “What you see is what you get.”  I have found this to be true many times. Another popular saying is, “When you see it, you’ll get it.”
This means that when you visualize what you want and see it clearly in your mind’s eye, it’s then that you attract it. It manifests – maybe not instantly, but it’s on its way.
The Importance Of Visualization
Writing down goals is one thing, but visualizing you jumping up and down in excitement as you accomplish them is quite another. Visualization is a powerful technique that you can use to harness the power of the universe to your advantage.
As you picture yourself opening the door to your dream house or pulling up to your girlfriend’s house in a Mercedes, the laws of the universe go to work for you.  Maybe you’ll meet a guy in a taxi that has a job opening for you that doubles your salary. Or perhaps some long lost relative has a Mercedes sitting in his garage and he is feeling pretty generous these days.
Once you set your goal, create your action plan, take the steps you can toward achieving your goals, and then spend a lot of time visualizing you accomplishing them.  Some of the most successful men and women will tell you that they owe part of their success to setting goals and visualizing them coming true.
Actors daydream about being on stage acting, singers on stage singing, professional football players running in for a touchdown at the Super bowl, and teachers grading term papers.
Vision Boards Help You Manifest Your Dreams
Perhaps you’ve heard about vision boards before and you’ve been meaning to create one for a while. Or maybe you’re not quite sure what a vision board really is.  A vision board is simply an image board that has a variety of media images, words, and other media materials that comprise goals and visions for one’s life. A vision board is most commonly made out of poster, cork, or foam board, but many are creating them online too.
I’m sure you have dreams and goals.  You might even have them written down, which is wonderful. You can go one step further and create a colorful, vibrant vision board to further activate the laws of the universe in your favor.  Yes, a vision board will help unleash these laws in your life, which will certainly help you to manifest your dreams faster.
The following are several online sources you can use to create beautiful vision boards:
Canva is a great graphic design tool that’s easy to navigate. There are templates you can use to create just about anything, including an online vision board. There are hundreds of images you can choose from that set the intent for what you desire. You can also upload your own. Once you get onto the Canva site, search for “mood board” and choose a template that you like.  Then, recreate it as you wish, bringing you one step closer to manifesting your best life.
PicMonkey is like Canva. You can design beautiful online vision boards till your heart’s content. There are mood board templates, images, filters, and more.  You can also download onto your mobile phone as an app. This is perfect for when you see something you want while you’re out and about. Just snap a photo and upload it to your online vision board.
This app helps you create a vision board with access to over 1200 ideas. It includes popular idea categories like relationships, travel, career, health, wealth, sports, and more. This is nice because you can put your desires in the different categories, rather than group them all in one.
Tips For Creating A Vision Board
If you want to create a vision board the old-fashioned way with poster board and pictures you cut out from magazines, go for it. It’s great to actually see your board in tangible form. It’s not difficult to create a vision board, but it will require some time and effort.
Make A List Of The Things You Desire
The first thing you can do is begin thinking about your dreams and goals. Cover personal, professional, social, spiritual, travel, financial, health, physical, and any other goals on your mind.  You can make a list and begin from there.
There’s no such thing as goals that are too small. If you’re goal is to purchase a new set of dishes, write it down.  If you want a new pair of jeans, write it down. This is time for you to dream little and dream  as big as you want.
Do you want a sport’s car, exotic vacation, 6,000 square foot home, in-ground pool?  Write it all down.
It’s not all about material things either. You can also write down emotional states you desire to feel most often, such as happiness, joy, excitement, peace, contentment, love, and more.
This should get you pretty excited!
Gather The Materials
The next step is to gather a bunch of materials to create your vision board.  Magazines are great assets when to getting your desires on your board with a visual.  Flip through assorted magazines and cut out words and pictures that match the goals on your dream list.  If you have access to the internet, you can search for quotes or images there as well.
Want to vacation in France?  Find some online pictures of different locations in France and print them out.  If you want to start a new career, look for some pictures that represent your career field.  The internet is a great place to find inspiration and motivation.
Create Your Collage
Tape or glue your images to your vision board collage style. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Just do it and feel the excitement and joy as you dream about what you most desire.
Placing Your Vision Board
Once you’re done creating your vision board, put it somewhere that you see frequently. You can even hang it on the wall as décor.  If you’re familiar with the law of attraction, the act of you putting your desires out there to the universe actually “attracts” them to you.
The law of attraction states that what you give your attention to, you attract more of.  If you’re giving attention to what you want in life, you’re attracting the manifestation of those things.
Sounds like a pretty good gig, huh?
Go ahead and get started planning your vision board today. As you do, the universe will be swirling and twirling for you!
Happy vision board creating!


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