Why You Should Walk Everyday

By Jarin


Last Updated: April 21, 2021

How often do you wake up, and feel too lethargic to do anything? Do you often lay in bed feeling unproductive and lack the motivational boost to get the ball rolling? Did you know walking, not only helps to burn calories and reduce weight but has other health benefits such as boosting your self-esteem, and even giving you a creative edge? It might even help you to sustain relationships or even create new ones.

In this article, we talk about the pros of walking. But don’t worry, it won’t be one of those common and overused reasons like you should walk to have better fitness and lose weight.

Here we talk about some different aspects of walking which many people aren’t familiar with. We also mention how your pace affects the mood and sets the tone for your walks. So, let’s just dive in, shall we?

Walking Boosts Your Creativity

You might be wondering how we configure walking and creativity in the same context, but trust us, having a daily routine for walking actually enhances your creativity. How? Because walking can even be a form of creative rest for your body.

Resting isn’t just lying on the bed and or sleeping. In fact, lying on the bed can actually exhaust you at a point even when you aren’t doing anything. Your body is like a machine, and as such, you need to put it to work, lest it will slow down. The same goes for your creativity. And the less rest you have, the less creativity you will aspire to have.

One form of resting means to take a step back from the overly stimulating world of technologies and to be one with nature. Taking a walk at a park allows you to do just that.

I’m sure you’ve heard of writer’s block? Or ever faced difficulties to come up with a creative solution? Our brains need a change of atmosphere at times to churn up new ideas. The bright screens and loud noises of our phones and computers engage too much of our brains' activities. Taking a step back, and listening to the melody of the wind, the chirping of birds, and the fluttering of butterflies is harmonious for our brains.

The subtle nature and quiet ambience allows our brains to calm down and process new ideas. Natural sounds, for instance, the sound of water rushing or even rainfall, or the rustling of leaves, sooth our systems. Once our bodies are at proper rest, in this case, creative rest, our brains can concur new thoughts which are as colourful as the flowers you may come across while walking.

However, bear in mind that how you walk also plays a part in this process of creative resting. Listening to music while walking isn’t a great idea. Give in to your surroundings completely. People-watching while walking is also a great idea.

Also, don’t think of the destination when walking. Walk slowly and take your time. You are not in a rush and so let your pace rhyme with your deep breaths.

So, the next time you have a meeting, get out early and walk to it for a little bit of creative flow.

Walking Increases Self-Esteem

You know one of those days when you feel highly unproductive and barely have the energy to pull yourself out of bed? Unless you actually do something to get on your feet, you will be plummeted into the negative void. It might seem like a momentary tiredness or relaxation of sort, but this actually builds up into a habit and eats you away.

The simple solution in this case is to go for a walk. You might be wondering how taking a walk is relevant in this case. Well, first of all, it’s an excuse to get you up. Next, you need to know the nature of walking in this case. In the previous section we talked about walking slowly, and focusing on your thoughts instead of your destination. In order to build your self-esteem, you need to focus on your strides.

To pump up your self-esteem, you first need to get the blood pumping through your veins. So, when you walk, pick up the pace a bit- make sure you sweat. You can try jogging if you want, but speed walking is fine. This burst of adrenaline pumps up your heart rate and once your body gets habituated to this routine, you feel more energized.

After a certain amount of time, say 15 minutes into power walking, your body releases endorphins- the happy drug, which makes you feel elated. This hormone surges your self-esteem and with the newfound energy coursing through your body, you are ready to take on the world.

So, the next time you feel down, muster all your energy and walk with vigor.

Walking Improves Your Relationship

If you want your space, you can always walk alone, but if you ever feel like having a chat with a person, you can always ask them to tag along. Be it your partner, children, sibling or anyone, walking together leads to natural conversations.

Talking to someone about the hectic day you had, or what’s bothering you can also help you decompress the stress. You can also get to know one another better. You don’t necessarily have to gossip, but can listen to music in silence as you walk. If music isn’t your preference, why not enjoy the tranquility as you stroll around. After half an hour or so, you each can ask each other what thoughts they incurred while walking.

Walking is a special activity that creates bonds and memories. This is always a way for people to connect, especially children. You actually get to spend quality time instead of watching “entertainment”.

If you don’t have anyone to tag along, just start alone. There are plenty of people who take walks in the park. Chances are you will meet many people on the trail and make friends as you meet them on a daily basis.

Walkers also form communities in many circumstances. This is a great opportunity to meet people from various walks of life. These people have the willingness to walk the distance, and meeting people from a different age group is always refreshing.


Instead of eating away precious time by rolling over on your bed, put on your joggers and go for a walk. For starters, you will have something productive done, and might even come up with a creative thought. If lucky, you may even make a new friend. So, squeeze some time for a walk every day and see how your life brightens up.


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  1. Another reason for walking.
    My two border collies love the minimum 1 hour walk including runs of 200m that we take every morning from daybreak. we, all 3 love the lack of mass people and traffic.
    We have several walk locations thus creating new friendly greetings usually to other dog walkers or runners training. and often people just taking a morning walk. Most people we meet are friendly and want to pet the puppy. I am 83 and keep fit walking and stopping for a few chin ups and push ups at the vacant park play ground. So get up and a dog and head out at dawn. Sunrise is generally beautiful.

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