5 Ways Frugal Living Can Bring You More Peace and Joy

By Dominica


Last Updated: February 11, 2021

In a world that doesn’t feel secure much of the time, knowing what you can do to experience more peace is valuable. If there’s one thing most people desire, it’s to feel safe and secure. In other words, peace.

When we can feel peace, we tend to feel a whole lot more joy.

But what does money and/or frugality have to do with peace and joy?

Let’s explore the topic.

What makes you feel peaceful and happy?  Your loved ones? Money? Status? Material possessions? Do you have to have luxurious things in order to feel happy?  Do you equate success with things you’ve acquired?

How do you feel about living frugal?  Are you watching the ways you spend your money? Do you spend what you don’t have, then kick yourself later? Do you think your relationship with money has anything to do with your level of peace or joy?

Many people who truly live each day experiencing deep peace and joy will tell you that there are various reasons as to why.  One reason may be that they are not stressed about money because they’ve chosen to live a frugal life within their means.  It’s not that they don’t like money. In fact, many do.

They understand that money affords us plenty of things, including a feeling of security.

Frugality is often grouped with simplicity. Do you think you can you live a life of frugality? Is it possible to experience peace and joy in living simply?

The answer is a big, resounding yes.

Here, we explore the 5 ways frugal living can bring you more peace and joy.

1.    Growing Savings

When you recklessly spend your salary on impulse buys for temporary joys, like a fancy coffee, eating out at high priced establishments, upgrading your gadgets, etc., you may suffer in the long run. Sure, acquiring material things that we covet can be thrilling, but they tend to only pacify.

You simply waste money for the temporary thrill. But what if you embrace frugality? What if you only buy what you need and save the rest? Then you grow your savings account and that can certainly bring you some stability and peace of mind.

2.    Happiness through Health

When you have a moderate to a large income, you may be tempted to splurge on junk food or eating in fancy restaurants. Because you have adequate money for your wants, you mindlessly purchase candies, fast-food items, and the list goes on.

If you’re not spending consciously, you may create bad eating habits. However, if you spend frugally, mainly purchasing foods that are good for your body, you save money and enjoy a healthier body.

And, if you’re healthy, then you tend to be happier and more peaceful.

3.    You are Debt-free

Having debts is stressful. If you acquired your debts by living outside of your means, then you’ve got a major problem. You will find yourself in a vicious cycle of throwing away money, then suffering from debts.

By living a frugal life, not only are you free to work in a lower-income job that you love (if you choose), but your debt-free life and financial independence will bring you peace and happiness. Plus, with all that savings from your frugal lifestyle, you will avoid future debts when it comes to emergencies, like healthcare.

4.    Frugality Inspires Creativity

If you have wads of cash in your wallet, you will be tempted to grab just about anything when you’re shopping for essentials. But what if you go the path of practicality, like reusing, recycling, or going DIY for your projects and other pertinent needs? Then this will spark creativity and imagination. The act of creating and building provides a sense of accomplishment, therefore, more happiness.

5.    Contentment and Gratitude

A contented and thankful heart is a happy heart. When you’re living a simple life, free of extravagance or out of your means, you will experience a deeper level of joy. You see, whenever you upgrade your lifestyle, you will always find something to complain about, and you may always want more.

So, you will endlessly be upgrading; going on a horrific cycle of spending huge amounts of money just to chase that elusive satisfaction. But with a frugal existence, you will learn the value of contentment.

Wrapping It Up

Being frugal is not synonymous with being stingy with money, or being cheap. It’s just being practical and having a more disciplined manner of saving money for the more important things in life.

Some people claim that life is short, so you might as well enjoy a wealthy lifestyle. However, genuine happiness comes from feeling secure, meaningful relationships, spirituality, nature, passion, health, knowledge, and creative pursuits. Living simply opens up many other sources of happiness.

By being frugal, you are not depriving yourself. You are enriching your soul.


Photo by Manuel Meurisse on Unsplash


4 comments on “5 Ways Frugal Living Can Bring You More Peace and Joy”

  1. Mindful awakening
    Having a day beginning with gratitude and positive affirmations are food for the body mine and spirit.
    I am thankful for my bedroom and the things that help me Express myself

  2. Living
    When I prayed and spoke to my God, I told him I remember when I had my peace and happiness years ago. I can seriously say I am not happy. I look back at what had in my day of peace. I have lost my sense of my mind now because of what we have done to me. I want everyone to know things were peaceful and when I could go do as I please. I had money in the bank and paid all my bills on time and was shopping the same way I do now. I was the go-to person of many because I had it or can get it. I kept a high credit score to get what I needed at a good price. I never worried about a debt I was paying. I wonder how many people can keep it together with what I've been going through. I don't let anyone make me feel bad about me how I do things. I know I always made things look better than it was or is. I like to recreate things I see I can do something with and I buy what I like at a good price even if I use it a year later. In it all I still things available to do things for others. I know lost my fitness and my desire too when I got hurt. Yes, I can eat better, but I wonder what others will do in my place.

  3. Living My Life
    Years ago, growing up. I wasn't the best with my money, but I always made it look better than it was. I don't have any bad habits that required all my money. I do my hair and always go to a hair store. Check the history my debts get paid and I don't worry about debts I pay. I can use a change and do better with my health. I just wonder how many can go through what I went and gone through and be here.

  4. Riddles
    I guess it appears that I can read between the lines. I don't know what my situation is telling me I need to do but pay back the money or entrapment of me to get in a bad situation. I don't know what else I suppose to feel. The things I see aren't options these are orders and they're unrealistic ones. You showing me stuff that isn't my interest or something that I don't do. You don't believe what I say is true about God. I wonder how many people can go through what I am going through and don't be concern about what comes your way. So you can say I don't have peace but I do have faith and I still believe in the all mighty.

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