5 Transformative Steps to Change Your Story & Free Your Mind

By Dominica


Last Updated: September 13, 2021

Many personal development experts state that the reality that we’re living in today is largely a result of our past thoughts and behaviors.

Do you believe that?

Does your general attitude and situations in life correlate with past thoughts and behavior? Do you become what you think?

The jury is out on just how much of our thoughts and actions correlate with our current reality. After all, even the happiest, most peaceful people in life experience challenging circumstances, loss, and genuine struggle.

However, exploring the correlation of our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and actions against our current life situation may not be a bad idea.

If you find yourself happy and peaceful most of the time, why is this?

If you’re not thrilled with your life in various areas, why do you think that is?

Perhaps it’s time to do a little digging into your thought life to see if the types of thoughts you’re thinking are influencing your current reality.

If you lean toward the negative side, perhaps it’s time to free yourself from negativity little by little. Maybe today you can boldly declare it as the first day of the rest of your awesome life.

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Today we're looking at 5 ways you can begin to free your mind from negative thoughts, beliefs, or patterns. 

  • Commit to a newer, more positive mindset and do a little experimenting.
  • See if a higher mindset actually changes your outer world.
  • Take the next weeks or months to really make a solid commitment to changing your inner landscape and see if it impacts your outer landscape.
  • You may even want to journal daily to track your journey. 


1. Un-Clutter Your Mind

Your thoughts have a great deal to do with your attitude and behavior, as your thoughts affect beliefs and beliefs affect behavior. 

In order to create a better life, it’s important to gauge your thought life and see how your thoughts have been.

Do a bit of meditation to declutter your mind. Take time to just sit in silence and observe the kinds of thoughts running in your mind.

  • Are you more of a positive or negative person?
  • Do you tend to think fearful, doubtful, and negative thoughts or happy, confident, and positive thoughts?

If you’re not sure, ask those closest to you if they consider you more of a positive or negative person. Sometimes our loved ones can see more about us than we can.

Do your best to eliminate negative influences in your life like thoughts, stories, and maybe even some people. If you’re a pessimist, it’s time to declare that you will be a happy-go-lucky optimist and do the necessary inner healing work to make the change.


2. Change Your Story

If you’re not happy with the story you’re telling people, then it’s time to tell a new story.

The biggest influence on human behavior is the story we tell ourselves in our head. If you change your story you change our world. - Chris Agnos, Founder of Sustainable Human

If you’re not happy in your job, relationship, financial state, etc. then it’s time to admit it and then take the necessary steps to change what needs changed. Contrary to what you may believe, you’re not stuck where you are. 

If you feel stuck, it’s only because you’re telling the same old story over and over, but at any time you can create a new story. You can take full responsibility for your life from this day forward and change the script.

Even if it feels hard to start thinking and speaking a more positive way, do it anyway. Do whatever it takes to just start thinking and speaking positivity, rather than dwelling on the negative.


3. Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

Sure, it can be fearful to think about change.  It’s scary to think about changing jobs, lovers, location, etc. 

Sometimes people get comfortable in their fears and shy away from creativity, risk, adventure, and change. The problem with this is that it leads to apathy, boredom, frustration, and stifles the spirit.

You’re not bound by your past. You don’t have to continue on the same mediocre path. You don’t have to beat yourself up about past decisions or setbacks. Dare to embrace fear and dream a new dream. 

Feel the fear and do it anyway. - Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.

That’s called courage. Allow courage to rise within you and declare that you’re going to make some changes for the better in your life. You won't settle for status quo any longer!

You’re going to draw a line in the sand and not allow negative thoughts or negative people to cross it. You’re going to get serious about change!


4. Challenge Your Beliefs

Have you been prone to believe that this is as good as life gets?

That your current job or financial status is the best you’re going to experience? That mediocrity is fine? Perhaps you can challenge such beliefs.

Successful, peaceful and happy people don’t settle for what is easy or what is comfortable. They also don’t let the past keep them from changing things up in the future. 

Challenge your beliefs. Get honest with yourself.

  • Are you settling?
  • Are you afraid?
  • Do you allow self-defeating beliefs to prevail?

If so, today is your day to break free from all negativity and doubt and declare a new life! Declare that you’re going to begin telling a new story.


5. Create A Plan

You’re first step is to take some time to think about where you are and where you want to go. 

Get motivated. Write down a list of your goals.

  • What do you want?
  • More money?
  • A career you actually like?
  • More freedom?
  • A new partner?
  • Friends?
  • Start your own business? 

Write it all down. Then make a plan as to how you will work your way toward the manifestation of your goals. 

Create an action plan. Want a new career? Begin researching careers. If you want more money, create a budget, follow it, get a new or second job, etc.

Are you looking for a new relationship? Begin dating again. Goals are great, but without action you won’t get very far. 


Life Can Change

Wherever you are right now and no matter what your past has been like, things can change.

Life can change.

You can change.

Your attitude and environment can change.

Don’t allow self-defeating beliefs to hold you back any longer. Create a new story and begin taking steps toward your new goals. You can experience more peace and joy along your journey.

And, it’s what you deserve.

Photo by Radu Florin from Pexels


9 comments on “5 Transformative Steps to Change Your Story & Free Your Mind”

  1. I do have a plan and I have no secret that that hasn't been told or seen. Not many can live through this. Excuse me for not being motivated I have damaged motivated thoughts. I can not act like nothing happened to me. I can do things that moves me to one step to another though. When I do things like I do it builds me to open up to the next level because I know I have what is known as PTSD. I never known of this but I see it to be true. I believe in God highly because I know he steps in on all my situations and that is the truth so in that I see he's in control. This is something I believe not control so if you want me to do something I have no control over this why I don't move in your timing or what is suggested that I do. I had a life and had control of it with the help if Lord before this. I am very aware of things and it's hard to deal without getting off track and mad. My God has kept me here for some reason. I know have seen some things too.

  2. Thank you so much for all this great information.

    It is my belief the first step to improvement is learning how to love yourself.

    When we learn how to love ourselves then we can realize we deserve everything in life which we desire.

    We are worth it so go after ALL of your dreams!

  3. Thanks for sharing your lovely advice much appreciate, need to talk to some one, to advice me specific fields where I can go and work part time and get some money and motivation, since I never worked in my life and I am in sixties , and had now time, basic education is bachelor in arts outside America no American degree, and all my children are working ,

  4. I can relate to what Donna says because I've come to realize that my subconscious program (my story) has been on auto pilot as long as I've been conscious of being conscious(about 6 years old). When we try to change our way of thinking and being, the old program puts up a fight, but there is a God in us, no matter what name we use. I AM. If we believe we can change, then its' already done !

  5. I appreciate the wisdom and clarity you provide in these articles, but I feel that they are trivial at some level in this world of COVID. Not that staying positive and dealing with pain and learning new skills, etc. are ever out of style. It is just that there may be limitations on what is currently "possible," and concomitant anxiety about the state of the world, and it seems best to address this directly and not act as if it does not exist. We are being called on collectively to make massive changes, and the same old, same old regarding what we can expect for our lives may no longer apply.

  6. Hi Michele, Michele here x}}

    I resonate with what you you have written above is true. However, up to a certain extent though ,... as Tony Robbins, strategic motivational speaker and coach says.. It is not that people lack on resources out there, they need to learn how to be more resourceful within ,regardless of what is happening out there exercising / creating more options for themselves being at CAUSE in life rather than at effect, staying afar from the VICTIM mentality towards circumstances all around us...so for all the perceived limitations lurking around the corner,...there are an always will be guaranteed and life will make sure they will, and now with this Covid19 Pandemic perhaps even more .

    However, i have come to believe coming from several difficult experiences myself, that life is not about what happens to us but more I had to learn how to respond to it and therefore resolve, becoming fully responsible and resourceful, in this instance, towards negativity, wrong people in our lives, bad events including Covid19, but not limited to it and so forth.... as we attracted them into our lives in a way or another believe it or not, and life will be changing and challenging us in anyways all the times as there is always something to learn from ...as per my final favourite quote of mine from the several out there:

    I don't believe in circumstances...i believe that we wake up in the morning looking for the circumstances we want, and if we cannot find them.. we MAKE THEM X{{ only to match and recreate our inner world full of Believes stories,, we tell ourselves and others...building exactly the same environment we hold within as evidence for our subconscious to identify with.

    make sense ?

    I am hoping that you are with me with this x}}..Have a terrific day / evening wherever you are in the world, and hopefully you could agree with the overall ideas / concepts and wisdom gathered from all over the places included my own shared life experiences.


    Michele x}}

  7. Each of us has the power to change. Thanks for the reminders and the suggestions and ideas for moving ahead.

    1. You're right Gerry, and sometimes we just need a push and gentle reminder that we are capable of getting there.

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