25 Positive Affirmations to Help You Gain Back Control of Your Life

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Last Updated: April 14, 2022

As we come through the other side of this pandemic (at least, sort of), a lot of us are still feeling a lack of control in our lives. You might feel unsure about vacation or travel plans. Or perhaps you’re feeling ultra-anxious about attending gatherings (it’s been a while!).

Or maybe you’re being told you have to get back into the office and truth be told, you really don’t want to.

While there’s inevitably much more to finding contentment and control than affirmations, these simple phrases can help you get back on track. They can help boost your confidence and tell your mind that you are the one in charge—not the other way around!

Here’s the thing: The mind loves repetition. The thoughts we tell ourselves are because we’ve repeated them to ourselves a million times. When you change these thoughts and start telling yourself new messages or stories, your whole life changes. 

Positive affirmations are short but powerful statements. They help you guide yourself back on track and gain back that control. So, what affirmations should you be using to grab life by the horns and get back in that drivers’ seat?


25 Affirmations for Gaining Back Control

Daily affirmations offer a wonderful way to start your day on your terms. They can also help set the stage for the rest of your day, ensuring you’ve got the right mindset to tackle anything that comes your way. 

So, what kind of affirmations should you repeat? Below, we offer different positive affirmations to get you started.


5 Positive Affirmations for Relationships

Relationships are hard work, and everyone deserves love in some shape or form. Whether you’ve just gotten out of a bad relationship or you’re in a good one, these affirmations can help you feel more in control and satisfied:

  • "I deserve to be loved."
  • "I am ready and deserving of a healthy and happy relationship."
  • "I attract positive people into my life."
  • "I understand that any external relationship starts with a positive relationship with myself."
  • "I am grateful for the love in my life."


5 Positive Affirmations for Getting Through a Tough Time

Life likes to throw curveballs. And sometimes, it can feel like we’re fighting an uphill battle. But taking a few moments of pause and clarity during these moments can help us gain back control. These positive affirmations can help:

  • "All I can do is my best and that’s exactly what I’m doing."
  • "I have everything I need to get through this."
  • "Years from now, this won’t matter as much as I think it does right now."
  • "I control how I think, feel, and behave."
  • "I am strong and can handle anything."

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5 Daily Affirmations for Success

Feeling like you’re not hitting your goals but not ready to give up? These daily affirmations are for you:

  • "I can achieve anything I want in life."
  • "I am confident and happy with who I am and can become."
  • "I am worthy enough to follow my dreams and achieve my goals."
  • "I believe in myself."
  • "I let go of negative beliefs that stand in the way of my success."


5 “I Take Back My Power” Affirmations

When you give other people power over you—the power to influence your feelings, decisions, behaviors, and more—you give up your responsibility and your control. Affirmations can help you avoid doing this, as well as help you grab back that control. Here are a few phrases to help you out:

  • "I am powerful and I am strong."
  • "I own my feelings, my thoughts, and my behaviors."
  • "My energy is my responsibility."
  • "I create my own vibration."
  • "I go after what I want in life."


5 Daily Affirmations for Confidence

Feeling like you have no control over your life can sometimes come down to a confidence issue. Thus, you’ve got to do things to amp up your confidence. The truth is you can’t rely on others to do so. With that in mind, here are a few affirmations to help you get started:

  • "I love and accept myself."
  • "I am becoming a better version of myself every day."
  • "My confidence is rising every day."
  • "I believe in myself and my abilities."
  • "I am enough."


How to Use These Affirmations to Propel Yourself Forward

Remember, the mind loves repetition. This means that if an affirmation speaks to you, repeat it! And even if it doesn’t but you wish it did, repeat it. Do this every single day. 

Usually, repeating an affirmation between 5 and 10 times should suffice. Yet, feel free to take the affirmation with you and use it as you go about your day to remind yourself of your worth and your control.

And feel free to switch up your affirmations when they start to feel a little old and stale or when you feel you’ve overcome what the affirmation set out to help you achieve.

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Affirm Your Way To Gain Back Control

Control is yours to take. You are the captain of your life. Choose where you want your life to go and start doing the work to get there. Yes, it’s not easy, but it’s entirely worth it. 

And when you make the decision to choose yourself, a whole world of opportunities opens up. You start to achieve your full potential, and no one can stop you. This is where the magic happens and where everything starts to feel perfectly aligned.

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