Why Spending Time with Family is the Best Feeling Ever

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Last Updated: March 31, 2021

Being too busy with work or studies is something we’ve all gone through in life. If you’re going through it right now, it might be just the post you needed to see. Spending time with family is one of the most important treats you can give yourself for mental peace.

But the busy lives we lead in the modern age have taken away the opportunities more than we would like to admit. Even when we’re working from home, it’s not always possible to share a meal with everyone in the house.

That is not a good practice. How do I know it? Well, don’t ask. The goal of this post is to make you realize the importance of spending time with family and how you can do it without hurting your routine.

The Importance of Spending Time with Family

If you have lived your entire life with family, I can’t blame you if you don’t realize their importance. It will only happen when you are not around them. But it’s widely accepted that spending time with family is good for your mental health. Why? Let’s find out.

It Strengthens the Bond

Having a good bond with family and loved ones is a blessing in life. You need to understand that not everyone is blessed with the feeling of having a family. Someone that you can turn to when you’re in distress.

Spending time with people who care for you is a surefire way to strengthen the bond. You can share your thoughts with them and they can do the same. Who knows when it might lead to something productive like a new business idea or an upcoming trip?

If You Have Kids, It Helps Them

Do you want to be that parent whose kids don’t love them as much because they’re never around? We know you don’t. No one does. But it happens from time to time without us realizing it. Spending time with family becomes even more important when you have kids.

Your children need your time. That’s the only way they can hold your values in them. They can know you. They can understand you. It shows them that no matter what happens in life, you are there for them. It’s a feeling they can’t have if you’re too busy with work all the time.

It Passes Traditions

If you’re lucky enough to have a family, you may have some family traditions, and those traditions need to be passed around. But how do you expect to receive and pass on traditions if you’re never around?

For the sake of the secret code words or gestures, you should be spending time with family. It helps develop values among the family members. It’s especially true if there are kids in the house. They learn the importance of unity.

How to Spend More Time with Family?

We all know how important it is to bring balance into work and personal life. We all know we should do it. But at the end of the day, we just can’t. But worry not, I’m going to share some of my tips that you can use for spending time with family without hurting your work.

Share a Meal

It all starts with sharing a meal. No one is ever too busy to share a meal with the family. If you have something important at hand that you need to finish, ask politely if the members can wait for you.

Mealtime is when everyone tends to speak up. If there’s something someone has been waiting to say, chances are they will do it at the dining table. So, have the ear to listen. And don’t forget to share your thoughts as well.

Merge the Gym Sessions Together

If you and your family are into fitness, why not share a workout session together? It’s a great way to bond over something you have in common. However, it’s very unlikely that everyone in the family would workout at the same time. But if you have the option, why not include it!

For example, if you’ve been feeling disconnected from your brother and sister, why not go to their gym once in a while to bond over. Or invite them to yours! It doesn’t matter. The time you spend together is what matters.

Plan a Trip

If you’re absolutely unable to incorporate a daily allocation for the family, or you live somewhere else, why not go for a trip? Propose it when you see them next. Ask them where do they want to go. If you can, bear the cost for everyone. It will mean the world to them!

If you have brothers or sisters, ask them to help you plan the trip. Select a fun location where everyone will have something to do. A nude beach in Miami is not a good idea for a 10-year-old kid, is it?

Let the Phone Go

Smartphone and social media. Probably the biggest reasons behind families growing apart. We are so consumed with our Instagram feeds that we often forget there are people we can talk to in real life!

If you’re trying to make an active effort to spend time with family, let go of the phone. Finish your work earlier and set your phone to silent mode. If you have the sudden urge to grab it and check if there are any DMs, don’t do it! If you’re out at a restaurant, play the game that whoever checks their phone, pays for the meal!

Clean the House with Everyone

Spending time with family should never be hard. And it can be something as simple as cleaning the house together. Cleaning the house can become a fun activity when someone doesn’t have to do it alone.

Just go out and help your mother, wife, or girlfriend in the process. Bring out the kids if you have any. The house will be clean faster than ever and you guys can also spend some quality time together. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Final Words

The world is a fantastic place when you have a family to share it with. Why not utilize every precious moment you have with them? Let go of the excessive pressure at work and have some fun with everyone! They’ll appreciate it! And you will too.


Photo by Dimitri Houtteman on Unsplash


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