4 Reasons Why Rearranging Your Furniture is Good For You

By Reniel


Last Updated: March 4, 2022

Our homes can get cluttered with lots of unused furniture that does not add value to the space or reflect our design tastes. Perhaps you have felt the nudge to rearrange and get rid of some clutter - and this is the sign to do so!

In terms of mental health, there is evidence that less physical clutter = less mental clutter as well, and couldn't we all use a little help in that area?! 

In this article, we'll talk about why rearranging your furniture is important and the factors to consider during this process.


4 Reasons You Should Rearrange Your Furniture

1. It is a great way to give your room a makeover.

Unlike the high costs incurred in remodeling projects, rearranging your furniture is a fantastic affordable option.

Moving the furniture around can help change the feel and the appeal of your living space, and having a small shift in the furniture layout could make your living room more functional, inviting and appear larger.


2. Rearranging furniture revitalizes your energy and mood.

It’s normal to get bored with your current layout as time goes by.

But before you spend money on repainting walls and buying new furniture, it’s best to start playing with new layouts to see how you feel at first.

Sometimes you have to do some tweaks and adjustments before any type of renovation because a new furniture arrangement may be just what you need to feel re-energized and happy.


3. It is an opportunity to declutter and donate pieces you do not need or use.

We tend to hold on to furniture like unused storage cabinets and nick-nacks that are dated and worn out.

Worse yet, this old furniture does nothing to reveal our design tastes. By decluttering and donating to charity, you are doing your part to help those in need. This process can be deeply rewarding and fulfilling especially if you see the smiles of the new owners of your old stuff. 


4. It presents the best opportunity to improve your family's health by deep cleaning areas covered by sofas and other furniture.

This deep cleaning is essential in destroying years of accumulated dirt, dust, pest eggs, and microbes under furniture or carpets.

Not only will your home smell great, but your family will breathe better because the deep cleaning improves the quality of air in the room.


5 Things To Consider When Rearranging Furniture

After doing some necessary tweaks and adjustments, it’s time to step back, assess and look at the flow.

Confirm whether your new room arrangement achieves the goals you desired and reflects your design style. A couple of things to consider are:

  1. Assess what stands out when you enter the room.
  2. Ensure that the furniture does not block the radiators or airflow. 
  3. Check that the furniture does not touch the walls. If it does, pull the pieces closer to create an intimate environment.
  4. Confirm that you have set designated zones in the living room, such as conversational areas.
  5. Think about adding visual interest to the room using wall hangings and other works of art if you like to show off your creative side. 


Just Changing Your View Can Change Your Mood

There you have it! Just like any part of the house, your living room deserves a new look if you feel blah and unmotivated while you’re spending time in this area.

By rearranging your furniture and getting rid of a few things here and there, you can feel better,  get the most out of your living room space and help people along the way.   

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash


3 comments on “4 Reasons Why Rearranging Your Furniture is Good For You”

  1. A good way to go at least for me!! I LOVE ORDER in my home, my work station, my car, closet, bathroom, etc.

    Thank you for this article.

  2. I love order too!!
    But for my family, it is not a priority, which results in a push-pull tug of war at times or me being mocked for my 'ocd-ish behavior."
    It is not to feel the support of others!!!
    Thank you!!!

    1. We understand Meryl...it's hard to do when you live with others. Hopefully they see the bigger picture 🙂

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