8 Solid Reasons You Should Rescue A Dog From A Shelter

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Last Updated: February 8, 2022

If you’re seeking to welcome a dog to your life, you may wonder if you should get one from the shelter, breeder, or some random person listing puppies for sale online.

There’s no right or wrong here, but choosing a new furry friend from a shelter can serve you well in various ways. It’s not that getting a dog from a breeder is not a wonderful experience – because it can be. However, rescuing a dog from a shelter will do you, and the dog, a world of good.


8 Reasons You Should Consider Rescuing a Dog

1. Shelters Are Less Expensive

If you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a dog, consider adopting one from your local animal shelter.

Rescuing a dog can be much cheaper than purchasing from a breeder, as you may only have to pay for administration fees and spay/neuter costs.

If you desire a pure-bred dog, there are plenty of pure-bred dogs in the shelter to choose from. Even if the kind you’re after isn’t there, you may fall in love with a different breed.


2. You’re Saving Two Lives

Many of the animal shelters in the United States today are kill shelters, which means they euthanize the animals that do not find homes.

You may have a little rehoming fee to pay, but know that by paying this, you’re giving a puppy or dog a chance at enjoying many more years of receiving love. If you choose to adopt from your local animal shelter, you could very well be saving a life.

By adopting that dog, you are also making room for another dog who needs help from the shelter as well. 


3. Your Rescued Pooch Will Love You Forever

Think of the dogs living in a little kennel day after day.

They probably miss the days when they could roam free. If you’re the person who takes a dog out of its tiny kennel in the animal shelter, they will forever be grateful to you for setting it free.


4. There Are A Wide Variety Of Dogs

When you go to the animal shelter, there are plenty of dogs to choose from.

You may find puppies, older dogs, already spayed or neutered dogs, small dogs, big dogs and all dogs in between. Instead of having a set breed in mind, you have the option to browse. Plenty of people come home with a mixed breed and are thrilled with their choice.


5. You Can Skip The Potty-Training Step

A great advantage to rescuing a dog from your animal shelter is that they may already be potty-trained.

If you can skip the potty-training step all together, it may all be worth it. If you’ve ever had to potty-train a puppy, then you probably remember the accidents and frustration involved in the process.

When you rescue a dog from the shelter, you may be able to skip the process all together.


6. You Will Get A Healthy Furry Friend

One of the best reasons you should rescue a dog is they most likely already have their shots.

Animal shelters typically do not allow dogs to be placed in homes without their needed shots. In addition, they may already be spayed or neutered, which can definitely save you money in vet bills.


7. You Will Not Be Contributing To Puppy Mills

A puppy mill is where many dogs are bred and kept in an unsanitary and unhealthy environment, so the owner can just make money.

They do not usually care for the dogs like a true breeder would. There are many puppy mills out there, and it may be tempting to give them your business if the price is right.

However, if you are rescuing a dog from your local animal shelter, you are not only saving the life of your new family member, but you’re refraining from supporting such puppy mills.


8. They’re Just Great Dogs

So many people who have rescued dogs have come to realize that their dog is the best dog they’ve ever had.

Dogs that are adopted from shelters are typically the best family dogs one could ask for. Of course, there are some exceptions. But generally, dogs that have been mistreated or caged up tend to be grateful for the opportunity to be free from the shelter.

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Are You Ready to Rescue a Dog?

Have you been talking about getting a dog?

Do your kids keep asking you for one?

If so, think about heading to one of your local shelters and looking for your new pet there. You will have the chance to meet and get to know the dogs a little before having to make a choice on which one to take home. 

Ask to play with them and take them for a short walk to see if you get along alright. Chances are you’ll know quite soon after meeting the dog if it’s right for your family.  

Rescuing dogs not only helps the dogs, but it also helps owners. You get to feel that warm feeling in your heart, knowing that you have done such a good deed, and your dog (believe it or not) knows it.

Now, are you ready to rescue your dog?

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels


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  1. I hope you are going to repeat this for rescuing a cat and the amazing things cats do for you. There is nothing in the world like a cat's purr. If you don't have a lot of space, a cat is better than any dog other than a little one. And many more reasons to adopt a cat!!!

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