Raise Your Positive Vibrations With These 32 Practical Tips

By Reniel


Last Updated: July 1, 2021

To those who do not believe in spirituality, the phrase “raise your vibration” might sound ludicrous, whilst to those who believe, “positive vibrations” are as real as the sun and moon. But whatever your belief, there is a middle ground here, and it’s something that can benefit you with or without your believing in it.

Here is the thing, when people mention “vibrational energy” what they are referring to is your complete state of being. The idea of “positive vibration” runs on the line of thought that everything is made up of energy – and energies vibrate in certain frequencies under certain conditions. 

Hence, when a thing’s frequency of vibration is low (as is the case of ice), it is considered to be unexciting, dull, dark, and even evil. Whilst, when a thing’s frequency of vibration is high (as is the case of fire), it is considered to be exciting, lively, bright, and even good.

It is in the same vein that positive emotional states – such as happiness, peace of mind, laughter, and bliss – are associated with “high vibrations” or “positive vibrations”, whilst negative emotions – such as anger, hate, jealousy, sadness, depression, etc. – are associated with “low vibration” or “negative vibrations”. 

And it goes further; “things” and “circumstances” that lead to unhealthy, toxic, or negative states of being are also considered to be “low vibrational” or to have “negative energy”. For example, junk foods, cigarettes, smoking, cheating, lying, and other toxic things/behavior/circumstances are considered to bring down your vibration because they have “negative vibrations”.

Whilst, things and circumstances that lead to healthy or positive states of being are considered “high vibrational” or to have “positive energy”. For example, vegetables, exercise, honesty, love, and other beneficial things/behavior/circumstances are considered to increase our vibrations because they have “positive vibrations”.

Now, whilst this may or may not be practically connected with the cosmos' “vibrations of energy”, it surely helps you with a compass – to help you make better choices. And the compass is quite easy to read: All you have to do is ask, “would this thing/behavior/circumstance bring about a positive change to my entire being?”, “would it be good for my general well-being?”

“Would smoking be good for my lungs?”, “Would lying be good for my reputation?”, “Would cheating be good for my relationships?”, “Would listening to this music improve my mood?” … “Would this thing be good for me, or am I just doing it because it feels good?”. That is the idea.

Now that you get the idea, below are some practical tips you can apply today to drastically raise your “positive vibrations” – aka well-being

32 Practical Tips To Raise Your Positive Vibrations

  1. Eat healthy: Stay away from junk and eat your vegetables and other raw, organic, and unprocessed foods. And don’t over eat!
  2. Exercise: Move your body rigorously – stretch and sweat.
  3. Drink plenty of water: Don’t allow yourself to be dehydrated.
  4. Practice unconditional love: Love without judgment or demands.
  5. Compliment others: Make someone feel special, and do this, honestly.
  6. Cut back on alcohol and drugs: Try being sober for longer periods of time till you finally start doing without them.
  7. Practice self-care: Be gentle with yourself. Take a break and relax.
  8. Practice positive affirmations: Say positive things to and about yourself.
  9. Meditate: Observe your thoughts, but do not react – simply let them come and go – only observe.
  10. Practice yoga: Learn yoga to improve your wellbeing.
  11. Take a walk in nature: Walk barefoot and ground yourself.
  12. Play with animals: You can get a puppy or kitty to enjoy the health and mood-boosting benefits of pets.
  13. Practice mindfulness: Appreciate your immediate environment.
  14. Practice gratitude: Appreciate all the wonderful people and things in your life.
  15. Dance: Move your body to release happy hormones called endorphins.
  16. End toxic relationships: Toxic people are low frequency, remember?
  17. Say no to things that drain you: You have the right to say NO to things that you don’t find interesting or worth your time.
  18. Get enough sleep: Getting the right amount of sleep every night is vital for good physical and mental health.
  19. Read inspiring books: Reading empowers you and helps you grow as a person.
  20. Hug someone you care about: Show someone how much they mean to you through hugging.
  21. Make more positive friends: Just as toxic people are low frequency, you can get friends who are positive and high frequency – find them and make friends with them.
  22. Develop a sense of optimism: Look out for the best in people, things, and situations.
  23. Clean your environment: Declutter and tidy your environment.
  24. Smile at people: Smiling helps boost your immune system and helps fight off stress.
  25. Develop faith: Have the confidence to proceed even when you aren’t certain – have a sense of adventure, and believe (in a force greater than you). 
  26. Avoid gossips and slander: Only engage in conversations that uplift the reputation of others – never tear down others
  27. Start a project: Immerse yourself in an activity that you love and see to it that you complete it.
  28. Listen to music: Inspiring and motivational music will help keep you going.
  29. Take responsibility for your actions: Own up to your mistakes, say sorry if you screw up, and find ways to patch things up.
  30. Volunteer: Offer support and raise awareness for a cause you believe in.
  31. Disconnect from the internet, and stay away from your smartphones: You can decide to block out a week for this, or simply follow a strict routine to avoid using any tech 3 hours before bed.
  32. Let go of your anger: Why? Because it is low vibrational and corrupts your inner peace.

Thanks for reading…till next time, good vibes only.  


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