Every Day of the Week Motivations & Inspirations for Your Best Week Yet

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Last Updated: November 26, 2021

We’ve all been there: Despite the week starting off on a great note (or not), it’s only Tuesday, but it feels like we’re caught in the week that will never end. In fact, the day just seems to drag on and on. Wednesday rolls around, and we’re starting to think the weekend will never come.

The easy way out is to cut yourself some slack, let your work slide, and kickback. However, this often sets us up for overwhelm and stress down the road. Your future self isn’t going to be all-too-happy about it either.

The truth is we all need a little motivation and inspiration once and a while, especially when it feels like a drag of a week. And you’ll actually feel better getting stuff done, rather than letting things slide. At the same time, burnout is all too real, so really tune into your body here and go off of what it’s telling you.

But when it comes to mindset, we can 110% flip things around. So, no matter what day of the week it is, we’ve got you. Keep reading for your daily motivation!


Monday Motivation to Get Your Week Started

Arguably, many people consider Monday the worst day of the week. Instead of sleeping in, you have to get up for work. Instead of doing what you feel like, you probably have to go to work. 

Ah, how our bodies hate any switch up in routine! 

If you spent your weekend trying to catch up on sleep, this could actually be doing your body and health serious harm. It throws off your circadian rhythm, which means Monday is where your body is trying to get back on track. There’s a likely reason why you feel a little more tired and weighed down than usual.

On top of this, a poll conducted by New York Daily News showed how around 70% of individuals feel negatively about their job. The good news here is that you actually control your thoughts and feelings more than you think. (And if you’re in a job that you actually do hate, start finding a new one! There’s a role out there meant for you. You’ve just got to go find it.)

The Dalai Lama once said, “Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.” So, here’s your Monday challenge: Any time you think of a negative thought, try to swap it out for a positive one. For example:

  • Instead of “I hate Mondays! There’s a whole week of work ahead until another weekend,” think… “Monday offers the perfect opportunity to plan out my week and make this the best one yet, so I can be as productive as possible before the weekend comes!”
  • Instead of “Getting up early for work is such a pain,” think… “Starting my mornings early provide ample opportunity for me to start and have the best day.”
  • Instead of “Ugh, another week,” think… “A fresh start! A fresh week! A new chapter!”
  • Instead of “Mondays suck,” think… “Monday, I’m ready for you!”

Find that daily inspiration from within. This can set the tone for the rest of your week.

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Tuesday Motivation to Keep You Going

Despite popular belief that Monday is the worst day of the week, research actually indicates that the worst day for many people is Tuesday.

Tuesday kind of feels like the week just started, but also, for some, as if you’ve already had a week. You might think, “How is it only Tuesday?” 

So, here are a few things you can do to turn this Tuesday around and get over this major hurdle:

  • Get in an exercise session - Endorphins, released during exercise, can help you feel good. In fact, a boost in these chemicals is even associated with a reduced risk of depression.
  • Brighten your day before you get to work - This might mean grabbing that special latte today of all days! Or maybe giving yourself some time in the morning to do something that fills you with joy.
  • Think about your “why” - Does your work provide a positive impact for someone else? Even if it’s just being the breadwinner for your family, this means something. 
  • Use visualization - Before diving headfirst into your day, imagine what your ideal day at work would consist of. What would happen? What would you get done? What would all of this look like? Close your eyes and envision it, taking it with you throughout your day.


Wednesday Motivation to Get Over the Hump

Happy hump day! While you’re almost there, you’ve still got about half the week left. Yet, the good news is you’re almost on the other side of the hill. So, what daily inspiration can we offer you on hump day?

Here are a few tips and words of wisdom:

  • Break tasks into smaller tasks, giving yourself small steps to get things done.
  • Play music that increases and uplifts your entire being and energy.
  • Declutter and clean up your workspace. 
  • View mistakes as lessons to move forward in the right direction and mindset.
  • Take your breaks (this includes eating lunch without work).


Thursday Motivation You Need

By Thursday, any foggy or gloomy mood usually starts to lift. The weekend is in sight. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should start slowing down or switching to a lower gear.

In fact, you should really take Thursday as an opportunity to move faster and accomplish more. We aren’t kidding. When you use this time to get stuff done, you’ll feel more on track come the next Monday, which, inevitably, means things will improve even more. These small moves accumulate over time.

So, start your Thursday with a list of what you still want to get done this week, then, simply, start tackling that list. 

And hey, a little socialization on Thursday is never a bad thing. Plan a night out with friends or dinner with your loved ones. Thursday (and every day for that matter) is a day to celebrate!

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Friday Motivation to End Your Week with a Bang!

Fridays offer an easy excuse to slack. So… if you can, save your most favorite tasks for this day. You’ll be more motivated to get them done, and Friday won’t go to waste. 

In addition to this, plan something fun or something to look forward to for Friday night or the weekend. This can provide that daily inspiration you need to push through and enjoy your Friday for all that it is!


Change Your Thoughts… And You Might Feel Differently.

It all starts with your mindset and your attitude. Whenever you’re feeling down, think about how you can think differently. Even asking someone else how they get over these humps can help. 

Undeniably, some weeks are tougher than others. Yet, we hope this provided a little daily inspiration to get you through those rough times!

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