17 Signs You Are Stronger Than You Give Yourself Credit For

By Reniel


Last Updated: August 24, 2021

Let’s face it, life can be brutal sometimes – beating down, and even breaking some of the strongest of us. Society can be hard and indifferent, always sending new challenges and obstacles our way.

Sometimes it feels like we never get a break from all the problems in life, with unexpected troubles hurtling towards us.

Other times it's just us with our weaknesses and flaws. Maybe we just aren't cut out for that kind of challenge. Maybe we have grown weary over the years.

How could you think you are weak when every time you break, you come back stronger than before? - RM Drake

Here's is the thing, no one is immune to mistakes, exhaustion, or failure...they are part of life. However, experiencing these things doesn’t mean you are weak.

In fact, it is a strong indication that you are resilient.

Many people consider just being able to try again, and to keep going an accomplishment, depending on what they're going through. Continuing to look for hope, solace, a way out, a solution.

You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think. Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh

You have succeeded in making it through all the yesterdays of your life – and here you are pushing towards tomorrow. Indeed, you are stronger than you give yourself credit for. But sometimes we all need a reminder of how far we have come.

After all, it's always hardest to give yourself a pat on the back, right? 

17 Qualities of Strong People

1. You Take Responsibilities For Your Actions.

This might seem like a petty quality, but it really isn’t. It indicates that you believe that the quality of life you lead is, to a great extent, dependent on what you do.

That acceptance alone infuses you with a sense of purpose and direction – a form of strength many people lack, especially in this world of bosses and government-owned corporations. Taking responsibility is a rare quality these days...found in only the strong. 

2. You Don’t Rely On External Validation.

The truth is that not everyone likes or supports all that you do. This means that relying on the approval of others would put you in a perpetual place of confusion and unhappiness – two potent poisons that take away your inner power.

Though it is true that we all need some degree of external validation to function in society. But people who limit that need to only their important people (like family and partners), generally find themselves in a more stable and empowering position than those who rely on complete strangers (think social media likes).

If you rely little on what other people say about you, you are strong.

3. You Are Clear On Your Values.

When talking about strength, values are the last things that come to mind, yet they are huge indicators of internal strength.

Values take a lot of observation, experience, thinking, and deciding to form, and require even more effort to stand by. If you find yourself capable of standing by your values in very trying moments, know that you are a very strong person.

4. You Are Striving For A Better Life.

A lot of people give up on their dreams and aspirations. If you still have the fire in your eyes – the enthusiasm and determination to chase your dreams – then you are strong.

5. You Are Constantly Improving Yourself.

Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection. - Mark Twain

With the pursuit for a better life comes the grit and persistence needed to keep getting better. Strong people work on their skills and ability. They practice, try, fail, and repeat till they succeed, then they keep improving – seeking grander goals and missions.

6. You Make Logical Decisions.

When overwhelmed by emotions, strong people take a step back to look at things objectively. They don’t jump to conclusions or allow themselves to be influenced by their emotions – no matter how strong. They realize that emotions are fast fleeting, but decisions last.

7. You Face Your Fears.

Being able to go up against what you fear is a strong indicator of courage and strength. A lot of people would not even talk to someone they like, nor ask their boss for a raise. Being able to face your fears is a huge indicator of strength.

8. You Work On Your Weaknesses.

You don’t sugarcoat things, nor try to deny reality. You accept your weaknesses – working with and around them in order to achieve your goals.

9. You Trust Your Skills And Abilities.

You trust your competence. You trust in your ability to deliver. You know for certain that when the opportunity comes, you'll be ready for it.

10. You Are Seldom Jealous.

If you can cheer others on, and celebrate their wins with them, it means that you are confident in your own affairs because you know your time will come. 

11. You Don’t Bother Wearing Masks.

You don’t pretend to be anyone but who you are. You don't attach your self-worth to the things you have, or what people say and think, but on who you are. If you find that you're okay with being yourself, then you are strong.

12. You Can Delay Gratification.

Not a lot of people can put off a box of chocolate, or skip their favorite show. Ability to call the shots demonstrates incredible strength.

13. You Practice Gratitude.

Gratitude is a form of strength. Gratitude for friends, family, food, health, life, and all the tiniest of things in it.

14. You're Okay With Taking Up Challenges.

You don’t run away from work, nor complain about problems when they arise, but rather tackle them head-on.

15. You Make Time For Play And Passion.

Despite life and its constant changes, if you manage to find time to enjoy, play and relish in your passion, it shows strength and resilience.

16. You Care About Something Bigger Than Yourself.

Humanity, God, government; there are numerous things that are bigger than any one of us. If you can care about those things – i.e. putting yourself second to such a course – you are stronger than you give yourself credit for.

17. You Are Not Afraid Of Being Alone.

Even in the face of rejection, failure, abandonment, and despair, if you are able to find yourself at peace, know that without an ounce of doubt you are stronger than you give yourself credit for.


Take Some Time for Self-Reflection

If any of these resonate with you, we hope it encourages you to appreciate who you are, what you do, and how much you are trying. Even to love yourself a little more.

While some of them are short and sweet, try using them as suggestions for you to take away and consider. 

It's a great opportunity to spend some time with your journal, or even to discuss with someone close to you.

All of us are strong in some way, and sometimes it just takes the belief in one thing to start an avalanche of good feeling. 

Photo by Nina Uhlíková from Pexels


5 comments on “17 Signs You Are Stronger Than You Give Yourself Credit For”

  1. This is a really inspirational read. I love "You do not bother wearing masks". I understand masks limit the transmission of respiratory infections such as COVID-19 but we do not need to cover our real faces and present changing faces that suit our friends or colleagues. We might generate amazing contributions to the world around us if we present the real us.

  2. Thank you for your evaluation I concur with all of what was expressed since I have been often told that some of these are my strengths and my capabilities.
    I will begin to work on my exercise plan as I have been procrastinating for some time and i know how important it is more so at this stage in my life. Much appreciated and thank you for your kind thoughts

  3. Well the good thing is ,I am approximately two thirds there , it has given me areas to reflect and improve upon , of which I shall endeavour to do so ,but doing my utmost not to relinquish what has already been attained

  4. This is my second retirement. 27 years in one corporation and 15 years
    in another corporation both concentrating on customer service.
    This exercise prompted me to inventory my Life and my success.

    It has paved the way to what is next on my journey of life.

    Thank you for the wonderful prompts which made me humble and grateful.

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