10 Simple Reasons You Should Start a Gratitude Journal

By Reniel


Last Updated: December 20, 2021

A gratitude journal is a daily record of the positive events you are thankful for in your life, no matter how small.

Starting and maintaining a gratitude journal can help you become self-aware, stay motivated, overcome tough times and so much more!

With that said, here are ten phenomenal reasons you should start a gratitude journal today!

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10 Convincing Reasons You Should Start a Gratitude Journal       

1. Self-Awareness

Writing a daily journal of what you appreciate can make you more aware of yourself. After all, journaling is a written record of your feelings and thoughts. 

When you are self aware, you essentially become more cognizant of your actions. As you write your journal, you will spot factors holding you back and act upon them accordingly. You will also be able to identify various aspects of your life that you might overlook or take for granted. 

2. Lower Stress Levels

According to a study by Yale, being thankful can help lower your stress levels. So taking the time to write what you are grateful for can help reduce the feeling of having a “stressful day.” 

Since journaling calms the mind and subsequently inhibits the release of the stress hormone cortisol, you will likely be more productive at work or school and feel healthier.

3. Improve Sleep

Writing a gratitude journal moments before bed can help you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Research shows that gratitude can influence your sleep through the mechanism of pre-sleep cognitions. In essence, having progressive thoughts before bed can help you sleep quickly and peacefully. Journaling can also be therapeutic by dealing with sleep problems such as insomnia.

4. Improve Focus

As you already know by now, writing in a gratitude journal makes you more self-aware. By becoming self-aware, you will be able to focus more on what is essential in your life and put more effort and concentration into what matters.

Part of gratitude journaling is recording your positive achievements (whether big or small). And from this list, you can quickly tell where to focus more on reinforcing your accomplishments and transforming your life for the better.

5. Boost Physical Health

Believe it or not, writing a few sentences every day acknowledging your achievements can boost your physical health. A study by Yale established that gratitude journaling could help lower blood pressure and improve your immunity.

Journaling can also help boost your energy levels. The positivity that comes with gratitude journaling can energize and rejuvenate your resolve to overcome various issues in your life.

6. Improve Self-Esteem

Journaling allows you to write down your thoughts without fear of judgment or social comparisons. So if you are struggling with low self-esteem and confidence issues, then keeping a gratitude journal can help you overcome your fears. 

Gratitude journaling has a way of releasing you from the bondage of self-pity. So when you start writing about your daily achievements, you will stop feeling sorry for yourself and appreciate what you already have.

7. Build Positive Emotions

Gratitude journaling builds empathy and positive emotions. By writing down your achievements, you can tackle negative energy easily and let go of bad habits that are probably holding you back.

You will also appreciate and understand other people more when you highlight the great people you have in your life. 

By writing what you are thankful for, you are less likely to resent others and instead behave in a pro-social manner.

8. Build Resilience

Resilience refers to the capacity to recover from challenging situations and difficult moments. And you can build your inner strength and grow your ability to overcome life’s obstacles through gratitude journaling. 

In essence, journaling enables you to cope with stressful situations better, since your focus is on life’s positive aspects.

That’s not all. Being grateful strengthens your emotions and helps you experience good feelings, subsequently boosting your mood and getting rid of negative thoughts.

9. Improve Optimism and Happiness

Writing down your achievements and positive experiences regularly rewires gratitude in your brain and essentially changes the way your brain functions. 

If you didn’t know, your body has neurotransmitters that transmit messages to the brain in response to various bodily actions. Practicing gratitude shifts the way your neurotransmitters connect, and you will be happier and have a more positive, optimistic way of thinking.

10. Better Mental Health

Your mental health revolves around your thoughts and emotions. Writing a gratitude journal allows you to focus on life’s positives, subsequently getting rid of negative thoughts that may affect your mental health. You will also be able to tap into what is good in your life, even during difficult times.

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Bottom Line

From cultivating a positive mentality to increasing your focus, the benefits of starting and maintaining a gratitude journal are almost endless. However, you can only enjoy these advantages by being proactive and taking the next step to writing your journal.

So, what are you waiting for? Start a gratitude journal today and reap the benefits!                  

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  1. This is so beautiful. Why on earth do so few people do or practice this. I think many people do not know.

    Well done.

    1. Thank you Moses! Many people just don't know where to start. But simply starting to recognize, think about and write down what we feel grateful for will help any of us. Spread the word! 🙂

  2. This is amazing. What are the 40 Inspiring Journal Prompts to Guide Your Deep & Personal Journey? Please post this segment of your article. Many thanks.

    1. Hi there Nayan! Just click on the blue highlighted text that says 40 Inspiring Journal Prompts...and it will take you to the article!

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